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Chapter 85 Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans

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At this moment, from the other side of the distant mountain peak, they saw a large scattered group of figures flying over, they were all wearing white and shiny tight-fitting Battle Armor and looking vigorous.Noticing the brown tail behind them, the expressions of the Saiyans who had come from Planet Vegeta had a huge change.

“Saiyan, they are also Saiyans!”

Don’t know who it was that had shouted.

Everyone stood up with difficulty and when they clearly saw that the other party were also Saiyans, their heart couldn’t help but relax.

“Quick, there are a large number of wounded people here.

Take back the wounded people first for treatment!” Someone saw that the ground was full of wounded people and quickly shouted at his companions.

Every Saiyan who had arrived at Planet Hongshan is a valuable resource and must not be lost due to injuries.

One of the Planet Hongshan’s Saiyan stepped forward and asked, “Everyone of you has come from Planet Vegeta.

Could it be that Planet Vegeta has been destroyed”

Seeing them sadly lowering their head, that Planet Hongshan’s Saiyan sighed: “My name is Sadie, and I am also from Planet Vegeta.

Only, I was brought here very early on by Sir Xiaya.

I can’t believe that Planet Vegeta was ultimately destroyed.”

“Sir Xiaya” Planet Vegeta’s Saiyans stared blankly.

“Sir Xiaya is the leader of our Planet Hongshan’s Saiyan.

We were migrated to Planet Hongshan by Sir Xiaya.”

When talking about their new leader Xiaya, that Saiyan called Sadie was full of reverence and talked non-stop.

After realizing that he was talking too much, Sadie chuckled while feeling embarrassed.

“Right, everyone please immediately destroy your energy detectors.

We, Planet Hongshan Saiyan do not allow that thing here.

Moreover, energy detectors have surveillance equipment installed inside which could easily expose our location.”

After Planet Vegeta’s Saiyans heard them, their complexion hugely changed before they hurriedly stretched out their hands and crushed the energy detectors.

Sadie smiled as he looked at everyone and passionately said: “Since Planet Vegeta has been destroyed, then from now on everyone is a Saiyan from Planet Hongshan.

I will first give you a brief introduction of the situation here on Planet Hongshan…”

“Planet Hongshan is located in the northwestern part of the East Area.

It is near the center of Milky Way Galaxy and is light-years(means huge distance) away from North Area where Planet Vegeta was located.

Therefore, everyone does not have to worry that Frieza will find us.”

“Since it is so far away, then how did we arrived here” A Saiyan asked a question, doubtfully.

“This is of course because of Sir Xiaya’s strength.

I had told you that although Sir Xiaya is young, he is very powerful!” Speaking of Xiaya’s strength, Sadie’s face appeared fascinated.

“When we had just arrived at Planet Hongshan a year ago, Sir Xiaya’s Battle Power was 120,000.

And now, we heard from Mr.

Adri that Sir Xiaya had again made a new breakthrough, and his strength has already reached 140,000 Battle Power!”

“How much did you say”

Planet Vegeta’s Saiyan did not dare to believe their ears and once again asked for confirmation.

“Sir Xiaya has 140,000 Battle Power!” Seeing everyone surprised, Sadie looked proud as if he was talking about himself!

“You can’t believe it! Then look at my strength, I only had 3200 Battle Power a year ago.

Now it has broken through to 4600! This is because Sir Xiaya has given us a good training environment!”

Sadie is, around 20 years old, Mid-level Warrior, and one year ago his Battle Power was only little more than 3,000, and he belongs to medium-upper level.

However, he had completely changed in just one year, astonishingly reaching 4,600 Battle Power and is already comparable to a High-level Warrior with medium latent talent.

His progress can be described as fast!

His casual words sounded shocking to the listeners.

Saiyans from Planet Vegeta were all shocked as they listened to Sadie boasting.

Then, their faces turned fervent.

They were overwhelmed with shock!

What kind of person is this Sir Xiaya How can he make other Saiyans breakthrough so quickly Could it be that the effect of bloodline and latent talent here has been decreased to a minimum

They can see that most of the people present were Low-level Warriors, but these Low-level Warriors were stronger than the average Mid-level Warriors, and from their words, they have only been training for more than a year.


Then, Sadie once again introduced the situation of Planet Hongshan to everyone.

Saiyans from Planet Vegeta realized that Planet Hongshan currently only have around 3,000 Saiyans, and most of them were only Low-level Warriors.

However, among this small amount of people, including the so-called “Sir Xiaya”, they have altogether two Saiyans with more than hundred thousand Battle Power, six Saiyan with more than 10,000 Battle Power, and for the remaining people, except for underage children, the people with lowest Battle Power has reached more than 2,500.

What a frightening force this is…

Anyway, in the eyes of these newly arrived Saiyans, Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans bodies were full of mysteries, and the bloodline restriction seems to have become irrelevant here!

Of course, bloodline is still very important, but it does not have any meaning at their current level.


Planet Vegeta was one of the few high-level planets in the North Area.

Its destruction had a great impact.

It can be described as a stone creating a thousand ripples, its effects had quickly spread out.

Three days after the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

East of North Area, King Cold’s Palace.

The magnificent hall was peaceful, King Cold was comfortably lying down on his throne with one hand supporting his chin as he sipped red wine, seemingly looking relaxed and contented.

His near 3m tall burly figure made him look full of oppression.

At this time, a green skin, bald-headed alien, hurriedly run into the palace, kneeled down on the ground and reported:

“Your Majesty, just now we have received news that Sir Frieza personally led his subordinates to Planet Vegeta, destroying all the Saiyans along with the planet.”

“Oh, Frieza finally couldn’t stand it anymore and had attacked” King Cold got up and put the glass down.

His mood seemingly very good, says with a smile yet not a smile: “These Saiyans had been a disaster waiting to happen, It’s rare that Frieza can make up his mind!”

In Frost Demon race’s legend, Saiyans were indeed a disaster; its good that they were destroyed as soon as possible.

But, in doing so, Frieza have one less valiant force under him.

“Right, is there any news from Cooler’s side”

King Cold asked indifferently.

That child, Frieza, is still willing to listen to his father’s words, which King Cold was very satisfied with.

However, regarding his older son Cooler, he somewhat feels dread.

In the past, he had fought with a very powerful guy in order to fight for territory.

Although he had eventually repelled his opponent, he also got seriously injured.

He had no choice but to retire behind the scenes and hand over the control of his territories to his two sons.

Over the years, he had already recovered, but the power of his eldest son Cooler, however, has already surpassed him.

King Cold felt dread in his heart.

“Yes, we have received news from Sir Cooler’s side.”

“News was quite fast.

So, what operation is he doing right now” King Cold chuckled, but there was an infinite chill in his voice.

“For the time being, nothing.

But Sir Cooler’s subordinate corps are being frequently mobilized, they seem to be looking for something.”

The green bald-headed Alien answered cautiously.

After hearing him, King Cold’s face slightly changed.

His eyes slightly narrowed as he raised his purple lips while his body erupted out with a frightening imposing aura like that of a prehistoric beast.

The imposing aura turned into ki waves and swept out in all directions.


The ki waves were without any sound, and they quickly formed a chaotic field full of oppression.

The entire palace hall enveloped in the middle of the maelstrom began to shake…….


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