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Chapter 84 Planet Vegeta’s destruction


“But so what if he has 140,000 Battle Power, this King’s Battle Power in Normal State is 530000! In the end, ants would just be ants, how could they shake a big tree!”Frieza’s red pupils flashed with a cold light, and then he once again extended his finger and created another huge Planet Destroying Ball.


“Saiyan, even if you can receive one Planet Destruction Ball, can you receive the second one”

Frieza gave a faint smile before throwing the huge ball.

The second Planet Destruction Ball fell along the same trajectory as before and quickly made contact with the first Planet Destruction Ball, and then merged with it.

Its power suddenly increased dramatically! In an instant, Xiaya couldn’t hold on any longer.

“He is worthy of being called Frieza.

With just a wave of his hand, he could immediately create such a mighty energy ball, he isn’t even panting.

At the moment, I am still not his opponent!” Experiencing Frieza’s strength where he couldn’t even receive one of his casual attacks, Xiaya inevitably felt frustration in his heart.

However, he soon cheered himself up.

I am still young and have just turned 12 years old.

My strength would advance by leaps and bounds since I had just entered puberty.

I can’t now, I will have to wait and come back again in future! What Universe Emperor He will ultimately be just a stepping stone on his road to becoming strong.

“Bardock, it seems that Planet Vegeta can’t avoid destruction.” Xiaya accepted this fact very calmly, it is fine to withdraw if can’t handle your opponent.


“No, I will not let Planet Vegeta get destroyed!”

Bardock moved his dry throat as his unwilling voice reverberated in the sky.

His expression was sunken because once Planet Vegeta was destroyed, his wife Gine would also die.

Bardock would absolutely not let this happen, so not only he did not retreat, but instead went on to stop the Planet Destroyer Ball by himself.

But the result was still the same, Bardock’s strength was far from enough.

Upon seeing this, Xiaya shook his head and said: “Rest assured, Bardock.

When Planet Vegeta is destroyed, 15000 Saiyan will be evacuated from here.

And, you and your wife are on the list.”

However, his words were so ridiculous that Bardock didn’t believe in what he said and insisted on acting his way.

Seeing this, Xiaya furrowed his brows before nimbly hitting Bardock’s neck to make him faint, and then took the several people back to the ground with a teleport.

“Yi, we’re back to the ground” Myers was somewhat bewildered and dizzy.

Raising her head, she could see a blazing fireball gradually approaching the ground.

As it continued to descend, the atmosphere began to surge up violently.

The layers of invisible airwaves were just like seawater opening up, sweeping across all directions.

Soon, the Planet Destroying Ball touched the earth’s crust, and immediately the rumbling explosion reverberated throughout the starry sky.

Numerous huge lava pillars, several kilometers long splashed out from the earth’s surface and the tectonic plate broke open with a loud rumble.

Actually, at the moment when Planet Destroying Ball fell, Planet Vegeta’s end was already inevitable.

With a kacha sound, the nucleus of the planet swelled, and the planet began to expand rapidly.

At this time, the frightening energy was increasing and churning.

Planet Vegeta had entered its countdown to destruction.

However, as planet’s nucleus was shattering, a little glimmering brilliance suddenly appeared all over the planet.

Finally, the wish made on dragon balls from one year ago had begun to show its result.

Those who were still alive from the list of 15,000 people were all shining with translucent brilliance.

Inside Bardock’s house basement.

Gine was sitting in front of the alloy gate with her hands surrounding her knees while her delicate face was pressed up against her knees as she held her hands together, praying for her husband and children.

At this moment, sparkling lights suddenly appeared around her body, Gine looked on with surprise, completely speechless as the light flashed.

Then, her body suddenly turned into wisps of glimmering lights and disappeared.

This scene was occurring everywhere on Planet Vegeta.

As Planet Vegeta’s destruction was nearing, countless Saiyans from the list were sent away by the power of dragon balls, but those who were directly killed by the Planet Destroying Ball were not so lucky because Shenron’s power could only take away those who were still alive.

“Oh, what’s happening, why is my body shining” Myers touched her skin which was strangely sparkling and shining.

Then, Bardock’s body also started shining.

