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On the way back to Universe 6, in a colorful passageway, Champa’s hand was placed on Vados’ back, and Frieza, who had returned to his Final Form, was tied into a dumpling next to him with only his head exposed, similar to the time when he was in Hell.

“Vados, who should we choose as the contestants in five days” Champa asked, sitting cross-legged.

Vados glanced at Champa calmly, “Champa-sama didn’t even think about it and proposed to have a tournament”

Champa curled his lips and said, “Then what should I have done If I didn’t say it at that time, I wouldn’t have been able to extricate myself from that situation! Hmph, it’s all because of this golden guy.

Hey, your name is Frieza, right Because of you, I almost got attacked from all sides.

If you don’t perform well in the tournament, I’ll destroy you.”

Champa blamed Frieza for all his previous troubles.


Frieza didn’t know what to say, the strong feeling of humiliation made him bow his head silently.

“Damn it, I feel like I’ve just been in big trouble.” Champa was a little flustered after realizing that if he had fought with Beerus or Xiaya just now, it’s hard to say whether he would be able to fight or not, but if he violated the rules and provoked Zeno-sama, it would have definitely been bad.

Vados’s eyes flickered, shining like stars and chuckled: “Champa-sama, you have become smarter.”

“Vados, what do you mean”

“Nothing, I’m just complimenting you.” Vados said calmly.

“Is that so” Champa didn’t know why but he has always felt that Vados’ words contained other meanings.

Shaking his head, Champa ignored it, turned around and asked, “We can’t lose this tournament! What do you think should be done”

“This Frost Demon called Frieza is one, and Saiyans and Namekians of Universe 6 are also not bad… We also have Frost Demons in our place, in short, leave the selection of contestants to me.” Speaking of having the understanding of Universe 6, Champa can’t be compared to Vados.

So, leaving the tournament matters to Vados, Champa also felt relieved.

Then, Vados started to accelerate and pierced through the barrier of the universe before entering Universe 6.

A light flashed and they appeared in empty void.

At this time, three giant super dragon balls the size of planets appeared in front of them.

Frieza’s depressed eyes widened after seeing the super dragon balls.

He had never seen such big dragon balls.

“So this is a super dragon ball.

If you collect all seven, you can realize any wish…” Frieza’s blood-red eyes became hot, and he began to plan in his heart, but after glancing at Champa and Vados next to him, he again became depressed and sighed silently.

After that, Vados brandished her divine power and together with the 3 super dragon balls, teleported away from Universe 6.


Universe 7.

After leaving Earth, Xiaya prepared to gather his crystal dragon balls.

Fetching the three-dimensional dragon ball radar from Feidaya Duokela, Xiaya teleported away from Planet Hongshan.

The matter of gathering dragon balls was very simple for Xiaya.

It took only a few minutes with each teleportation to find a crystal dragon ball.

Since the crystal dragon ball had been transformed, their scattered area changed from the original galaxy-size to the entire Universe 7.

On icy planets, in the void of the universe, and even on small meteorites… Xiaya quickly collected six sparkling crystal dragon balls.

Placed together, they exuded sparkling flashes like a gemstone.

“Only the last one is left.”

Xiaya glanced at the dragon ball radar, which showed two dragon ball signals next to each other.

“Super dragon ball is with the crystal dragon ball.

This kind of thing with almost zero probability has actually happened.” Smiling indifferently, Xiaya used teleport to move towards the position indicated by the dragon ball signal.


A deep and vast starry sky, the dark red universe backdrop was like a huge abyss as countless flickering stars dotted the dark curtain.

The huge orange yellow crystal ball floated in the depths of the void, shining like a star.

Next to the super dragon ball, 21’s fortress was floating nearby.

Various types of large and small scientific research robots emerged from the fortress and stuck to the surface of the super dragon ball to investigate various parameters.

Female scientist 21 conducted many studies on the super dragon ball, but the results were very unsatisfactory.

“What the hell is this thing” 21 muttered while holding the inspection report.

If it is a magical thing like the world core, it is normal that it can’t be studied, but until now, 21 still does not know what is the use of this huge crystal ball which is like a planet.

If it is an artificial creation, how much human and material resources did such a huge thing used

Suddenly, something on the screen caught her attention.

A red figure had suddenly appeared out of thin air on the screen.

Shortly after the figure appeared, the huge crystal ball in the void actually disappeared.

“Damn it!!”

21 jumped up and looked for Zangya: “Hurry up, Zangya, the huge crystal ball has been stolen!”

“Who can steal such a big thing, don’t lie to me.” Zangya walked over with a look of disbelief, but she saw only emptiness in the sky.

The super dragon ball had really disappeared.

“Hey, it has really disappeared.”

“Who has such a powerful ability to actually steal that thing” One must know that the size of the super dragon ball is much larger than that of an average planet.

It is not impossible to say that it is a behemoth.

Suddenly, Zangya had a thought and Xiaya’s image appeared in her mind, “If it’s him, maybe it’s possible.”

As if responding to Zangya’s guess, a clear voice sounded in the fortress.

“So Zangya is here, you’ve been missing for several years.”

Zangya stiffly turned around her head.

The person who had appeared in front of her was precisely the familiar Xiaya.

“Oh, Xiaya, it’s really you! How did you find me Then, were you the one who took away that huge crystal ball”

“That’s right.”

Xiaya nodded, looked at Zangya and asked in surprise: “You seem to have become a lot smaller.

Hey, your energy has greatly increased.” In Xiaya’s eyes, Zangya couldn’t hide her energy at all.

To his surprise, Zangya, whose body has shrunk, now has the strength no less than Xiang, and was even stronger than the previous Majin Buu.

Zangya laughed and muttered, ‘Xiaya wouldn’t have come to bring me back.


“Zangya, who is he and what is his relationship with you” Android 21 frowned.

The red-haired man in front of her was giving her a different feeling.

It was the aura of someone superior, which vaguely gives people a feeling of oppression.

Xiaya looked at 21 in surprise, “Lazuli, no, you only look like Lazuli.”

The brown-haired woman in front of him looked a bit similar to 18.

However, the color of her hair was different, and she was wearing a weird dress whose left and right side was different, looking a bit wacky.

“You know 18” Android 21 frowned.

If she remembered correctly, Lazuli was 18’s name when she was human.

“Who is she” Xiaya asked Zangya.

Zangya pouted and said: “She is Android 21, she is a very clever scientist.

I’ve heard that she is also the creator of 18.”


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