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Chapter 90 Leader

Translator- DM

In the universe, it may not be necessary for strong people to have their own Forces, but they are definitely a powerful addition!

The difference between having and not having subordinate Forces is not so that they can provide support in combat.

Actually, strong people in the world of dragon ball have formidable personal might, basically having the strength of a one-man army.

In that case, why would they need help of others when confronting weak an enemy And when confronting an enemy comparable to them, where are they going to find the abnormal companions who have strength equal to them

In fact, Forces are mainly used for control of natural resources as well as to give them orders whenever needed for finishing off tasks.

And any kind of the dirty and tiring work would naturally not be done by the strong people.

Just like the evil Frieza, he only has to wave his hand to destroy a planet, but if he wants to search for someone or scout out some information, he couldn’t possibly do it himself.

At that time, the importance of subordinates would be highlighted.

Xiaya had done an overview of the entire Dragonball World and knows that it has a powerful and well-rounded system for Forces, and their leaders are able to do the things that needed to be done and get twice the result with half the effort!

Suddenly, he lifted his hand and pushed his palm down, and a powerful oppression dropped down from the sky, causing everyone’s chest to constrict.

“My fellow Saiyans who have come from far away!”

A resonant voice reverberated throughout the open plaza.

Even without a speaker, the voice could be clearly heard.

Such precise control made Saiyans present at the scene, brighten up.

They raised their heads and countless eyes stared at the valiant and formidable-looking young leader on the tall platform while listening seriously.

Satisfied, Xiaya nodded and then immediately said with a solemn face: “Under the leadership of King Vegeta, Saiyans had fought for Frieza in every part of the world, but in exchange for what Bad reputation, and even annihilation of Planet Vegeta! He has trampled on Saiyan’s dignity.

Frieza thinks that after eliminating all the Saiyans, he could ensure his dominance”

“But…Frieza is mistaken!”

“Saiyan’s dignity can’t be trampled on.

Every one of us has to flee from Planet Vegeta, so we can’t forget this enmity!”

Looking around, Xiaya observed everyone’s expression.

He has laid bare every Saiyan’s thoughts, their emotions were aroused, and burning rage appeared in their eyes.

Seeing that their emotions were almost aroused, Xiaya turned to appease them: “Although our numbers are small, everyone one of us is an elite, and Planet Hongshan’s training environment, I am sure everyone has already seen it.

I need you to work hard in training and make Saiyan’s name again resound throughout the universe, even surpassing the previous peak of our race!”

Saying, Xiaya fully released the imposing aura from his body.

All of a sudden, a majestic aura erupted out, it was as if a huge mountain was pressing down, the wind whistled briefly while the world changed colors, the friction from the formidable power generated ions in the air as various phenomenon profusely emerged.

Below, Saiyans could only feel that an enormous force had fallen from the sky.

Momentarily, it became extremely difficult to even breathe.

Everyone was astonished.

Although they had long predicted Sir Xiaya’s strength, they could only understand how formidable it was when they personally experienced it! Their expression as they looked at Xiaya became full of reverence and worship!

The pressure of 150,000 Battle Power is not something that an average person could withstand.

If they were ordinary people, then because of such close proximity maybe they would have been directly shocked into losing consciousness!

Everyone felt insignificant in front of Xiaya’s earth-shattering enormous aura.

At this moment, their hearts were suddenly filled with absolute confidence.

Saiyans worships strong from the bottom of their hearts.

It was deeply engraved in their bloodline.

Only a strong warrior could make them obedient.

And precisely, the strength revealed by Xiaya was sufficient to make them surrender.

Under the leadership of such a powerful warrior, why would Saiyans have to worry about not being able to become powerful! He was a pillar supporting everyone’s beliefs!

Satisfied with everyone’s reaction, Xiaya faintly smiled as he understood that his goal was achieved.

At the core of the world, where the king resides, showing both kindness and might is the way of a ruler.

Besides showing kindness, Xiaya proved with his actions that he is the ruler of Planet Hongshan.

Then he turned around and looked at Xiling, Adri and others.

Next, it was going to become even crazier.

Have them appear at this time and push this rising atmosphere much higher! Taking the cue, Xiling and others nodded and then stepped forward before one by one releasing their power.

