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“So these are the super dragon balls, they are as big as a planet!”

“They are indeed big!”

It was their first time seeing the super dragon ball.

Everyone was in awe at their enormous size and could not help but take a deep breath.

Although they had already guessed that the super dragon balls would be quite huge based on their previous experience, when they really saw the orange-yellow dragon balls that were comparable to the size of a planet and bigger than Earth, they still couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Amazing, there are really many crystal balls like this.” 21 fixedly stared at the super dragon balls, curiosity flashing in her eyes.

“Super dragon balls…”

Xiling and Myers were seeing the super dragon balls for the second time.

The first time was when they gathered them to solve Meifei’s mental problem.

Even though they were seeing it again, ripples still appeared in their hearts.

“Let’s go, the arena for the tournament is under the wishing beads.”

Whis said with a faint smile, and then controlled the cube to fly towards the tournament arena.

In the position below the six enormous dragon balls, a not-so-big arena was floating inconspicuously in the void.

Maybe, they were shocked by the majesty of the super dragon ball, but when they looked at the mountain-sized martial art arena in front of them, they felt that it was not very eye-catching.

But the martial arts arena was actually not small.

With a length and width of 500 meters and supported by a thick base, it has a very wide area.

After seeing Whis and others arrive, Champa and Vados flew over.

“Beerus, look at this arena, all of you are going to lose here today.” Champa began acting arrogantly as soon as he arrived.

Beerus snorted contemptuously and retorted, not willing to be outdone: “Don’t be too arrogant, it’s you who will lose.”


“Okay, Champa-sama, it’s time to summon Supreme Kai from each universe.” Seeing that Champa and Beerus were about to quarrel again, Vados quickly changed the subject.

“Umm… Vados, send the address to Supreme Kai and others.” Champa shrugged.

Vados nodded with a smile and then waved the tall scepter in her hand, sending a few signals through the void.

Soon after, Supreme Kai of Universe 6, Universe 7 and Universe 10 received the message one after another.

Several blurry figures flickered in front of them and Supreme Kai of the three universes had also arrived.

Supreme Kai of Universe 6 is a fat green-skinned man called “Fuwa”, who has a lazy expression and always looks as if he has not woken up.

Next to him was a thin figure who is Supreme Kai Fuwa’s entourage; Old Supreme Kai, East Supreme Kai and his Attendant Kibito, who had came from Universe 7.

The three seemed to be surprised by the Universal Tournament; There was only one Supreme Kai who came from Universe 10, and that was Tapion.

Because he knew about the Universal Tournament beforehand, he was not too surprised.

“Champa-sama, Beerus-sama, Xiaya-sama, sorry to keep you waiting.” Old Supreme Kai bent down slightly.

As the oldest god among the Supreme Kais, the old Supreme Kai has some understanding of the God of Destruction in each universe, so when he saw Champa and Beerus, he showed a mature and calm expression.

On the contrary, East Supreme Kai’s behaviour was lacking a lot.

Since it was his first time to see such a grand scene, his expression was a little sluggish.

Seeing the old Supreme Kai greet the several Gods of Destruction, this was his reaction.

“Well, everyone is here, let’s go over.”

Nodding slightly, Xiaya, Beerus, and Champa led their teams, and then everyone divided into three groups according to the different universes.

Xiaya and Kusu led the Universe 10 contestants to one of the stands.

At this time, all spectators and contestants entered the Tournament venue in order.

The five contestants of Universe 10: Meifei, Xiang, Xili, Obuni, Majin Buu.

The five contestants of Universe 7: Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Android 21, Zangya.

The five contestants of Universe 6: Hit, Cabba, Frieza, Saonel, Kreed.

Among them, Xiaya have met Hit and Saonel from Universe 6 once.

Hit is the super assassin of Universe 6 with extraordinary strength.

When Xiaya was training in Universe 6, Vados brought him to meet Hit and he had a spar with Hit.

Hit back then was extremely powerful in his eyes, but now when Xiaya looked at Hit again, he could see that the other party was only a Divine Realm expert.

As for Saonel, he is the oldest Namekian in Universe 6, who is the fusion of countless Namekians and has Super Saiyan 3-level strength.

Because he lives in seclusion on Planet Lefil all year round, no one knows him.

He is one of the few Namekians left in Universe 6.

In addition to Hit and Saonel, one of the other three contestants of Universe 6 is Cabba, a Saiyan from Planet Sadala.

