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Chapter 89 Arriving on Planet Hongshan

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Planet Hongshan, the clouds were thin in the sky.

Since more than 10,000 Saiyans were evacuated from Planet Vegeta, Sadie and the few other Saiyans emotions who had arrived earlier were running high.

They diligently transferred the wounded people to healing chambers.

And after five days, majority of those Saiyans were out of the healing chamber.

Recovered, as they faced the rising sun, the warm sunlight shone on their bodies making them feel as if they have obtained a new life.

With the addition of these Saiyans from Planet Vegeta, Planet Hongshan Saiyans bloodline was further strengthened, but also in the truest sense became the only Saiyans in the universe.

The Saiyans who arrived earliest on Planet Hongshan had first got familiar with everything on the planet.

They found that it was a brand new and a yet to be developed planet.

Aside from the relatively core areas which have already begun to look large-scale, the other areas were still carrying out construction like a raging fire.

It is believed that before too long, a huge city will rise from the ground.

In the training area, Sadie was leading the Saiyans, who have just arrived, to look around the facilities in the training area.

This is what he has been doing every day for the past few days.

Either to a group of more than 50-60 people or less than 20-30 people, he patiently introduced the various things on Planet Hongshan to his fellow race members.

Not only does it include the temporary management system prepared by Xiaya, Adri and others, so as to help them better assimilate into the new environment but it also includes various high-tech equipment available on Planet Hongshan used for training!

“This is a basic-level gravity machine, it has a diameter of 350m and height of 220m.

While training, it can be adjusted to 20x standard gravity and accommodate around fifty people at the same time.” Arriving before a large gravity machine, the Feidaya person Eroh pointed at a gravity machine and introduced.

Depending on different size and functions, gravity machines are divided into Basic-level, Intermediate-level, and a High-level gravity machine.

The basic-level gravity machine can be adjusted to a maximum of 20x gravity.

Such gravity machines were in majority inside the training area.

After all, most of the Saiyans were still in the starting stages.

The intensity of the basic-level gravity machine was already sufficient for them.

The intermediate-level gravity machine and high-level gravity machine were still under construction.

They belong to machines for training at relatively higher stages.

Thus, the space inside is reduced, however, they can reach 100x gravity and 300x gravity.

In fact, the gravity machines like the ones previously used by Xiaya had an upper limit of 500x gravity, and was of the highest level.

Such gravity machines were complicated to build and consumes a lot of energy.

At present stages, they were still not needed to be generalized on a large scale.

“Can these gravity machines really help us raise our Battle Power” Some of the Saiyan asked curiously.

These Saiyans, who never had access to gravity machines before were looking at the tall machine gleaming with silvery light in front of them, their eyes glimmering with curiosity and expectations.

“Of course it can.

Haven’t you discovered that your Battle Power has somewhat improved after you arrived at Planet Hongshan” Not waiting for Eroh to explain, a few Saiyans that had just come out from the gravity machine said.

Because gravity machine could change gravity’s magnitude, making the Saiyans who enter inside feel several times outside gravity’s effect.

Hence, to resist the attraction power of gravity, Saiyan’s body will go through stress changes, and when gravity is steadily increased step by step, it will also accordingly increase Battle Power.

The same principle can of course also be applied to Planet Hongshan’s gravity.

It has 12x gravity, slightly stronger than Planet Vegeta, thus living on it for a long time is also a way for Saiyans to increase Battle Power.

The Saiyans, who had asked the question became silent for a while.

After all, it has only been a short while since they arrived on Planet Hongshan.

Perhaps, they still couldn’t sense it clearly.

However, in this situation, they felt embarrassed to directly say that “my Battle Power has not increased,” so they chose to remain silent.

But, after hearing about the experiences of the people who had actually used it, they no longer doubted the effects of gravity machine.

Still, they couldn’t help but sigh inwardly.

Such good machine for upgrading Battle Power, why didn’t they find it earlier.

Looking at their expression, Sadie waved his hand and heartily smiled.

“It’s better for you to experience it yourself!”

Hence, the group of people, under Sadie’s lead entered the gravity machine.

The space inside the Basic-level gravity machine was enormous.

It was a training equipment used for big groups and was somewhat like a gymnasium.

After the group of people entered, space inside was still very spacious.

“First, set gravity at 16x!” Sadie smiled.

Eroh nodded, then walked into the control room, and set the gravity parameter to 16x standard gravity.

Then, everyone heard the machine’s engine starting sound “hum”, but after that sound … … there doesn’t seem to be anything special situation happening.

As soon as everyone was getting relaxed, suddenly as if a button was pressed, a powerful gravity pressed down on everyone.

They could only feel their whole body being pulled up and down by countless invisible chains, their every part, every organ, and even every cell was enduring an astonishing gravity effect.

All the Saiyans inside were crouching, having to spend more energy to offset the additional gravity on every cell of their body.

