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Xiu…..Xiaya and the Great Ape looked at each other from far away.

The light breeze swaying, sandstorm swirling, and dried branches and withered leaves were dancing in the air as carefree as wind.

Suddenly the caressing breeze changed into a storm wind and passed through the silent battlefield which looked as if doomsday has arrived and was shrouded in a fear-inducing atmosphere which makes people’s hair stand on end.Xiaya looked into the distance with rapt attention, his bright eyes flashing with a chilliness which could make one feel fear while his brain spun at fast speed, looking for any possible opportunity to get close to the Great Ape.

He secretly mobilized the energy inside his body, wanting to seize the opportunity when it presents itself and launch a fierce counterattack.Zizzi, A tempestuous blast like toppling mountains and overturning seas surged up, swaying the black hairs on his forehead.Kacha, a tree leave was ripped to shreds from the blast making a slight noise.Xiaya suddenly took action.He moved swiftly like a gale and quick as lightning.

In a split second, he launched a fierce attack on the Great Ape, his blurred images could be found all over the place.

For a moment, the sound of pounding fists and feet lingered on, and a blurry silhouette attacked non-stop while fluttering like a wind breezing past the clouds.Roar –The Great Ape issued a painful but even angrier roar, while indiscriminate attacking energy once again began to spread out.In the face of Great Ape’s crazy attacks, Xiaya’s complexion changed.

Shortly afterward, however, he cheered himself up and rotating rapidly generated a strong wind from the soles of his feet which picked up his small body and suddenly thrust it upwards in the sky, gale sounds blasting in his ears.“Hey!”Xiaya stopped in mid-air, his both hands fingers parted to turn into claws, and then slowly leveled them with his chest.

In the next second, a bright, eye-catching blue light shined between his hands, and then turned more and more bright, just like a beacon in the dark, full of vigor and vitality.The pressure in his palms continued to rise while the blazing energy was repeatedly compressed and compressed.

At this moment, the blue light suddenly changed and became pale white.Bright white light got bigger and bigger while more and more bright, like a newly born sun gathering high temperature and high energy.“Ka Me Ha Me Ha!”Shouting softly, Xiaya pushed his palms forward, and the bright white energy ball immediately shot out straight like an arrow while making a sharp exploding sound from the air friction.“Ahhh!” Feeling danger approaching, the Great Ape with a hissing sound, lifted itself up and roared while blasting out a big ball of blood-red energy wave from its throat.Rumble!The two energies met in mid-air and collided.

Soon afterward, a world-shaking explosion occurred.

Xiaya’s Kamehameha was condensed from almost all of his body’s energy.

But, the Great Ape’s stream of energy wave was also extremely frightening.

Therefore, the energy collision of both sides produced a terrifying scene similar to heaven and earth splitting apart in a violent and might manner.The sky was ripped apart into pieces forming a circular zone of vacuum, similar to a mirror which was smashed into pieces.“An opportunity!” Taking advantage of the confusion produced by the explosion, Xiaya grasped the opportunity to pounce at Great Ape’s tail.An ultra-thin knife blade condensed in his hands.

And soon, he would be able to chop off Great Ape’s tail.But at this time………A black shadow suddenly appeared in his line of sight making him feel a chill on his head.

It was unexpectedly Great Ape’s palm.“Bad!” Xiaya seeing the situation turning bad wanted to struggle free.But the Great Ape’s Battle Power was too much higher compared to his, and speed also much faster.

Not waiting for Xiaya to change the situation, a big brown claw just like a big pincer firmly grasped his hand.“Oh”The Great Ape looked at Xiaya in front of it for a moment and grinned.

Its blood-red pupils flickered with a crazy bloodthirst while rigidly grabbed him and forcefully pounded on the ground.Boom!!The earth split opened a hole in the ground, and Xiaya’s whole body has sunk underground in the middle of the rock stratum.

He spits out a mouthful of blood from his mouth while a sharp pain deeply penetrated his soul, and attacked his brain incessantly almost making him faint.“Just now that must have at least broken several bones!” He painstakingly crawled and drilled out from inside the rocks, his face somewhat distorted from pain.Nine hundred Battle Power against Nine thousand Battle Power, the ten times difference was just like a huge chasm which lied between both of them.

