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Chapter 87 A different World

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After the fusion of time and space ability into an even more advanced power, the energy in the space-time cracks could no longer cause him harm.

Instead, the new power allowed him to easily swim inside the crack like a fish returning to water.

Without chaotic flows obstruction, his body had turned lithe and agile.

Xiaya slowly became familiar with the new energy and with just a thought his body suddenly accelerated and quickly arrived near Myers’ side.

He then extended his hand and grabbed her, and continued to search for Bardock’s whereabouts.

However, in this strange boundless space, infinitely large, it was very difficult to find a person and after searching for a long time, he was not able to find Bardock.

“Don’t tell me, just like in the original work, Bardock has already traveled to past” After searching unsuccessfully several times, Xiaya’s mind couldn’t help but birth such a thought.

This possibility is also not out of the question.

Just take Myers as an example, if it weren’t for the power of dragon balls covering Myers body, perhaps she would have already drifted off to who knows where.

However, it is reasonable to say that Bardock’s body should also be covered in dragon balls power.

Why couldn’t he be found then

“Forget it, it seems that Bardock is destined to return to past!” Xiaya sighed.

It’s somewhat regrettable as he originally wanted to bring Bardock to Planet Hongshan.

It seems that it won’t work.

In this mysterious space-time crack, it is not suitable to stay here for long.

Although Xiaya can prevent the space-time chaotic flows from causing harm to his body, Myers by his side cannot.

After slightly considering, he could only give up his search for Bardock and begin to search for ways to leave the space-time crack.

The original location of Planet Vegeta was in a weak region of space.

If he wants to again open a space-time passage, he needs to find yet another weak point!

However, this weak point could be anywhere, and it doesn’t have any specific trait, it was just like looking for a needle in a haystack, does not have a clue.

After wandering around while carrying Myers for a while, Xiaya discovered a discouraging situation.

Myers’ aura was getting weaker and weaker, but he couldn’t yet found a way to leave the space-time crack.

Xiaya began to worry.

At this time, he suddenly noticed that there was a bright object ahead, looking somewhat eye-catching in the darkness.

Is that the exit His spirit aroused, Xiaya hurriedly rushed over there.

But, after approaching he discovered that it looks less and less like an exit, but rather…something like a humanoid object.

“Bardock, he is here!”

After getting a clear look at it, Xiaya was surprised.

Unexpectedly, Bardock was still inside the space-time crack.

At this time, Bardock’s condition was even worse than Myers.

He was first subjected to the residual power of the planet’s explosion and then had to suffer from space-time chaotic flows corrosion.

Bardock’s body had already withered and his aura has become very weak.

Unfortunately, because they were inside the space-time crack, he can’t open the dimensional space, otherwise, he could have used Senzu Bean to heal Bardock’s injuries.

“How do we get out of here”

As he held Bardock’s body firmly, he brought it along and the three of them leaning on each other swayed amidst the chaotic flows.

Dragon balls power acting on Bardock and Myers’ body was gradually getting weaker.

The reason Bardock didn’t travel to past like he did in the original work is that he was stalled by the power of dragon balls.

But if the power of the dragon balls that surround them had completely disappeared, it is difficult to guarantee to which era they would have wandered and travel into.

“As matters stand, I can only give it my all!”

Gritting his teeth and slightly considering, Xiaya could only keep trying everything in this desperate situation.

He returned to where he first discovered Myers, and then he tried his best to utilize the newly acquired space-time energy, hoping to open a crack in the space-time’s weak area.

Since it is the first time he is using it, anything may happen.

Xiaya could only rely on feeling to use this unknown power.


A silver-gray energy spread out.

Xiaya’s expression was grave as he carefully urged it out, but rapidly taking out the space-time energy caused his face to turn pale while tiny drops of sweat begin to flow out from his forehead.

At the same time, the silver-gray space-time energy keeps pouring out, and quickly wrapped around the three of them in a ball, as if a natural silver cocoon was taking shape in the space-time crack.

At the instant those dark red chaotic flows drifted over and made contact with the silver cocoon, they abruptly disappeared.

Pop! Pop! !

Xiaya, Bardock, and Myers’ bodies were motionless.

The external silver cocoon was rotating rapidly, agitating the space-time as circular invisible space-time ripples surged out… Afterward, with a rumbling sound, the silver cocoon was ripped apart as it couldn’t resist, exploding open with a loud bang and at this moment surging energy erupted.

As if a bomb was suddenly thrown into a calm lake, it raised huge waves causing the lake surface to seethe, overlapping space and time in disorder! The space-time crack was thrown into disorder as an opening was torn open, and a large amount of energy discharged outside!


North Area.

On a planet.

The sky was clear and cloudless.

It is a calm afternoon and sun was shining, a bright scene of the early summer season.

