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Chapter 86 Space-time Ability

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After a while, his aura subsided.

King Cold narrowed his eyes and picked up the glass of wine.

After taking a few sips, he leisurely said, “Frieza should be short on manpower now, send my ace troop to provide him with assistance! Moreover, pay close attention to Cooler’s movement and immediately report to me if there is any news!”

“Yes, King Cold!”  The alien as if receiving mercy responded in a loud voice and then bowed before orderly withdrawing from the palace.

On the magnificent throne, King Cold leisurely shook the wine glass, the blood red liquid inside the glass continuously swaying and slowly rippling.

“Cooler, what are you looking for Don’t try to play any dirty trick ah!” King Cold sneered before sighing.

He then immediately emptied the wine glass in one gulp, and his tall body stood up from the throne.


The northern part of North Area.

Hands behind his back, Cooler was standing on top of a space platform in the void while his pair of indifferent, demonic eyes stared at the distant starry sky.

In Normal State, Cooler’s body was purple in color, his head, shoulders, and limbs were covered with white sandstone armor and he has a purple tail behind his back.

The overall appearance is very similar to the Final Form Frieza, but his color is just the opposite.

Frieza is primarily white, with purple shoulders, wrists, and ankles.

While Cooler is exactly the opposite and he also looks more masculine compared to Frieza’s Final petite form.

“Your Majesty, during the time when Saiyans had perished, Sir Frieza’s strength is weak.

Why don’t you take the chance to seize more territories” Salza, the captain of the armored squadron, standing on the side asked with a chuckle.

“Salza, my stupid younger brother has finally done something right.

How can I trouble him at this time”

Cooler’s deep voice sounded.

“Besides, my father King Cold doesn’t want to see me expand my forces, or else he would feel uneasy!”

When talking about King Cold, Cooler’s pleased expression became somewhat dignified.

The only person he couldn’t completely fathom in the entire North Area is his father, the former ruler of the entire North Area—King Cold.

Had it not been for his fight with his sworn enemy King Davidow several hundred years ago, who although King Cold had finally forced to withdraw, he had also suffered serious injuries at that time, or else it wouldn’t be his Cooler’s turn to be in power in North Area.

It’s just that King Cold seems to have thoughts of coming back out of retirement.

This is obviously not what Cooler would like to see.

Although he was completely sure that his strength is already above his father, King Cold has still accumulated power for a long time.

Even if he hasn’t fought for many years, his strength was still very frightening!

Confronting his father, Cooler dared not take this risk!

“Forget it, temporarily put aside the matter of the southern part.

I had you search for the Fruit of Tree of Might, is there any news” Cooler waved his hand before asking him with a serious expression.

Salza shook his head and said: “This subordinate had already dispatched a large number of troops and almost flipped over the entire northern region.

But there is still no news about Tree of Might’s fruit.”

“Don’t worry, take your time.

If there isn’t any word of it in the northern region, look for it in other areas, you will definitely find it!” Cooler slightly nodded and said in a serious tone.

His strength has not increased for many years.

As an ambitious king, Cooler is far from satisfied with his current strength.

And this Fruit of Tree of Might in rumor may just allow his strength to progress.

Waving his hand, he let Salza step down while he stayed in the void.

His latent talent is considered outstanding in the Frost Demon Race, but his younger brother Frieza’s was much more outstanding.

If he doesn’t increase his strength as soon as possible, he may lose everything.

Is this what he wants


Amidst the violent chaotic flows of space-time, everything appears to be so chaotic and disorderly.

Xiaya did not expect that he would fall into space-time crack together with Bardock.

Once lost amidst space-time, then there is no chance to get out!

Surrounded by crimson oppressive colors, the scorching hot energies hits against his body giving a stabbing pain making him feel as if dying is better than living.

It is the chaotic energy in space-time cracks, the destructive force here is even more frightening when Xiaya only uses his superpower to open space crack.

“I have to find Bardock and Myers!” Clenching his teeth, Xiya’s thoughts flashed and then he floated around amidst the chaotic flows of space-time, but the pain caused his face to became distorted.

Withstanding the stabbing pain, Xiaya slowly floated around amidst the chaotic flows.

Inside the space-time crack, space-time was in disorder, and space and time become extremely chaotic.

At present here, the next second he appears in a distant place; here time and space were extremely distorted.

In front of the space-time crack, pure energy has no ability to resist, or to say because of level difference, pure energy has lost its effect.

His slim body continuously struggled in the dark red distorted space, as if it has fallen into a swamp while there is something constantly pulling his body, making his every movement extremely difficult.

Because of using the time and space ability to move, the depletion of energy has caused his body muscles to ache, and his brain has gradually become muddle-headed, swollen and dizzy.

Don’t know how much time had passed, when Xiaya was unable to sustain the use of his superpower, suddenly ahead appeared a flash of light.


Xiaya was pleasantly surprised, he saw Myers, whose body was glowing with a translucent light, floating just a few hundred meters away.

“The power of the dragon balls has already taken effect.

Perhaps, this may be a way to leave the space-time’s chaotic flow.” After thinking for a moment, Xiaya rapidly floated towards Myers’ position.

But it was at this time that the energy in his body finally neared depleted, and space and time ability gradually lost their effect, and after a little while, they completely stopped working.

Xiaya’s face couldn’t help but change.

“Really, misfortune never comes alone!”

The biggest drawback of the space and time ability is that it consumes too much energy.

Without any choice, he could only give a loud shout and wave his arms, and move by just relying on brute force, but the distance between Myers and his did not seem to decrease.

This fact couldn’t help but cause Xiaya to feel despair.

Could it be that he could only float in this strange place forever

As time went by, Xiaya gave up his futile struggles and in the space crack, stayed quietly with eyes closed and meditating.

In a flash, one day, one month, or it can be said that there was no concept of time here.

Xiaya does not know how long he has been here.

After staying for a long time amidst the space-time’s chaotic flows, a miracle occurred.

Xiaya faintly felt as if he had again returned to his pre-natal state.

A warm current from his chest was spreading throughout his entire body.

“This feeling of warmth is just like again returning to the embryo stage.” Expression somewhat intoxicated, the warm feeling was as if returning to being a fetus.

Suddenly, he reacted, I seem to have come to this place before!

When did I come here

“Right, before I came to the Dragon Ball World, that claustrophobic, dark mysterious space! The aura here is somewhat similar to that place.”

Xiaya reacted, this dark red space-time crack, is this not the feeling of that dark space Only compared to the mysterious oppression of that mysterious and gloomy space which was likened to primordial chaos, the environment here is much easier to bear.

As Xiaya was pondering, two rays of light started glowing on his chest, his time and space energy which was long ago depleted had once again became lively as he began to unceasingly absorb the energy in the space-time crack.

At this moment, what he is feeling is not the tingling pain and oppression, rather it is the delightful and enjoyable feeling of a fish returning to water.

Perhaps because the space-time source within his body was more advanced, he was slowly absorbing the dark-red space-time chaotic flows.

The two, icy blue and dark blue powers began to combine.

After combining with the dark-red space-time chaotic flows, Xiaya’s two abilities have finally combined to form an independent source.

“Space-time energy!”

After the two abilities were exhausted, under the rushing space-time chaotic flows, his time and space ability has miraculously combined into an even more advanced space-time energy.


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