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“Isn’t Dr.

Gero the creator of 18”

Xiaya was a little puzzled.

In his knowledge, whether it is Android 17, 18 or 16, their creator was Dr.


When did it become this brown-haired woman Moreover, he had never heard of this woman named Android 21 before.

But looking at her appearance, she does look somewhat similar to 18.

The female scientist named 21 said: “That’s right, 18 was indeed created by me.

Back then, I stayed on Earth for a few years and cooperated with Dr.

Gero for a period of time, and when I left Earth, I left behind some data to him.”

There was such a thing

Xiaya expressed his shock, and when he took a careful look at 21, he found that there was also a powerful energy circulating in her body.

Although she was not comparable to the current Zangya, she was also at Super Saiyan 3 level.

All the circumstances show that her words are likely to be true.

The creator of 18 is someone else.

This knowledge was beyond Xiaya’s imagination, but after a short period of surprise, Xiaya regained his composure and stared at Zangya and 21 seriously, “My crystal dragon ball is also here.

Give it to me, I’ll soon have a use for them.”

Zangya hesitated for a while, she was both respectful and afraid of Xiaya, so she found the crystal dragon ball and handed it over.

“Can you tell me what these crystal balls are” asked 21, who had been researching them for a long time and found nothing.

Xiaya took over the dragon ball, not afraid of letting them know the secret: “This object with stars in it is called dragon ball.

There are seven in total.

After collecting all of them, a Divine Dragon can be summoned that can fulfill the summoner’s wish which does not exceed the creator’s ability.”

“Dragon ball… There seems to have been such a legend on Earth, was it true” 21 frowned slightly and muttered to herself.

She had heard of dragon ball when she stayed on Earth for a short time.

Of course, with her eyes on only scientific knowledge, 21 disdained to believe such nonsense, but it seems that legend is actually true.

“Of course, dragon balls are real.” Xiaya laughed.

“Then that planet-sized crystal ball is also a dragon ball”

“Yes, that is a super dragon ball, which is more powerful than the crystal dragon ball.

In addition, I will tell you one more thing.

In a few days, a martial art tournament involving three universes will be held revolving around these dragon balls.

You are qualified to participate in the tournament based on your strength.

If you meet someone who invites you to participate in the tournament after a while, you’d better agree.”

Xiaya can see that Zangya and 21’s strength was at Super Saiyan 3 level, and such strength belongs only to a handful of people at the top in Universe 7.

Since Universe 7 is neither big nor small, there are not many genuine experts here.

A long time ago, East Supreme Kai, whose strength was close to Super Saiyan 2, used to be almost invincible.

If it weren’t for his encounter with Majin Buu and Demon King Dabura, East Supreme Kai wouldn’t have been so aggrieved.

So, in short, there are not many experts who have reached Super Saiyan 2 or even Super Saiyan 3 or higher in Universe 7.

Beerus has no more contestants to choose after losing Planet Hongshan’s experts, so Xiaya was 90% sure that Whis and Berrus will look for Zangya and 21 in a while.

At that time, if they offended Beerus because of their attitude, the consequences would be really hard to predict.

Out of kindness, Xiaya felt compelled to warn them.

Even after hearing Xiaya’s warning, 21 and Zangya still failed to understand.

Since they haven’t been exposed to universe-level matters yet, they naturally didn’t understand it much.

“You mean that there is going to be a tournament between three universes in a while Are there many universes in this world” As a scientist, 21 cared more about the number of universes.

“Yes, there are a total of twelve universes in this world.

The universe we are in currently is Universe 7.

Soon, there will be a tournament between Universe 6, Universe 7 and Universe 10.

If the most powerful god in Universe 7 – God of Destruction Beerus – looks for you, you have no right to refuse.”

Xiaya was in a good mood.

So, he told them some things to pay attention to.

As she was hearing about these things for the first time, Android 21 became hooked.

“The tournament between universes seems to be quite interesting!” 21’s blue eyes flashed with curiosity as she became lost in thought.

Xiaya smiled faintly, and after explaining to them what they should pay attention to, he reminded Zangya to go back to Planet Hongshan and prepared to leave.

Woosh, after Xiaya left with Instant Transmission, 21’s mouth opened wide in surprise and then she burst into laughter: “Zangya, so those crystal balls were dragon balls! After collecting them, a wish can be granted, don’t you think it’s interesting”

Zangya was stunned for a moment before nodding: “It’s indeed interesting, but we need to collect seven of them.

Moreover, they have already been taken away by Xiaya.

Let’s think about the tournament, I wonder if someone will really come look for us.”

21 clicked her tongue.

It turns out that the person just now was the leader of Planet Hongshan that Zangya told her about.

He is indeed not ordinary.

Regarding the issue that Zangya mentioned, she has to properly think about it too.

“If someone comes looking, then participate in the tournament .” This is also an opportunity to see other universes, thought Android 21.


Universe 10, God of Destruction’s Planet.

A light ray flashed and Xiaya’s figure appeared in the vast void.

He summoned Obuni, and told him about his participation in Universe Tournament, and then entered the Creating God Star to look for Meifei and Majin Buu.

On the 360th floor of the Creating God Star, Xiaya found the traces of Meifei.

At this time, Meifei was in Legendary Super Saiyan form as she trained with Majin Buu.

Seeing Xiaya arrive, Meifei revealed a smile and flew over with a green light trailing behind her.

“Dad, have you come to pick me up”

It’s been a while since he had last seen her and Meifei has gotten stronger than before.

She has already surpassed Xiang by a distance and is only one step away from Divine Realm.

She is indeed worthy of being a Legendary Super Saiyan, such a speed of progress is really enviable.

“Yes, I’ve come to pick you both up…”

Next, he told them about the Universe Tournament.

Both Meifei and Majin Buu showed great interest.

Meifei’s personality is a bit similar to Caulifla, both desiring to stir up trouble.

She likes lively and exciting things the most.

She will never miss something as interesting as Universe Tournament.

She immediately shouted: “I also want to participate in the tournament…”

Xiaya looked at his daughter.

She was clearly twenty years old, but she still acts like a child.

“Of course you are going to participate, but there will be several experts of Divine Realm from Universe 7 and Universe 6′ side.

You are still a little weak, so I will bring you both to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and train you for the next few days.”

Hearing about the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Meifei’s expression turned bitter and exclaimed, “It’s that place again”

She went to train in it before the Planet Namek Saga and Cell Games.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber is really not a place for people to stay in.

Xiaya made a face and said unquestionably: “You must go, both of you are still lacking in strength compared to them.

If you aren’t even in Divine Realm, then you don’t need to participate in the tournament.”

Among the contestants of Universe 7, Goku and Vegeta have the strength of Divine Realm, and the representatives of Universe 6, Frieza and Hit also definitely have such strength.

If Meifei and others do not make a breakthrough, then they will definitely lose.

Since Xiaya has decided to participate in the tournament, he will naturally not let such a thing happen.

So, they definitely will go into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

Meifei nodded with a bitter smile while Majin Buu chuckled as he can survive in any environment.


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