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Chapter 83 Huge Fireball

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Term change:

Frieza’s small spaceship—> hover pod

Frieza who was sitting on his small hover pod had noticed the battle on the other side.

He slightly curled his purple lips, revealing a cruel icy smile.

“Hohoho, look Dodoria, that Saiyan seems very brave and fierce!”

Dodoria looked before he pressed down on the energy detector’s button by his ear.

Beep! Beep! A series of electronic sounds appeared.

Seeing the data displayed, Dodoria said incredulously: “Eh! That Saiyan’s energy level has surpassed 10,000 points.

Perhaps, only an elite from the First Corps could have any certainty to deal with him!”

“Hohoho, if these Saiyan warriors were useful to me, they would have been a very powerful military force…” Frieza shook his head.

“But what a pity, they’re too much prideful, and are not willing to surrender!”

“Hahaha, they have failed to appreciate your kindness!”

Dodoria coldly snorted, if they peacefully followed King Frieza, how could they had attracted such a disaster.

However, Dodoria was also somewhat rejoicing.

Fortunately, these Saiyan are very arrogant or else His Majesty would have another powerful troop beside First Corps under him, and then what use will he be at that time.

Sigh, its all because Zarbon had died early that he became isolated and without help beside King Frieza.

Dodoria thought.

“Hm Dodoria, it’s almost time for the First and Second Corps to withdraw….” Frieza’s scarlet eyes looked out into the universe and faintly said.

Dodoria froze and then immediately reacted, his face breaking into a smile: “Yes, I will immediately let the Corps withdraw!”

The order to withdraw quickly reached the First and Second Corps.

The elite fighters under Frieza all left the battlefield and returned to the spaceship, leaving only Saiyans in the near-planet outer space.

“What happened, why did these aliens withdraw”

“Is Frieza giving up…”

“Great, we have won! Saiyans have once again prevailed over their predicament.”

Everyone revealed happy expressions.

Although many warriors were sacrificed, they finally won the battle.

They celebrated by hugging each other.

After that, they slowly began to descend until they entered the atmosphere before removing their energy shields.

And among them, only Bardock was still looking at outer space with a serious expression on his face.

“Is it really over” As Bardock muttered to himself, a splitting headache again burst out into his head.

“No, the fight isn’t over yet.

Frieza had everyone withdraw because he’s going to personally take action.”

Once again, the fragmented scenes he had seen on Planet Kanassa flashed in front of his eyes.

Bardock hissed, his face slightly distorted while clenching his teeth.

“Everyone, be careful, Frieza is personally going to take action!”

Bardock shouted.

His words caused everyone to come back to themselves and then everyone stared blankly at outer space.

There, Frieza who was sitting on his small hover pod was looking at the dark-red Planet Vegeta, while laughing “Ho ho ho” maniacally.

He then pointed his finger and a small peanut-sized red dot suddenly blinked several times on his finger, flashing and sparkling, then it abruptly increased in size, and expanded into a huge fireball of several hundreds of meters in diameter.

It was like a newborn sun, emitting scorching light and heat.

Bardock’s pupil suddenly shrank, this scene was exactly what he had seen before.

His eyes quickly swept towards his homeworld Planet Vegeta before he gritted his teeth.

“Absolutely can’t let it fall!”

Bardock shouted inwardly, he knows that Planet Vegeta would really be done for if this fireball were to fall! For the race and his wife! Bardock bravely faced the huge blazing fireball and stretched out his arms.

Inside the spaceship, Dodoria looked on as he held his breath in anticipation, his pink skin was trembling due to the excitement.

Every time he saw the huge fireworks blossoming when King Frieza blasts a planet, Dodoria feels excited from the bottom of his heart.

And this time, too, when he saw King Frieza using his signature move, the blood in his body was boiling while he looked on expectantly.

“Eh That’s Bardock… and Frieza’s Planet Destroying Ball!” Lifting his head upward, where a second sun had appeared, Xiaya whispered, “In the end, Frieza couldn’t wait and had taken action.

I can’t let Bardock ‘die’ here!”

“Hey, what’s that” Myers arched her body and was shocked by the blazing fireball in the sky.

“Hold tight!”