However, at that time, the sky suddenly became stormy as if there was something wishing to gush out! Next second, before the clouds in the surrounding could disperse, a red energy gushed out like a thick red ink.

That blood red energy gushed out as if it was bursting out from an invisible water pipe, splashing down to the ground.

The vegetation wilted and the rock shattered.

Everything happened in a flash.

It was like the magic potion in a witch’s pot, instantly corroding everything.

The power of space-time was so strong that the things that came into contact with it were instantly decayed.

“Finally got out!” With a pleasantly surprised sound, three afterimages emerged from the crack in the sky.

Dragging Bardock and Myers, Xiaya descended to the ground and while panting hurriedly opened the dimensional space and took out three emerald Senzu Beans.

Fusion of his space-time force hadn’t affected the application of the two space and time abilities but instead brought qualitative changes to them.

As for the specific details, he would have to do a more detailed study to understand.

Also, the experiences gained in the space-time crack had brought not only a breakthrough in his abilities, but his body after being attacked by the space-time’s chaotic flows has imperceptibly become more solid.

Raising his hand he could feel frightening might held in them.

He could roughly estimate that his Battle Power should have exceeded 150,000, almost increasing by 5000.

He too out three Senzu Beans and eating one of them, the strong vitality made him recover instantly.

Then, he fed both Bardock and Myers one Senzu Bean each.

Their breathing gradually turned relaxed, and wounds created from corrosion by space-time chaotic flows also recovered.

Upon seeing this, Xiaya breathed a sigh of relief, he still has lingering fears when he remembered the dangerous situation he was in before.

If it was not that at a critical moment, his abilities had fused into space-time energy, he really couldn’t have exited the space-time crack.

Of course, it was also thanks to the dragon ball’s power acting on Bardock and Myers, if there was no dragon ball’s power slowly pulling them to Planet Hongshan in real space-time, I am afraid that they would have been lost in space-time.

All sorts of elements had come together to make them eventually return to the universe.

“In this way, Bardock wasn’t able to travel to past.

Doesn’t that mean that a world has appeared where there is no Bardock and no Super Saiyan legend”

Quietly sitting cross-legged, Xiaya began to think carefully.

In the setting of the original work, because time travel could create a parallel universe, so whether it is the various gods or the universe laws, it was forbidden to make time machines as well as using of various forms of time travel.

In the original work, Bardock should have traveled to past when Planet Vegeta was destroyed, and then kill the ancestor of the frost demon race, Space Pirate Chilled, which would eventually leave the legend of Super Saiyan.

However, now that he has prevented it and Bardock hasn’t traveled, then there a parallel universe should have created which doesn’t have Super Saiyan legend!

“Hehe, why do I have to be concerned about it It doesn’t have anything to do with me!”

After pondering for a while, Xiaya shook his head and felt that he really is thinking too much.

These things aren’t what he should be thinking about.

What parallel universe and what not, it doesn’t have a hairs relationship with him.

Another space-time was produced or wasn’t produced, it doesn’t have any significance to the setting of his current space-time.

In fact, what Xiaya didn’t know was that, as early as twelve years ago, when he had crossed to Dragon Ball World, this world has already begun to change because of him.

He is like a virus who had suddenly appeared in this world.

From that moment onwards, this world had already separated into two parallel universe; a world where “Xiaya has traveled” and a world where “Xiaya hasn’t traveled”.

The world with “Xiaya” is the current world in which he is now, and the world with “No Xiaya” is similar to the original Dragon Ball World.

The original book may also have a Saiyan named Xiaya, but that had Saiyan most probably died following the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

And this time, his action of saving Bardock has however caused the creation of a parallel universe with “No Super-Saiyan legend.”


After an unknown time had passed, Bardock and Myers awakened one after another.

After experiencing the life and death struggle, and Saiyan’s “growing after near death” trait, the two people’s accumulated potential was completely released from their bodies.

Something like these has also happened this time.

Bardock’s energy has climbed to 30000 Battle Power and Myers’ has slightly increased to 1600 Battle Power.

“Oh, where am I”

Bardock regained consciousness, his mind was still somewhat dazed.

Then, his face had a huge change as he remembered what had happened before he became unconscious: “Where is Planet Vegeta and what happened to it”

“Planet Vegeta has been destroyed by Frieza.”

“What!” Finished listening, Bardock without any spirit in his eyes and dazedly looked at where Xiaya was.

“But you can rest assured, your wife has already been transferred to another place.”


As if seeing his last hope, Bardock stepped forward and grabbed Xiaya’s shoulders.

Suddenly, a sharp pain appeared and Bardock covered his head while reeling from pain, sweat seeping out of his head.

“The curse of Planet Kanassa”

Xiaya glanced at Bardock while he couldn’t help even if he wanted to.

This curse cannot be nullified by using Senzu Beans, and could only be removed with magic or with the help of dragon balls.


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