“Because you guys will soon leave Planet Vegeta.”

Seeing Bardock and Myers’ body glimmering with light, Xiaya knew that Shenron’s power was taking effect and that they would soon be sent to Planet Hongshan.

“I should also leave.” Xiaya inwardly thought as he looked at Planet Vegeta which was on the brink of destruction, and the many Saiyans who were at loss on what to do.

But, just as he was about to launch Instant Transmission and leave, an accident occurred.

He saw sky suddenly cracked open like a glass, and a deep and powerful chaotic turbulence gushed out.

Xiaya and the three of them didn’t have enough time to react and were drawn towards it.

“What’s going on”

The sudden and unexpected change startled him as Xiaya tried to balance his body.

However, the powerful attraction from the space cracks gradually drew them in, preventing him from getting away.

He found that the force gushing out of the space cracks was somewhat similar to the time and space abilities he uses.

“This energy … is space-time force!”

Xiaya’s pupil suddenly contracted, and his complexion undergoes a huge change.

He suddenly remembered something he had overlooked.

“Ah, in the original work Bardock did not die.

Instead, he fell into a space-time crack when Planet Vegeta was destroyed and was sent into past.

Is this that space-time crack”

Xiaya immediately knew that it was troublesome!

In the original work’s Episode of Bardock, Bardock did not die in the explosion of Planet Vegeta but was sent to Planet Vegeta of past via the space-time crack.

At that time, it was not called Planet Vegeta yet but was called Planet Plant.

There, Bardock encountered Frost Demon race’s ancestor Space Pirate Chilled while eventually had transformed into Super Saiyan and defeated him.

Thus, spreading the legend of “Super Saiyan” among Saiyans and Frost Demon race.

This was precisely the information passed on in the original work’s world!

In fact, Planet Vegeta is at the weak point of the space-time boundary.

The power from planet destruction is tearing open a space-time door, and the other side of the space-time crack is a world from past.

“Not good, I can’t go to ancient times!”

Xiaya was extremely upset that he was only able to remember that scenario at this time.

He clenched his teeth and quickly approached Bardock and Myers, but all of a sudden the enormous attraction from space had swallowed them.


In the quiet outer space.

As if it were a firework, after the last burst of brilliance, Planet Vegeta finally disappeared from the universe along with its powerful Saiyan race.

Of course, this was the understanding of the majority of civilizations in the universe.

There were many civilizations who rejoiced after learning that Saiyans were destroyed, and there were also many civilizations who laughed disdainfully after receiving this news.

Distant East Area, Hongshan Galaxy.

Two dazzling and colorful planets were rotating around each other and on the smaller dark-red planet.

After Feidaya people had developed it by working day and night, a large city that could accommodate thousands of people was established on Planet Hongshan.

The three areas, training area, living area and leisure area were distributed in an orderly manner, they could greatly satisfy Saiyan’s various needs.

The first batch of more than 3,000 Saiyans who had arrived here early on had gradually adapted to life here.

The brand new morning, the sun was shining down everywhere on the land.

As usual, Saiyans were doing various training exercises.

Now training area was the place where Saiyans mostly like to because of the various training equipment inside which could conveniently upgrade their strength.

On the contrary, they didn’t put much attention to the leisure area.

Just as they were preparing for the new day.

The sky shone with a variety of different gorgeous colors like a rainbow causing Saiyans to stop and watch.

Followed by black silhouettes disorderly dropping down like raindrops.

They were also caught unprepared by 12x gravity like the Saiyans who had first arrived at Planet Hongshan.

“Hey, they look like Saiyans.

Did Planet Vegeta meet with a mishap” Some Saiyan’s face on the side drastically changed before they all flew to the place where the shadows had dropped down.

In a dense forest, more than 10,000 Sayans had dropped down.

Since most of them were seriously injured, only a few hundred people were able to resist the suppression of 12x gravity.

“What is this place”

“Were we not on Planet Vegeta.

How did we suddenly appear here”

“It is no longer Planet Vegeta as the gravity here is much stronger.”

Taking the initiative to observe the surroundings, several Saiyans were able to confirm that it was no longer Planet Vegeta.

As to why they appeared here, they couldn’t tell.


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