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Chapter 81 *Hidden*

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“The whole planet is in chaos.”

Bardock’s home, Gine was looking at her husband with a depressed expression.

Facts have proved that Bardock was right.

Frieza really has some other schemes.

The current situation is already very clear.

Frieza had ordered all the Saiyans to return to Planet Vegeta in order to exterminate them all in one go.

Right now, she was glad that last night she had secretly sent away Kakarot, or the space pod could not have been launched off the ground as the airspace is completely sealed off today.

Bardock was sitting quietly on a stool with a headband in his hand.

“Gine, come with me, wait inside and don’t come out!”

Going to the basement, he told Gine to hide inside as he intends to close the entrance to the basement.

This is the place where Kakarrot was originally incubated; the structure inside is very strong.

Even if everything above is leveled to the ground, it will not affect the basement.

“Bardock, be careful!”

Gine looked at him with concern, she didn’t urge him to stay because she knew that her husband would never sit idly by in such a critical situation.

Bardock heavily nodded.

As Gine was just an ordinary Low-level Warrior, her Battle Power was less than two thousand, so she could only be safe by hiding inside.

Holding her in her arms for a while, Bardock resolutely walked out of the basement.

After closing the entrance, and completely isolating it from the outside world, Bardock wore his Battle Armor and tied the red ribbon on his head.

Then, resolutely walked out…

This war, there is no place to retreat.


In the outer space.

Standing in front of a porthole, Frieza was leisurely looking at the dark red Planet Vegeta before him; it was just like the color of a beautiful red wine, making people unable to tear their eyes away.

Taking a sip of the red wine, the sweet smell made him intoxicated, Frieza chuckled and walked over with the glass of wine in his hand.

“Dodoria, look at it, such a beautiful planet just like a ruby and soon it will turn into beautiful fireworks!” As his hoarse voice resounded in the hall, Frieza’s face looked intoxicated while his body emitted icy chilliness.

Dodoria cruelly grinned and said, “King Frieza, the army is already ready and is only waiting for your order.

You have to make those arrogant Saiyans experience your might.”

“Ho-ho, I can be relieved at Dodoria’s arrangements.”

Gently patting on Dodoria’s shoulders, Frieza floated up in front of the porthole with his hands behind his back while his tail leisurely swung behind his body.

Frieza said grimly: “Let the First and Second Corps be the vanguard as Third and Fourth Corps will follow behind and have them all break through Planet Vegeta within half an hour.

After which Planet Vegeta must disappear from the universe.”


Dodoria eagerly responded.

Immediately after that Dodoria waved his hand, the alien on the side immediately gave a start, bowed its head and followed him out from the main control hall, to transmit King Frieza’s orders.

First and Second corps were the most elite troops working under Frieza.

They were usually deployed at the territory of the most important planets.

In particular, the First Corps, which are the elite among the elites, and ranks only under Ginyu Force, it is the most powerful troops in the Frieza Corps.

And in strength, there are some who are even more powerful than Dodoria.

Frieza moved all of these troops to Planet Vegeta, only to completely annihilate Saiyans.


When Xiaya arrived at Planet Vegeta, the fires of war had already spread out.

Right now, Planet Vegeta had already lost the peace of the past.

In the face of the invasion of Frieza Army, every Saiyans eyes had turned red from murder.

They bravely fought the enemy, and use their skills without holding back.

A bright and dazzling shock wave streaked through the sky, leaving behind beautifully mottled streaks.

Large and small explosions continued non-stop.

There were rumbling powerful explosions everywhere.

Especially after those Saiyans with Battle Power exceeding 10000 attacked, the frightening scenes were more like as if the end of the world had come.

The gravels exploded up, blotting out the sky and sun while the planet sunk into darkness.

Everything was trembling, the sky had long lost its original color, and had huge Energy Waves shuttling back and forth in the atmosphere like a long dragon crazily roaring, howling … …

Following the waves of loud noise, a mushroom cloud with a powerful visual impact sprung up from the ground and the shock waves from the blast instantly opened the surrounding clouds, but soon new clouds once again accumulated.

Under the impact of this extreme power, the planet’s plate finally could not withstand the attacks of the repeated tremendous force, and cracked from the middle, before fiery lava flew out of the ground turning the area into a hot, pungent smell while blossoming into a beautiful and frightening flower.

It was extremely beautiful.

Slightly taking a step forward, his entire body turned into an afterimage.

Xiaya came to the city and saw buildings continuously collapsing as well as Saiyans and Aliens fighting in every nooks and corner.

Hua! !

Just then, an energy ball suddenly emerged from a high place, flying toward him.

When Xiaya saw this, he could not help but wrinkle his eyebrows and then slightly lifted his palm and caught the energy ball fiercely shooting over in his palm.

Then, a finger flicked and a light bang sounded.

The energy ball of the size of a football shot back to another place drawing a beautiful and bright arc in the air.

Seeing that its attack had failed, a surprised expression flashed past the alien’s eyes but then immediately launched a second attack.

“Courting death!”

Watching the alien who tried to kill him, a cold light flashed in his pitch-black eyes.

This time he wouldn’t easily let it off.

He turned and walked a few steps forward, his whole person suddenly disappeared and then suddenly appeared in front of that Alien.


Seeing Xiaya suddenly appearing, the alien was scared to death.

Immediately reacting over, it lifted up the energy launcher, aimed, stored energy, and shoot at Xiaya, all in one quick movement.

That alien belonged to Frieza’s Fourth Corps and after being equipped with the energy launcher, its Battle Power was above 2000.

“The movements are swift, but … it is just like a firefly’s light daring to contend with sun and moon’s brilliance.

DIE!” An indifferent voice suddenly sounded in midair.

Xiaya quietly watched the alien below, and an outline appeared on his handsome face as he sneered.

Then he lifted up his palm and waved in the air.


When the finger made a line in the air, suddenly numerous icy blue energies flew out, the energy flashes were colorful and dazzling bright, and like a strong wind and swift rain, a stream of water shot out.

“Ah!!” A miserable cry.

Immediately after the bang, a bright white mushroom cloud slowly rose and the air waves boiled fiercely.

The burning energy instantly melted the rocks.

After killing several waves of aliens who tried to attack him, Xiaya walked on the road which was empty, and soon after he found the alien’s spaceship.

After he had destroyed several spaceships in succession, the rest of the aliens had focused their attacks on Xiaya.

But these alien, who only have two or three thousand Battle Power, were basically not his opponents.

As if he was taking a stroll in his backyard, he waved his hands and suppressed all these aliens.

The number of aliens who died in his hands suddenly rose and soon exceeded 1,000.


Suddenly, a gleaming light streaked past his eyes.

It was a person.

He saw a young figure fleeing ahead, and behind a yellow alien was pursuing and attacking with the energy launcher held in his hands.


Surprised, Xiaya saw that not far away, the little girl was being hunted by someone.

“Wah!” a sobbing cry could be heard.

Myers fled around in panic, but the alien behind was following closely and was getting closer.

Myers was terrified at this moment.

She had never been in such a terrible situation before.

After all, she was only a child of around five years old, so she could not bear the pressure and broke into loud cries while escaping.

Chapter 81 Myers in danger


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