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One month later.

Saiyans, scattered to the various parts of the universe had returned to Planet Vegeta.

The spaceport was busier than usual as every minute spaceships were descending from the sky.

In the night sky, Bardock’s large spaceship neared Planet Vegeta, and on the other side of the planet’s orbit, a fully equipped enormous spaceship could be seen as if it is on the way to perform some mission.

“Look, Sir Bardock, it’s Frieza’s spaceship, what is it doing here at Planet Vegeta”

Pointing ahead at the Frieza Corps which was deployed in an attacking formation, Bosch asked with a surprised expression.

Bardock was somewhat surprised but then his face immediately became gloomy as he said with a frown: “Frieza has brought his Corps main force to Planet Vegeta, does he really intend to go to war”

As he was among the Saiyans who advocates war, he had always found Frieza to be displeasing, and especially after receiving the snippets of a plausible future, his dissatisfaction towards Frieza has increased even more.

Hence, his eyes were full of loathing after seeing the Corps spaceship.

“He is unlikely to go so far as we Saiyans have always been diligently completing missions assigned by Frieza.”

Bosch’s face was doubtful.

“Isn’t it obvious” Bardock coldly snorted and said in a blunt manner.

“I had long felt that Frieza reached out to Saiyans for some personal reason.

Maybe he was afraid that legendary Super Saiyan would appear among Saiyans!”

“Super Saiyan That is just a legend.

Even we do not believe in it, then how can Frieza be worried about it”

Bosch laughed out loud as if he heard a joke, he still felt optimistic in his heart as it was hard to believe that Frieza would harm Saiyans because of this non-existent legend.

“It’s hard to say …”

He recalled the scenes of future among which he saw that his youngest son Kakarrot had become the legendary Super Saiyan and defeated Frieza.

Bardock couldn’t help but feel happy.

“Well, let’s return to Planet Vegeta first, everything can wait for later.” Thoughtfully glancing at the Frieza Corps in the distance, Bardock said to Bosch.


Bosch responded heartily and drove the spaceship toward Planet Vegeta.

After landing at the spaceport, Bardock said goodbye to his fellow Saiyans.

Looking at his comrades’ departing figures, Bardock wondered whether he should have spoken about the scenes from the future.

Few times he had wanted to speak, but the words got stuck in his throat and could not say it.

“Forget it, they would not believe even if I told them.” He shook his head with a wry smile.

Was this the despair that Kanassan elder had spoken of And have to suffer it by myself


He is not feeling any despair, he looked in the distance, in future Kakarrot will defeat Frieza on his behalf.

At home, his wife Gine was cooking food in the room, the rich scent wafted out from the kitchen, making Bardock feel the warmth after returning.

“Huh, why are you back so early” Seeing Bardock return, Gine asked as she walked out with a pot of meat soup held in her hands with a look of surprise.

Placing the traveling bag on the ground, Bardock laughed and took the cauldron from his wife’s hands: “We had received headquarters order that all Saiyans have to return to Planet Vegeta.”

“Did something happened”

“No, nothing happened!” Bardock shook his head, “There is just an ominous feeling in my heart as if something is going to happen.”

“There is no need to worry, there is hardly anything that you can’t handle with your strength!”

Gine snuggled in Bardock’s arms, her petite body got completely fit in there.

She has complete faith in him, even though he is also a Low-level Warrior like her, he has the strength to outmatch majority of the High-Level Warriors.


Quietly hugging his wife, Bardock heart was calm.

“Right, is Kakarrot still staying in the incubator”

“Yeah, it has already been several months, it is time to take him out.

Do you want to see him”

In a basement, an egg-shaped incubator was filled with green solution, and inside a long-tailed infant was releasing “gulu” “gulu” sounds while releasing bubbles.

This was the newly developed bio-incubator and was more advanced than the large-scale infant training cabin, generally, only a high-level family was qualified to have them.

Kakarrot was born in the infant training cabin and after staying in their for some time, he was taken home by Bardock and placed in the bio-incubator.

Now, it has already been several months.

Kakarrot, like his father Bardock, was also a Low-Level Warrior, but because of Bardock’s capabilities, he could gain access to better resources.

“He has grown big!”

Looking at his finger-biting son in the green solution, Bardock got somewhat astonished before laughing.

“Yeah, he looks just like you, especially that unique hairstyle.” Gine jokingly said, her second son was simply the carbon-copy of her husband.

Bardock nodded, and silently stared at his son for a moment, closed his eyes to think before saying: “When it gets dark, I will go steal a space pod and launch him to another planet.”

“What” Gine froze for a moment and then she strongly opposed: “Why do we have to do that, do you want him to go out and brave mortal dangers and become an ‘Exiled Son’”

With Bardock’s current strength and influence, it is entirely possible to protect their son from going to dangerous missions, and becoming “Exiled Son” will have to suffer disdain.

“This is for Kakarrot.”

“What do you mean”

Bardock lifted his head, and faintly said: “I sense the presence of death, Frieza is definitely plotting something”

Finally, Gine was persuaded by Bardock that for her son’s safety, she could only take the risk and send him out.

Late at night.

Bardock stole a space pod of diameter 2m from the Royal city’s old warehouse, and then the couple carried the space pod passing through a distant desert to its vicinity.

“It’s not like you to be worried about your kid!” Gine made fun of her husband while flying.

“I was probably infected by your innocence!”

“Why are you putting it on me!”

Dissatisfied, Gine’s face was puffed up like a sulking girl.

Soon, they arrived at a place with jagged rocks in the vast desert, far away from the city where Saiyans were gathered, here space pod’s launch would be hard to detect.

At this moment, the crying sound of the infant “wah-wah-wah” came out of the space pod, as if he understood that he is about to separate from his parents.

Gine looked at her child through the transparent glass with distress.

“Don’t cry, Kakarrot …” Gine looked with reluctance.

“Hey Bardock, why don’t we all escape together!”

“We can’t, they will find us with detectors, the energy reaction from it would be too big which could be easily detected by Jetonian’s detection monitor.”

Adjusting the space pod’s position, Bardock said: “This is an old machine from twenty years ago.

There should be no locator installed.

I’ve programmed it to head for a distant planet called ‘Earth.’

“Although there is plenty of water and food on that planet, the people and resources on that planet are not worth anything, because of that it is a low-level planet which wouldn’t attract any attention.”

Gine nodded and said to her child in the space pod: “Son, if Bardock is wrong, we’ll come get you as soon as possible, and if we really run into some accident, we will inform Raditz about it…..”

“Goodbye, you have to stay alive!”

“And be careful of Galactic Petrol…”

“Kakarrot, be sure to become a Super Saiyan and kill Frieza!”

Pressing down on the button of the space pod, after a fierce vibration, the spaceship suddenly dashed to the sky and quickly disappeared into the vast universe.


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