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Earth, Lookout.

There were only a few clouds floating in the vast blue sky.

As the backbone of Earth, Lookout is a sacred and noble place.

On this day, Piccolo, Krillin and others had all gathered on Lookout, and as a bright light flashed, Xiaya appeared with Meifei, Xiang, Xili, Obuni and Majin Buu.

As Xiaya’s chosen main combatants, they will all enter the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train.

Besides them, Xiaya was also going to train Caulifla, Kale and the others.

“Xiaya, Hyperbolic Time Chamber is ready.” Wearing Kami’s divine robe, Chichi said as she walked over.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber has already been rebuilt several times, a lot of limits have been removed, and it is now the best training place on Earth.

Goku, Vegeta and Gohan have been brought to God of Destruction’s Planet by Beerus for training while Hyperbolic Time Chamber was chosen by Xiaya to train Meifei, Xiang and others.

“Sorry to trouble you.” Xiaya nodded and walked into the Lookout with the group.


Five days later, when the Universe Tournament was about to be held, several shocking auras suddenly emerged in the sky of Lookout.

“These auras!!”

Piccolo, who was sitting straight in meditation on the square, opened his eyes and stared towards Lookout’s entrance with a shocked expression.

His entire body trembled due to the powerful Ki and he broke out into cold sweat.

“Xiaya and the others have finished their training.” Chichi and Krillin looked at each other, and soon saw a group of people come out from the entrance of Lookout.

With the completion of the training schedule in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Meifei and the others’ clothes were somewhat torn, and their appearances had undergone earth-shaking changes.

The brutal aura around the green-haired Meifei’s body had disappeared, while Xiang’s hair had turned red, he clearly had entered the Super Saiyan God realm.

Besides them, Xili and Obuni had also made great progress.

Although they hadn’t entered the Divine Realm, they were still peerless experts.

The only one who didn’t change was Majin Buu.

He was still chubby, standing on the side with a simple and honest smile.

“The five-day training has ended.

Everyone, try your best during the tournament.”

“I think Vados and the others have already arranged the venue for the tournament.

We will wait for them on Earth…” Xiaya made a decision.

In this tournament between the three universes, there are a lot of people who have been invited to watch such as Piccolo, Chichi, Bulma, Tien Shinhan and others.

Whis will personally come to Earth to pick them up.

According to the agreed time, everyone arrived at Mount Paozu.

At this time, Bulma family, Tights family, Krillin family as well as Master Roshi and Satan had all arrived one after another.

Earthlings specially invited the host of the several World Martial Arts Tournaments, the blonde-haired host who has already entered old-age.

“I never thought I would have an opportunity to watch a Universe Tournament.” Stroking his white beard, Master Roshi was leaning on a cane, his entire body stooping over.

Krillin and Hasky were standing next to Master Roshi, holding the hands of a blond-haired little girl named Marron.

“Master Roshi, ​​you are old but still vigorous.” The blonde-haired host praised.

The blonde-haired host was quite excited to be invited over to watch the tournament.

Master Roshi laughed and knew that the blonde-haired host’s words were mostly flattery.

He knew his own situation.

With his Battle Power which was in a few hundreds, he would not be able to see some of the more exciting matches.

Maybe the others would just have blow their breath and he would not be able to stand it.

However, the words of the blond-haired host made him feel quite good.


After waiting for a while, almost all the people had arrived.

Kusu also brought dozens of people from Planet Hongshan.

Adri, Bardock, Shaque…and some experts from Planet Hongshan arrived, and the small Mount Paozu suddenly became lively.

“When will Whis and others arrive”

Kusu looked at the crystal ball on the scepter and replied, “He’s already heading towards Earth.

He’ll be here in a few minutes.”

Xiaya nodded and waited patiently.

After a while, when Whis was about to arrive, a disc-shaped spaceship landed on Mount Paozu, and two people jumped down from it.

They were surprisingly Galactic Patrolman Jaco and Galactic King who looked like an octopus, who had also rushed over to watch the tournament.

Galactic King fawningly greeted Xiaya.

Xiaya nodded indifferently, and continued to wait.

Three minutes later, a light flashed and Whis and his group arrived.

Behind him, led by God of Destruction Beerus, Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Zangya and Android 21 also arrived.

When he saw Zangya and 21, the corner of Xiaya’s mouth twitched.

In the end, the contestants selected by Beerus were indeed Zangya and 21.

Most of the contestants from Universe 7 were actually acquaintances, only Zangya and 21 were slightly unfamiliar, but because of their good relationship with Planet Hongshan, Krillin and others more or less knew about Zangya.

But it was the first time that everyone saw 21, who had long brown hair and a very beautiful appearance.

First of all, they were amazed at her beauty.

Everyone looked at her in amazement, and simultaneously felt that she has an indescribable temperament, just like… a scientist.

Of course, they quickly sobered up as this is not the main point.

Since she could be selected by God of Destruction Beerus, it seems that she was hiding extraordinary strength under her beautiful appearance.

“Is everyone here” Beerus asked and then nodded towards Whis.

Whis smiled, conjuring up a cube of moving space in the clearing.

“This is a mobile space.

After everyone enters, they can quickly arrive at the tournament’s location.”

“Whis, where is the location of the tournament”

“It was arranged by Vados and is located in Universe 7 near Universe 6… After everyone enters, I will bring everyone there.” Whis chuckled and invited everyone to enter the cube.

After everyone had entered, the transparent cube whooshed and entered a very long space journey.

In the mobile cube, 18 looked at 21 who looked a little like her.

Except for the hair color and clothes, the two looked alike.

“Uh…you’re Android 21” 18 walked over.

21 also looked over at 18 with a smile on her beautiful face: “Yes, I’m Android 21.

Long time no see, 18.”

18 frowned and shook her head: “Sorry, I don’t have any memories of you.” She had heard Xiaya mention 21, but she really doesn’t remember 21.

“It’s normal that you don’t remember, because you were in a complete coma when I was modifying you.

Think about it, would I expose a girl’s body to that guy Dr.

Gero” 21 seems to be very familiar with 18.

“But why do you look like me”

“It’s not that I look like you, maybe it’s because of ‘World Core’.

Oh, ‘World Core’ is the material that allows us to possess unlimited energy.

Since I’ve also used world core, my appearance has changed to this one.

In fact, I also wonder why we have become so similar.”

21 understands very well that 18’s appearance did not change much before and after the modification, and after she was transformed into Android, she has grown to look like her current appearance mostly because of the mysterious “world core”.

18’s bright and beautiful eyes stared at 21, and the two chatted a lot…

About two hours later, the mobile cube arrived in a void zone of Universe 7.

Looking at the scene in front of them, everyone revealed expressions of astonishment.

In the vast void, six golden crystal balls were floating in space.

Each of the six super dragon balls was nearly ten times larger than Earth.

Its whole coloured glass body looked glittering and translucent and their neatly arranged sight was magnificent and gave them a stunning feeling.

The mobile cube swept past across the surface of one of the super dragon balls.

Its bottom surface was as flat as the ground.

Because of its huge size, there were hardly any curved arcs to be seen.

Inside the orange-yellow glass body, a giant five-pointed star could be seen at the center.


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