“How is it… The feeling of the gravity machine…Isn’t it very astonishing”

Sadie spoke while stammering.

He usually trains at 15x gravity but now 16x gravity at the start, he could not endure it.

Everyone’s body has an endurance limit, just as the last straw could break a camel’s back.

People who can lift up to 120 catty of a heavy object, could not lift it even if it is increased by mere 1 catty.

[1 catty= 0.5 kg]

The majority of the newly arrived Saiyans latent talent was much better, and their strength is also comparatively much higher than Sadie, but when suddenly placed in an environment with such strong gravity, their body couldn’t immediately adapt to it, drops of translucent sweat flow off from their cheeks while their energy was rapidly being consumed.

It wasn’t until one minute later that the gravity was turned off.

By that time, they were all half kneeling on the ground and deeply gasping.

“Good… a good thing, I feel as if I had gone through a fierce battle.”

“Training in such environment, it is certain that strength will increase by a lot…”

“Um, Planet Vegeta’s gravity had originally been stronger than that of a normal planet.

Which has contributed to Saiyan’s sturdy physique.

With gravity machines, we can increase our strength even more easily and quickly!”

These people were selected by Xiaya and Adri, not only because they have rational thinking or sturdy physique, but more importantly because they are powerful warriors who have been on the battlefield for a long time.

The Saiyans looked at the gravity machine, their eyes shining as if they had found their first lover who they had not seen for many years, eyes burning.

At that time, a message arrived on the communicator.

After receiving the message, Eroh arrived before Sadie and others: “Everyone, the communication department has just now sent a message.

Sir Xiaya and Mr.

Adri have returned.

Everyone immediately hurry and gather in the open plaza on the west side.”

“What Sir Xiaya and Mr.

Adri have come back”

After the people present on the scene heard him, they all revealed different expressions.

When Sadie and others heard that Xiaya and others are coming back, they revealed pleasantly surprised expression.

And when the Saiyans who had come from Planet Vegeta heard the news, their expression turned severe before they glanced at each other with curiosity and anticipation, and there was also excitement and nervousness of facing a strong person.

They could finally seen their legendary leader.

They were feeling very complicated.

On Planet Vegeta, they had followed King Vegeta’s orders.

But now at Planet Hongshan, their new leader is Xiaya, it was making them momentarily confused about who to follow.

It is said that their lives were saved by leader Xiya.

He saved them, and preserved Saiyan’s bloodline.

So regarding Xiaya, their feelings were very complicated, while their hearts were filled with curiosity and gratitude!

As people carefully selected by Xiaya, their reasoning was much more clear than other Saiyans.

This is why Xiaya had selected them.

Xiaya wants to rebuild the Saiyan race with Saiyans having good character and strong Battle Power and not the infamous and cruel Saiyans which were feared throughout the universe.


“Sir Xiaya has come back, All Saiyans immediately assemble in the open plaza on the west side of the city!”

“Sir Xiaya has come back, All Saiyans immediately assemble in the open plaza on the west side of the city!”

The broadcast resounded everywhere on the streets.

Saiyans, who were either in their homes or in the training area, after hearing the broadcast, finished all the work in their hand and then rushed to the open plaza.

One by one Saiyans soared to the sky, and soon the sky was full of dense mass of figures.

These figures were extremely fast and quickly disappeared in the horizon.

The newly-arrived Saiyans were also led by Eroh to the open plaza in the west.

Fortunately, the open plaza was not far from the city center.

A few minutes later, Saiyans like raindrops descended on the spacious ground paved with marble slabs.

The huge plaza hundreds of meters in length and width was suddenly bustling with life.

Besides Saiyans, who were still being treated in the healing chamber, almost all the Saiyans on Planet Hongshan were gathered here.

They whispered to each other and looked forward at the dozen meters tall platform on the center of the plaza.

Soon afterward, a whirlwind came without warning.

At once, all the Saiyans below quietened down, and silently looked over.

They knew that their leader Sir Xiaya would soon arrive.

Sure enough, not long afterward, a group of shadows descended from the sky, and along with the appearance of the figures, a frightening imposing aura swept over everyone present like terrifying waves, the awe-inspiring coercion quickly spread out in all directions.

On the tall platform, at the front was a young Saiyan wearing a white battle armor, his age was small, but he was giving others the vibes of a leader.

Xiaya and Xiling stood side by side, and next to them standing upright were Adri, Brook, and Bardock, followed by young Saiyans such as Myers, Shaque etc.

Seeing them, every Saiyans below the platform were silent and waiting.

They all have plenty of combat experience, but right now they were subdued from the imposing aura emitted by the several Saiyans above on the platform.

Xiaya looks below with clear eyes.

Looking below and seeing the huge crowd of people, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment in his heart.

If these Saiyans could develop well, they can become an outstanding force.


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