If Xiling had only lost her rationality after transforming into a Great Ape and not a monster who only knows destruction and yet with a ten times disparity which Xiaya cannot deal with.Let alone when his body is severely wounded.When it rains, it pours.

When Xiaya’s body was severely wounded, Great Ape was following with an attack again.

It was seen lifting its paw high above intending to forcefully trample on him.

If he was trampled on, then he will absolutely die without a chance of living.But it was already too late for Xiaya to dodge.Its sturdy and big leg was approaching more and more, and soon he is going to lose his life here.At that critical moment, something strange happened.

Both of Xiaya’s pupils shined with a blue brilliance, a subtle light has covered his body, and in an instant, everything reflected in his eyes turned into a bluish scenery.And strangely, everything in his surroundings came to a standstill, completely motionless.Fallen leaves, sandstorm, and even the Great Ape have come to a standstill in this blue world.“What’s going on”Before Xiaya could ponder on it, the energy inside his body begins to rapidly deplete, and soon it will be consumed entirely.

In that split second, countless thoughts flashed through his mind.

Xiaya realized that he cannot continue to delay for another moment.

He has a feeling that when the energy inside his body completely depletes, subsequently this blue colored world will also collapse.Swish, Xiaya rushed to move, not caring about attending to his wounds and pain, and rapidly moved behind Great Ape.At that time, the Blue World finally unable to hold out also shattered and everything again resumed to the appearance before the time stop.

Only, Xiaya’s opportunity was already here.“Xiling, You just wait, I will properly teach you a lesson when you wake up!”He condensed an ultra-thin Qi blade from his last remaining strength, thin like a cicada’s wing and made a graceful arc in midair.

“Plop,” the big tail fell to the ground and raised a thick layer of sand.“Wuuu!! Great Ape gave a mournful roar.

Its body began to slowly shrink and in a moment recovered to Xiling’s appearance.

The kid lying on her stomach on the ground was releasing snoring sounds.“Oh, it finally ended!” Xiaya paralyzed from exhaustion toppled on the ground, and gulped with a big mouthful.He feels today was he met an unexpected calamity.

Why did such a matter happen on a fine night A full moon unexpectedly appeared on Planet Selma which only has a 3-hour nighttime, and he and Xiling coincidently saw it the first time it appeared on Planet Selma in this more than a year time.“Such a waste, as there is no Healing Cabin here.

Due to this injury, I cannot train for several months at all.”Xiaya smiled bitterly.

From the pain coming from his body, he knows he must have at least 6-7 broken bones.

Xiling had grabbed him forcefully and pounded him on the ground causing internal injury.

Even moving a little bit will cause his wounds all over the body to implicate.If he does not has a strong physique and replaced with someone else then his spirit would have departed to the netherworld.Thinking of the dangerous act from a moment ago, Xiaya’s nerves tensed up while sensing the wet and sliced part behind his back.“But in the end, what was that blue-colored world At that moment, it was like everything came to a standstill.

Coult it have any relation to the thing of that time.”After the crisis, Xiaya can finally think carefully about that strange occurrence from before.

At that moment, it was as if time was at a standstill.

If the blue world has not appeared suddenly during the crisis and brought that pause, then perhaps I would have been already dead and not standing here.“When that blue world appeared the energy inside my body had begun to rapidly deplete, and until the blue world collapsed from the standstill approx less than 2 sec has passed.”Xiaya was sure that this is a kind of time-related superpower just like Guldo from Ginyu Force1, who can rely on his ability to control time.But why do I have this kind of abilityAs for the only difference between him and a Saiyan is that he is a transmigrator and before transmigration, he stayed in a dark and hazy strange space for a very long time.“Is it because of that dark space” Xiaya muttered softly.

Even until now, he could not figure out what exactly was that place and why did I appeared there.“Forget it.

This time ability can be my trump card after I had learned to control it.

And since I have this time ability, could it be I have not discovered my other abilities yet When I have free time I should actually have a try.”Xiaya’s mood suddenly became comfortable just like a person who can breathe fresh air again after suffocating.Not far away at this time, the sleeping Xiling woke up from the chill in the air, rubbed her eyes and climbed up.

Suddenly, she was stunned by her surrounding which seems to have gone through a battle, wholly desolate and littered with ruins of the cliff.

Chapter 9 Blue World


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