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Chapter 91 Bardock’s decision


“Next is the issue of guarding Planet Hongshan.

To maintain its security, we need to establish a specialized battle squadron! Furthermore, there is still the issue of training Saiyan youngsters, these must be implemented as soon as possible…”

You’ll never know how much expensive daily necessities are until you are in charge of your family.

Xiaya found that once he became the leader, he had to take into account too many things.

Although it is impossible for him to personally deal with these matters, it is after all the initial stage of their base and there were many things that still need to be checked by him personally.

He has to shoulder the responsibilities that are his and couldn’t willfully toss them aside.

Right now, Xiaya could not help but be curious, how did King Vegeta originally managed them.

Sure enough, if any king wants long-term prosperity under his jurisdiction, they could not simply rely on using powerful forces to govern their region.

At least, they need necessary wisdom to rule, and management teams that he can use.

Xiaya doesn’t have any problem with the forces here, but management team was much shabbier compared with what King Vegeta had.

Talents available which he can use are only Adri, Brook and others.

It’s really very difficult to start a regime half-heartedly.

Sometimes he wonders if it would be better if a large number of intellectuals were to appear among Saiyans

Naturally, this idea just flashed past through his mind, and then he quickly focused his sight on Feidaya people.

Perhaps, Feidaya people’s intellect added with Saiyans martial arts, both combining and relying on each other, would be able to form a perfect Force.

“We can select a group of current strongest Saiyans and form the Hongshan Guardian Corp and it can temporarily have 1000 people!” Xiaya thought for a moment and proposed the idea of establishing Hongshan Guardian Corp.

The size of Guardian Corp is based on the number of Saiyans.

After all, there are only a small number of Saiyans, so the size of Guardian Corp cannot be too big at once.

Xiaya added: “The key point is the training of Saiyan youngsters.

I want to select a group of people from them and divide them into several Squads to undergo training.

In future, I want to establish several special battle squadron like Ginyu Force.”

“If you teach them “Ki” training method, I think they can quickly form Battle Power!”

Quickly understanding Xiaya’s intentions, Adri’s eyes brightened thinking of the terrifying Ginyu Force.

He heartily nodded and said: “What Xiaya has said isn’t wrong, its impossible for Saiyans to never go out of the planet.

Therefore, training of special battle squadrons has to be done sooner rather than later.

And a common squadron also has to be established to guard Planet Hongshan.

Well, we will first recruit from the current strongest Saiyans!”

“In that case, Charlene, you organize the list of the strongest Saiyans.”

Xiaya turned his head towards that female Saiyan and said.

“Yes!” Charlene said as she stood tall and straight, her exquisite graceful figure was displayed completely.

“As for the members of the special battle squadron, they would be personally selected by me and Xiling.

They will be the core strength of Planet Hongshan!” Xiaya opened his mouth and said with a chuckle.

“Okay, so be it!”

In the next few days, Xiaya, Adri, and others were busy because of the issue of members.

The work on Adri’s side was very simple.

After he received the list of Saiyan warriors from Charlene, Planet Hongshan’s Guardian Force was quickly established.

It must be said that Saiyans are innately qualified warriors as there was no need such situation of dragging out strong people.

It was just opposite as when Xiaya and other leaders revealed that they wanted to establish Planet Hongshan’s Guardian Corps, every Saiyan enthusiastically signed up and even competed by using several matches for the position!

With the announcement of the final list, some Saiyan who were not selected showed regrets on their faces.

Therefore, after returning home, they began to train even harder.

It seems that not being able to get selected for Guardian Corps was a very shameful thing.

It caused the several spectating Feidaya people to exclaim as they felt it unimaginable and honestly couldn’t understand Saiyan’s thinking.

This Hongshan Guardian Corps would normally defend the planet.

However, since several nearby planets weren’t of any threat to Planet Hongshan’s Forces, Guardian Corps members would normally be busy training with other Saiyans so as to not waste time.

However, Xiaya’s side was much more tedious.

Special Battle Squadron’s members will be the first to learn “Ki” training.

Therefore, its members have to be carefully selected.

It took two weeks and the foundation for members was basically established.

Xiaya selected a total of 85 young Saiyans.

Most of them who were selected were very young, because the younger the age, the less likely they will be disturbed from the conventional thinking and their adaptability will be better.

However, Saiyans have always been early-maturing.

These children already know what they were going to face.

Therefore, they were all excited when they were selected.

Among them, although Xiaya Squad’s members Shaque, Anastasia, Angeline, Lydia, and Bailey were a little older, because they had already touched on a little bit on the concept Ki, they were also included.

After that, they will be doing even more detailed Ki training.

Aside from these several acquaintances, the children were all led by none other than that kid Myers.

Due to the narrow escape from space-time crack, Myers could be considered to have profited from a disaster.

Her Battle Power has all at once soared to 1600.