He is not tall and has narrow dead-fish like eyes, which looked somewhat dull.

Even though he gives a feeling of being fragile, in fact, his strength is not bad.

After Caulifla’s brother was injured, he is currently serving as the captain of the “Sadala Defense Force”.

Frieza is an old acquaintance, and after being forcibly taken away by Champa, he is participating in the tournament as a contestant.

But when he saw the fifth place contestant, Xiaya was slightly surprised.

The person named Kreed looked like a Frost Demon.

His body was covered in cyan leather armor, and he looked the same as Frieza’s Final Form.

“Universe 6’s Frost Demon…interesting.” Xiaya smiled, snapping his fingers.

The Frost Demon named Kreed is much more powerful than “Frost” he casually killed back then.

His deep blood-red pupils were like a viper’s, and his strength is quite decent.

It should be said that Universe 6 and Universe 7 are indeed symmetrical universes, their races are almost identical.

“Dad, that guy is a Frost Demon!” Meifei pointed at Kreed with interest, her beautiful green hair fluttering in the wind.

“That’s right, he is a Frost Demon.

You should also pay attention to that guy named Frieza, he is very powerful.” Xiaya reminded her.

“He he, I will teach them a good lesson.” Meifei licked her lips, not afraid at all.

Beside her, Caulifla squeezed to Xiang’s side, pointed to the person on Universe 6’s side and said, “Look, boss, Cabba is also participating in the tournament.”

Following the direction Caulifla was pointing, Xiang looked at the five people on Universe 6’s side and noticed Cabba as well.

When his eyes swept towards Hit, he could sense a formless pressure.

Hit put his hands in his pockets as he watched with an indifferent look in his eyes, his powerful strong aura seemingly causing the air to freeze.

An expert.

Xiang became alert and memeorized Hit.

All three parties took their seats.

Champa flew up and shouted at Xiaya: “Hey, Xiaya, I have already had Vados take out all the wishing beads.

It is time for you to fulfill your promise.”

“Don’t worry.”

Xiaya smiled calmly and pointed his fingers towards the void.

The void which was calm suddenly rippled like the surface of a calm lake and a huge planet pierced through the void, slowly revealing itself.

Such a scene looked extremely spectacular, causing everyone to gasp.

After a short while, the 7th super dragon ball was fully revealed.

The four red stars flashed, resonating with the six super dragon balls, as they burst out with a low sound of “humming”.

The seven super dragon balls were all gathered in the void and lined up neatly.

Everyone’s eyes were attracted to the enormous dragon balls, and there was an fascinated look in their eyes.

Frieza, who has been imprisoned by Vados, also saw the super dragon balls and a greedy red light burst out from his eyes, “These dragon balls, if I can get them, there is no need to be afraid of any God of Destruction.”

He lowered his head and plotted in his heart.

Frieza knew that super dragon balls were his last chance.

He has to definitely seize this opportunity, otherwise, no matter what the result of this tournament is, his life would come to an end.

Neither Xiaya nor Beerus would let him off.

“Now, the seven super dragon balls are all in place.”

Xiaya couldn’t help laughing when he saw that everyone was looking at the super dragon balls, and then he took out another seven glittering and translucent crystal balls from the dimensional space and placed them on the ground.

“These are crystal dragon ball I just gathered from the universe, and they also have great effect.”

“What There is actually another set of dragon balls besides super dragon balls” Bulma and others were startled.

They had never seen dragon balls as transparent as crystal dragon balls.

Earth’s dragon balls, Planet Namek’s dragon balls, and super dragon balls are all orange-yellow-coloured without any exception.

Only the crystal dragon ball looks different.

They were glittering and translucent and very beautiful.

“Another set of dragon balls.” Frieza’s breathing suddenly became heavy.

At this moment, he felt that God was helping him.

There were two sets of dragon balls in front of him, as long as he could get one of them, then all the problems plaguing him could be solved, and that would be the time when he, Frieza, would rise.

Xiaya glanced at Frieza and seeing the greed in his eyes, couldn’t help but grin.

Frieza didn’t know that whether it was making a wish on super dragon balls or crystal dragon balls, there were certain conditions.

One has to use “Divine Language” when using super dragon balls, and the summon on crystal dragon balls must be in Xiaya’s language, so even if Frieza got the dragon balls, it would be useless.

In the end, all of his schemes are destined to be in vain.

Forget it, it’s better not to tell him and let him stay in his sweet dreams.


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