Immediately, another eight formidable imposing auras appeared between heaven and earth.

Xiling, Bardock, Adri, Rebecca, Brook, Palladi, Alice, Lise, all eight people’s bodies glowed with dark golden brilliance, seemingly very sacred.

They all have auras above 10000, among which Xiling’s was the most outstanding, her Battle Power reaching 120,000 and it was followed by Bardock who have Battle Power above 30000, and next were Adri, Rebecca, and others.

On top of Xiaya’s earth-shattering strength, nine energy auras were released simultaneously.

For a moment, entire Planet Hongshan was trembling and shaking.

A formidable imposing aura press down on everyone, making it hard to breathe.

“Heavens, this is Sir Xiaya’s strength…..”

“So, we could also become so powerful.

Compared with Sir Xiaya, King Vegeta was simply too weak!”

“If I can also have such strength, it would be good.”

“The girl standing beside Sir Xiaya is Madam Xiling, she is so strong!”

Everyone below talked in whispers and couldn’t help but look at the tall platform with fiery eyes.

Xiaya and Xiling stood side by side, the spotless white and beautiful Battle Armor caused them to look even more sacred and imposing.

“Long live Sir Xiaya!”

“Long live Madam Xiling!”

It was unknown who had first shouted as it was followed by continuous resounding cheers.

Everyone expressed their reverence to Xiaya and Xiling, as well as respect to Bardock, Adri, and others.

Looking at Xiaya and others valiant and heroic bearing, Myers’ eyes brightened, her young heart extremely shocked.


After several hours had passed from the meeting in the plaza, everyone returned to their homes.

However, Xiaya’s stunning display was intense.

Especially for those Saiyans who had just come from Planet Vegeta, they were extremely shocked and still immersed deeply in soul-stirring oppressive sensation given by Xiaya.

On the same day, the number of people in the training area was suddenly filled to the brim, whether they were children or adults, almost every Saiyan rushed toward the training area without any thinking.

A training spree was set off on Planet Hongshan.

In a small meeting room, Xiaya, Adri, and others were gathered together and discussing the future of Planet Hongshan’s Saiyan.

“After the count, there are currently a total of 14,622 Saiyans on Planet Hongshan.

There are 10284 adult Saiyans and 4338 under age Saiyans among them.

Basically, the male-female ratio is balanced!” a Saiyan woman reported.

The Saiyan woman was named Charlene.

She was the first Saiyan who was evacuated.

As she was intelligent, Xiaya had arranged for her to record things about Saiyans of Planet Hongshan.

After finished listening, Adri nodded and said: “This number is already a lot, but there are still more than 3,000 Saiyans who died when Planet Vegeta was destroyed!”

Originally, the amount which was to be evacuated according to Shenron should have been 15000 people.

With the addition of Planet Hongshan’s previously evacuated 3000 people, there should be a total of 18,000 people.

Unfortunately, more than 3,000 people hadn’t survived.

“However, more than 10000 people are enough to form a nation!”

Xiaya pondered, but he was still very satisfied.

In the universe, besides those races who have asexual reproduction, the population is crucial to the continuation of a race.

More than 10000 people were barely enough to preserve the bloodline of a race!

“Among these Saiyans, there are 212 High-level Warriors, 4240 Mid-level Warriors, and the rest are all Low-level Warriors!” Charlene continued to report.

At this time, Adri waved his hand and laughed: “I don’t think we have to worry about the question of latent talent.

After all, with Xiaya’s provided advanced training method, we won’t encounter any problem because of different latent talents for the time being.”

If Ki training method is promoted to every Saiyan on Planet Hongshan, the Saiyan race will surely enter a full-scale development stage.

At that time, every Saiyan will be at the same starting point.

Difference between Low-level Warrior and High-level Warrior is not at all big, and at the most, their speed of understanding Ki will have some differences.

It can be expected that for a long period of time, the problem regarding latent talent wouldn’t be the main thing and hinder Saiyans improvement.

Only after a certain stage has passed and when they would be entering a higher level, the problem of latent talent will appear.

But, at that time, Low-level Warriors wouldn’t necessarily be worse than High-level Warriors.


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