Without waiting for Myers to react, Xiaya clamped her under his arm and “Xiu” quickly flew towards outer space.

“Ah…” Myers covered her face and give a shrill cry.

The icy wind was blowing on her forehead causing her to not able to open her eyes.


“Ho ho ho, damn Saiyan monkeys, Now you and your homeworld can become cosmic dust!”

Frieza maniacally laughed before he lightly pointed his finger, the huge blazing fireball immediately revealed its sinister and frightening side, fiendishly whistling towards Planet Vegeta.

“Frieza, I won’t let you have your way!” With an angry shout, Bardock flew in front of the fireball and pushed out his arms, attempting to stop the Planet Destroying Ball.


Bardock gave a painful scream as the scorching flames caused has burned his arms.

Bardock’s complexion turned distorted as he resolutely held on.

However, the energy of the Planet Destroying Ball was too much for him to withstand.

The fireball little by little approached Planet Vegeta and touched its atmosphere causing a violent whirlwind to swirl up.

The atmosphere of the entire planet turned turbulent and chaotic.

Frieza looked on with interest as if admiring a clown’s clumsy performance.

This insignificant Saiyan actually dared to attempt to receive his Planet Destroying Ball, really overestimating himself!

Frieza raised the corners of his mouth with disdain as he looked with indifference.

“Trash, this is an energy ball from King Frieza, how can an insignificant Saiyan like you stop it.” Dodoria stood in the spaceship with a sneer on his face as he continued to look with expectation.

“Cannot let it fall!!”

Bardock almost fainted, only the obsession in his heart was still supporting him.


A small figure appeared beside Bardock with a little girl clamped under his hand.

“Xiaya, you bastard!” Carrying a sobbing tone, Myers clamped legs were trembling

Boo hoo, this guy Xiaya actually appeared in front of that frightening energy ball while holding her, I am really a goner this time! Myers was infuriated and bit Xiaya’s hand with her white teeth…

“Don’t make trouble!”

Scolding in a loud voice, Xiaya spanked Myers a few times and then in front of Myers shocked look extended both of his hands.


Xiaya’s expression was serious as his palms made contact with the surface of the huge fireball.

His arms then send out a huge force while he looked at the fireball with a grave expression.

Suddenly, the falling speed of the Planet Destroying Ball was forcibly slowed down.

However, it still wasn’t enough, this small amount of power was not helpful at all.

“you are……”

Bardock was shocked by the sudden appearance of Xiaya, he was stunned at the person in front of him.

Is this person should be a Saiyan youngster

“I will hand this child to you, take her and withdraw!”

Stuffing Myers into Bardock’s hands, Xiaya shouted and the Battle Power within his body which was calm till now suddenly exploded.

For a moment, his Battle Power reached 145000, his energy raging and burning, the light gold blazing Ki immediately caused the surroundings to be covered in sparkling and shining brilliance.

Both Bardock and Myers were stunned and rigidly stared at the other, unable to speak.


Once again, Xiaya shouted and increased the energy output in his arms.

The Planet Destroying Ball was forcibly stopped.

“How could it be” Dodoria shouted out in shock.

Frieza’s face was gloomy as he said in an ice-cold voice: “Give me the readings of that Saiyan’s energy level.

I want to know how much Battle Power that Saiyan has!”

Because of their line of sight, Frieza and others did not discover Xiaya’s presence and mistakenly thought it was Bardock’s who was releasing that strength.

“Yes, King Frieza.”

The technical staffs on the spaceship shivered and hurriedly manipulated the large-scale energy detector inside.

They feared that King Frieza would take out his anger on them if they delayed.

Soon, the energy was revealed.

“King Frieza, the other’s energy displayed is…145500!” The alien’s voice was trembling.

“What, 145500”

“How could Saiyan have someone with such high Battle Power” Dodoria was shocked, his forehead sweating; Saiyan couldn’t possibly have someone with such high Battle Power.

“Is that because of body transformation, I have heard that Saiyans could increase their Battle Power by ten times after transforming into Great Ape!”

“Impossible, Saiyan’s Great Ape body transformation has an upper limit, it is impossible to upgrade Battle Power by so much… It seems these Saiyans really had to be eradicated as soon as possible!” Frieza chuckled, his voice was cold and cruel.


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