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Xiaya and the others descended from the sky one after another and announced the news regarding the tournament.

Goku and others immediately became very interested and were looking forward to it.

“It’s fine too, Frieza can live until that day!” Vegeta gave a deadly stare to Frieza.

“The tournament between the three universes, would we get to meet a lot of experts” Krillin exclaimed, but they also knew that they wouldn’t be the candidates for the Universe Tournament.

Beerus snorted at Xiaya, his eyes fixed on Goku and Vegeta, “No matter what, this tournament must be won.

Universe 7 only has five places, Goku and Vegeta, both of you will participate, and another place will be given to Goku’s son.

Whis, train them well during these two days.”

“Beerus-sama, what about the remaining two” Whis asked.

“Originally, Planet Hongshan had a lot of experts, but I didn’t think Xiaya would also want to participate.

Damn it, I still have to look for the remaining two people.”

Thinking of this, Beerus’ expression became uneasy.

There are so many experts on Planet Hongshan.

If they could have been used, it was definitely possible to defeat Universe 6, but that Xiaya, he wants to make them represent Universe 10.

It’s a good thing that participation of Xiling, Myers and 18 in the tournament is restricted, otherwise it would have been too much bullying!

“Whis, I’m going to look for the rest of the contestants, give me the list of the experts in Universe 7.”

Whis nodded, wrote the names of the strong people in Universe 7 on a piece of paper and handed it to Beerus.

Beerus took a look at the list and planned to leave Earth.

But at this time, Champa jumped out looking like a thief.

“Beerus, don’t leave, I’m going to compete with you in another aspect.” Then he nodded towards Vados.

Vados waved her scepter and something the size of an ostrich egg appeared in front of everyone.

“What’s this” Beerus gently tapped it twice with his fingertips, making a thumping sound.

Champa raised his head proudly: “This is Baron Bird’s egg.

You’ve definitely never tasted a good thing like this before.”

Beerus glanced at it disdainfully, broke the eggshell and took a bite.

It was light and tasteless, he took another bite, but there was still no taste.

Beerus suddenly showed an expression of disbelief.

He didn’t think this would be Champa’s so-called delicious food.

That’s right, he has indeed never eaten something like this before.

“How is it, it’s something that you didn’t expect, right” Champa smiled smugly.

Beerus said bitterly: “Indeed, I didn’t expect it, I underestimated you.”

“Right, right, hahaha…” Champa raised his head and laughed, and his previous resentment was swept away.

“I didn’t expect that you would be able to eat such unpalatable food.” Beerus’s voice changed, turning extremely disdainful, and handed the remaining egg white to Whis.

Whis took a few sniffs, looked at Vados with a weird expression and said, “You aren’t wrong, this is just a pure boiled egg!”

“What do you mean” Champa frowned.

“This kind of low-level food, there is too much on Earth.

Champa, you have really never eaten anything delicious! Let me show you what delicious food is…” Beerus said proudly, and then had Whis take out a bowl of his favorite noodles.

After taking a bite of the noodles that Beerus brought out, Champa took a few steps back in shock, looking at Beerus in disbelief.

And said angrily: “Vados, what’s going on”

Seeing that her lie was about to be exposed, Vados calmly said without her face turning red: “Champa-sama, this earth seems to be a planet with rare delicious food.

There should only be a few such planets in the universe.”

“Oh.” In that case, Champa accepted it.

After all, even he, who was used to eating delicious food, savoured the fragrant aftermath in his mouth when he tasted Earth’s food for the first time.

Such a planet must be one of a kind.

“Universe 6 and Universe 7 are symmetrical universes.

We must have Earth too!”

On Champa’s instruction, the appearance of Universe 6’s Earth appeared in Vados’ crystal ball, but to Champa’s regret, the Earth over there was already a dead planet.

“Sorry, Champa-sama, because of a silly war, no lifeforms exist on Earth in our universe.”

“Damn it.” Champa was annoyed, “Beerus, add another condition.

In addition to the super dragon balls, include Earth too.

The winner will also get Earth.”

“Whatever.” Beerus doesn’t care.

Even if one Earth is missing, isn’t there still Planet Hongshan Food is mostly the same.

Even if the mark of Planet Hongshan’s top experts is transferred to Universe 10 by Xiaya, they will still live in Universe 7.

Moreover, after getting the dragon balls, wouldn’t he be able to get “Earth” in Universe 6 Stupid Champa still cares about getting my Earth!

“Humph, Vados, let’s go back.”

His good mood was again turned to anger by Beerus.

Champa snorted coldly and jumped up into the sky from the hill and prepared to leave.

Vados nodded politely to everyone, and left Earth with Champa and Frieza.

Then Beerus and Whis also left, taking Goku, Vegeta and Gohan with them.

They would undergo strict training from Whis for the next few days.

After the many strong experts left, peace again returned to Earth.

Piccolo walked over to Xiaya and asked, “Will the tournament really decide the ownership of Earth”

“Don’t worry, Universe 6 won’t win.” Xiaya comforted.

In fact, he knew that there were not many top experts in Universe 6.

“How can we not worry! Now Frieza has also been taken away, he will definitely fight on behalf of Universe 6.” Krillin, who was slightly agitated, lamented loudly.

“Isn’t there Kakarrot and Vegeta They can deal with Frieza.”

Xiling frowned and said, “But if me, Myers and Lazuli can’t participate, who will be the contestants” Caulifla and Kale can’t represent Universe 10 for the same reason.

Then, they have no one who has reached the Divine Realm.

“Don’t worry, Xiang and Xili can represent Universe 10 as well as Meifei and Majin Buu, the last one can just be selected from Universe 10.”

“Obuni is quite powerful.

According to Saiyan’s classification, he should be at Super Saiyan 3 level.” Kusu laughed happily.

She was the happiest among everyone, because Xiaya was finally willing to help her transfer a large number of experts to Universe 10.

“Just these five people, ah! Train them properly.

By the way, isn’t there a Hyperbolic Time Chamber on Lookout Let them go in and train.”

In the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, one day outside is one year inside, and the next five days are enough for everyone to train.

“During these few days, I’ll gather the crystal dragon balls.” Xiaya sensed that the last super dragon ball was together with the crystal dragon ball.

While gathering the crystal dragon balls, he can also get the super dragon ball.

So he explained a few things to Piccolo and the others, and then left Earth with Xiling and others.

After Xiaya and the others left, Krillin shook his head and gave a bitter smile: “It seems that it is going to be troublesome.

I hope Goku and the others can win in the end, which is the best result.”

“Hmm.” Piccolo sighed quietly.


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