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Chapter 80 Rebellion starts

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Term change:

mother planet—–> homeworld

The desolate planet.

After no news for a long time, Xiaya received the order from Frieza.

Adri and others were gathered together, and the atmosphere was not very good.

“Frieza is finally going to strike,” Adri sighed.

“What should come would eventually come, but my heart is full of unwillingness when this moment has really arrived.


Palladi smashed his fist on the ground,”bang” punching a crater.

The members of his race would face slaughter but they couldn’t do anything, such a situation has always been experienced by weaker races before.

Sure enough, if you do too many evil things, then eventually will have to face retribution.

“Uncle Adri, it’s useless to say anything now.

How about you wait here, I’ll go to Planet Vegeta and take a look, maybe I can save some people,” Xiaya said.

Although he had already made a wish on dragon balls, eventually how many people will reach Planet Hongshan, it is not certain.

Xiaya is prepared to go have a look at Planet Vegeta, firstly to save some Saiyan.

And secondly, he also wants to personally experience Frieza’s strength and see how strong he is!

Adri knew that Xiaya’s strength was formidable and at an unfathomable stage, even destroying Ginyu Force is as easy as flipping his hands for him, so he wasn’t concerned about his safety.

Hence, Adri nodded and advised: “Fine, but you absolutely can’t face Frieza, you should give up if you must, as you are the most important among all the Saiyans.”

As long as Xiaya is there, Saiyan has hope to revive.

“I’m going too!” Having seen all this, Xiling who was standing on the side eagerly jumped out.

“No, you won’t!”

Adri and Xiaya simultaneously said.

“But I’m strong too,” Xiling’s face was serious, it is the final decisive battle of Planet Vegeta, she also wants to participate.

“Xiaya has Instant Transmission ability, so he can leave when in danger, but you cannot.

Even though your strength is comparable to Captain Ginyu, I cannot agree.”

Frowning, Adri scolded, displeased with his daughter’s reckless attitude.

“boo-hoo!” Xiling shrunk her neck and rolled her eyes.

“Humph, I am also going to learn Instant Transmission!”

She had heard from Xiaya that there is a Planet Yardrat in the universe which also has an Instant Transmission ability, much like his superpower.

If she can also learn it, then she could act freely afterward, not like now.

“We can talk about it later, for now I am going to Planet Vegeta.” Xiaya’s expression was quite calm from the beginning as he said with a serious expression.

“Be careful!”

Giving a light nodding, he turned around and took several steps forward, and then his whole body like an afterimage, disappeared in front of everyone.

Planet Vegeta, Royal Palace.

The depressing atmosphere inside made it hard for people to breathe.

King Vegeta dressed in a armor was sitting on the throne while meditating, a red cape hanging behind the throne.

In the hall below, there were many Saiyans gathered together, they all were high-level warriors loyal to King Vegeta.

At the front, there were around twenty people standing in a line whose Battle Power exceeds 10000, the highest level force on Planet Vegeta.

Opening his eyes, King Vegeta looked at the crowd gathered below, his face gloomy and ice-cold while both of his eyes flashing with a fierce light as king’s imposing presence radiated out.

“Frieza army has surrounded Planet Vegeta such that not even one could go outside, he had laid bare his scheme to completely exterminate us Saiyans! Tell me, can we agree to this”

King Vegeta loudly shouted, his voice reverberating throughout the palace hall.

“Of course not!”

“How can Saiyans surrender to Frieza, even if we die in battle, we will defend the dignity of Saiyans.”

“Fight it out with him, fight!”

“Let Frieza bastard know our might!”

Below, all the Saiyans were loudly shouting with indignation, vowing to fight it out with Frieza.

Seeing this, King Vegeta nodded with satisfaction, “Peter, how much manpower do we have at hand right now”

“Your Majesty, right now we have already rallied 400,000 Saiyans, and more are still rushing over to the palace.

Furthermore, more than 70% of the high-level military force are willing to fight for the dignity of Saiyans.” Peter hurriedly reported.

More than 70% of the high-level military force, which basically represents all the strength Saiyans have.

As for the remaining people, King Vegeta does not count on them to lend a hand.

Waving his hand, King Vegeta gestured for Peter to step down.

Everything was again silent.

Then, King Vegeta suddenly stood up, his powerful upright figure faced everyone, the bright red armor appearing majestic.

Raising both of his hands, King Vegeta looked excited: “It is a matter of life and death for Saiyans.

Now, I order everyone in the name of the king, get ready for the battle and prepare to fight with the Frieza Corps till death.”

“High-level Warriors will form seven big teams and follow the lead of the warriors who have broken through to 10000 Battle Power.

They would act as the main force and breakthrough past Frieza’s first and second Corps encirclement and annihilate them; Mid-level Warriors will provide assistance from the side, and are responsible for eliminating all the stragglers; Moreover, I am issuing an order to every Saiyan.”

“Wipe out every Jetonian on Planet Vegeta!”

“I want no one to be left alive!”

King Vegeta’s voice was extremely cold and ruthless.

These Jetonians, with Frieza backing them, had acted very tyrannically.

They had long been dissatisfied with them and now it is time to settle accounts.

Command from the palace was quickly conveyed out and every Saiyan sprung into action.

But there were still many Saiyans who did not understand the situation, and were puzzled at King Vegeta’s command.

While some Frieza worshippers did not want to believe in all this and rushed to the palace, but these people were all executed on the spot by the battle-ready palace guards!

For a time, the entire Planet Vegeta fell into chaos.

The other aliens were also extremely jittery and scared and did not dare to go out on the street.

“Ha ha ha, these Saiyans are finally facing retribution!” A group of Dada Star people were gathered together, with delight on their faces.

When Saiyan had destroyed their homeworld and brought them back as slaves, it had filled them with hatred toward Saiyans.

And now, they could finally witness these evil Saiyans destruction.

Heavenly law allows reincarnation but who had the heavens ever pardoned!

“Evil people like Saiyans will finally be condemned to hell.”

There were many other races like Dada Star people.

They usually don’t dare to voice their anger as they suffer beating and curses.

But right now, they were all in a festive mood and running around and wantonly celebrating while looking forward to the complete extermination of Saiyans by Frieza, as soon as possible.

Jetonians Station.

A hemispherical building, twelve white stone pillars were spread out.

The mission administration office was no longer calm as usual.

Ever since King Vegeta had sent down the order, these Jetonians residence had become the best place for Saiyans to vent their anger.

With a loud rumbling sound, towering buildings crashed to the ground from the explosion of energy waves, and soon everything was destroyed.

A Jetonian swayed its slender and soft limbs and said in a hoarse unpleasant voice:

“What are you doing, ah … King Frieza will not let you off.”

“What are we doing Of course, killing you!”

The Saiyan sneered and ignored the threats from the Jetonian, you are nothing more than cannon fodder, Frieza wants to destroy Saiyans, not sure if he will let you evacuate.

Today, the old and new account would be settled together, and the end of the Jetonian has arrived.

Saiyans were venting out their usual anger at Jetonians as well as hatred for Frieza which had sprouted all at once.


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