This made her current outstanding became even more outstanding.

Being selected for the special battle squadron was a matter of fact.

But perhaps it was because they doesn’t find each other pleasant to the eyes, the relationship between Xiling and Myers was not at all good.

Whenever the two of them were near each other, the big and small eyes would immediately start glaring, refusing to accept each other.

Xiling didn’t like that Myers was wrapped around Xiaya all day long, and Myers was also very arrogant.

It was the arrogant and spoiled nature that made Xiling gnash her teeth but which caused Adri to dote on Myers even more, even going as far as to adopt her as his daughter!

In the end, Myers’s parents had perished in the battle when Planet Vegeta was destroyed since they participated in King Vegeta’s rebellion.

So Myers, who was all alone in the world, moved into Adri’s home under Rebecca’s arrangement.

This made Xiling even angrier.

Thus, she puffed up her face as her star-like eyes were always hovering around Xiya.

Regarding this, Xiaya could only cry out injustice, this really has nothing to do with me! Who knows why after he had saved Myers on Planet Vegeta, she had a 180-degree turnaround in her attitude towards him, and she has turned from her previously loathing him to humbly asking for guidance, and he couldn’t drive her away no matter what!

Perhaps it was the death of her parents that made her take it to heart as she quickly wants to become stronger! Because of this, Xiaya also couldn’t feel dislike for this little brat who was only five years old.

Finally, the foundation of the special battle squadron was established.

Eighty-five young Saiyans were divided into twelve groups of six or seven people, who then began to undergo training.


A luxury villa located at the center of the city, it is Bardock’s new home.

A rich fragrance was wafting out from the kitchen as Gine wearing an apron was cooking food.

Her petite body was moving back and forth while humming a tune as she served the dishes on a small plate with practiced movements.

After he had arrived on Planet Hongshan, Bardock quickly found his wife’s whereabouts and had Adri and others allocate a house of his own.

Seeing that his wife was safe and sound, Bardock was excited and the couple started living together in a luxury villa at the center of the city.

The hot food was served on the table, Gine untied her apron and the two of them sit down to eat around the table.

To be honest, this period of time after they arrived on Planet Hongshan was the most comfortable time for Gine.

“Bardock, when are we going to Earth and bring Kakarrot back” Gine inquired in a soft voice.

Bardock put down the bowls and chopsticks and pondered for a moment before he shook his head and said: “I don’t plan to bring Kakarrot back!”

“Why, Kakarrot is our child” Gine’s revealed a surprised expression while her emotions became agitated.

“Because I had seen some fragments of the future, although they are only fragmented scenes, I know that Kakarrot will start a completely new life on Earth, which would be very helpful to the growth of Kakarrot!”

“But, he is my child!”

Bardock laughed and said: “Kakarrot can become the legendary Super Saiyan!”

“Super Saiyan”

Gine froze, then remembered the legend passed down from ancient times.

“Kakarrot is just a Low-level Warrior.

How could he become the legendary Super Saiyan” Gine asked in a soft voice.

“At first, I also didn’t believe it, but the scene of the destruction of Planet Vegeta should prove what I saw.

The curse of Planet Kanassa really allows me to see the future!” Bardock lifted his head and watched Gine seriously: “Frieza will die at Kakarrot’s hands, defeated by a Super Saiyan!”

“So, I can’t disturb Kakarrot’s growth.”

“But if you want to see Kakarrot, we can secretly observe his growth.”

Coming to realization, Gine nodded sensibly, regarding her younger son’s growth, she understood what was right and wrong.

“Right, Bardock, is your head still hurting”

“Sigh, it comes and goes, it hurts so much that it would be better to die!”

“What to do then How about you ask Sir Xiaya to take a look, maybe he has some method to deal with it” Gine’s eyes lit up.

“How can it be so easy!”

Slightly frowning, Bardock faintly shook his head, Sir Xiaya already knows his condition.

It is called a curse, how can it be so easy to remove.

Bardock doesn’t hold many expectations.

“Don’t know what Raditz is doing right now.

He must not be having a good time while following Prince Vegeta!” Gine softly said.

Since Vegeta and others had been living under Frieza’s surveillance, Bardock wasn’t able to bring back Raditz.

They obviously have two sons, but only he and Gine are living together.

“Hey, Gine, you don’t have to be so depressed, how about we have another child……”

Bardock looked at Gine with his pair of tiger-like eyes causing a blush to appear on Gine’s exquisite face.

She angrily glared at him.

“What are you thinking about at this time!”

“Isn’t it just the right time Planet Hongshan population is low.

Shouldn’t we be trying hard.”

“Eat your meal!”

Gine grabbed a beast’s paw from the plate and stuffed it into Bardock’s mouth, then got up and ran out of the room leaving him alone.

Bardock munched on the beast paw and revealed a warm smile on his face.


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