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“Yes, yes, Xiaya, as long as you promise not to intervene in this matter, you can take these people away, otherwise, I will bring them back to Universe 6.” As if he had found something to use against Xiaya, Champa suddenly raised his head and said.

People born in different universes carry the mark of their parent universe.

Caulifla and Kale are from Universe 6, and they should accordingly belong to Universe 6.

Xiaya was speechless for a while, but he didn’t want to let go of Frieza as he couldn’t allow the tiger to return to the mountain!

He wasn’t afraid of Champa’s threat.

To be honest, even if Champa wanted to take Caulifla and Kale away, he would still be able to stop him, but seeing Vados, who seemed to be smiling yet not smiling, he calmed down.

It really doesn’t feel good when someone grabs something that can be used against you.

So staring at Caulifla and the others, Xiaya shrugged and said unhappily: “Okay, I won’t interfere in Frieza’s matter.” If the worst comes to worst, he will just find another opportunity to kill Frieza in the future, but Champa has made him unhappy, so he wouldn’t allow him to be happy too.

Glancing at Beerus for a while, Xiaya said something that made Champa flustered: “Beerus, do you know why Champa has come to Universe 7”

“Why, do you know”

“Yes, I happen to know about it.”

“Hey, Xiaya, just mind your own business!” Champa jumped up in anger and said.

“What is it, Xiaya, tell me now!” Seeing Champa’s reaction, Beerus’ eyes turned sharp and he glared at Champa.

It caused Champa, who was hiding something, to take a half step back.

“Champa entered Universe 7 to find the Super Dragon Ball, which is something of Universe 7.” Xiaya didn’t care if Champa really came to find the Super Dragon Ball.

Anyway, he just said it randomly and these few words were enough to humiliate Champa.

Sure enough, after hearing Xiaya’s words, Champa’s face turned pale, and this change did not escape Beerus’ attention.

“Whis, what is Super Dragon Ball”

Whis replied: “Super Dragon Ball is the miraculous power that Dragon God Zalama-sama left in the Multiverse.

It is divided into seven wishing beads, which are scattered in Universe 6 and Universe 7 respectively.

After collecting all seven wishing beads, you can summon Super Shenron, which can fulfill any wish of the summoner.”

Whis, who once assisted Xiaya in collecting the super dragon balls, knows about them very clearly.

“There are only seven in total, which means that Champa is here to steal the one’s in my Universe 7 Hmph, why don’t you hand over all the seven wishing beads”

Beerus looked grim like a volcano on the verge of eruption.

“Wait, the wishing beads are not yours alone, three of them belong to my Universe 6.” Champa roared in dissatisfaction.

“I don’t care, don’t challenge my patience again and again.”

Damn it! Champa’s countenance became extremely ugly.

He knew that he was in the wrong, so when facing Beerus, who was on the verge of exploding, he was not very confident.

Moreover, Xiaya was staring at him from the side like a tiger watching its prey, making it difficult for him to extricate himself from this situation.

Rolling his eyes, Champa suddenly thought of an idea and said, “How about we hold a tournament between Universe 6 and Universe 7, and the winner can take away all the seven dragon balls.

How about that”

“Martial arts tournament” Beerus’ eyes flickered, as if considering it.

“Yes, if the few wishing beads from my side are missing and you can’t collect all the seven, it will be of no use at all.

We will use the results of the martial arts tournament to decide their ownership.

In addition, Frieza will be the contestant from Universe 6.”

“Frieza must die!”

“That will have to wait until the end of the martial arts tournament.

No matter who wins, Frieza can die.” Champa said very casually.

At this time, he couldn’t care less about Frieza’s life or death.

He has to first let Beerus promise not to fight for the wishing beads of Universe 6.

That Xiaya, why did he reveal my plan for no reason.

Champa felt quite a resentment in his heart.

He didn’t realize that it was precisely because of his unreasonableness that Xiaya was feeling unhappy, and he couldn’t express it, so naturally he wanted to find someone to vent his anger.

Beerus stared at Champa for a while before turning to look at Goku, Vegeta, Xiling, Myers and 18 in the distance.

Suddenly, he burst into laughter and agreed to Champa’s request.

“Okay, I agree.

I will decide the time of the tournament.

After five days, five contestants from each universe will be produced.”

“Then let Vados choose the location of the tournament.” Champa looked as if he was being magnanimous.

“Okay.” Beerus already has some candidates in his mind, Goku, Vegeta, Xiling, Myers and 18.

When the time comes and all the Divine Realm experts fight, let’s see if Champa’s side can hold it off.

At this point, no one seems to have asked Frieza’s opinion.

No matter what the result of the tournament is, he will definitely die.

It’s just a question of under whose hands he will die.

“Hey, shining guy, you better be obedient.

If you can make Universe 6 win, I can make you die a little happier and preserve your soul!” A cold voice entered his ear and Frieza shuddered and he happened to meet Champa’s golden eyes.

The implication is that if he loses, he will be destroyed along with his soul.


At this moment, Frieza’s heart trembled, he felt angry but his face immediately turned dejected.

Thinking of how high-spirited he was when he just resurrected, but now, death is the best result for him, and what’s worse is that he can’t even save his soul.

In front of God of Destruction, he has no ability to resist.

Frieza kept the resentment in his heart and cursed in anger.

But sadly, the dignified emperor of the universe, Frieza, doesn’t even have the right to speak.

After Champa proposed the Universe Tournament, in order to prevent any accidents, Vados imprisoned Frieza with her divine power.

“Wait, if you guys are going to hold a tournament, my Universe 10 will also participate.” How could Xiaya miss such an interesting tournament He immediately stated that his Universe 10 would also participate.

Beerus’ eyes fell on Xiaya, wondering: “Are there so many experts in Universe 10”

“There are not many experts, but there are some on Planet Hongshan!”

“No, Planet Hongshan is the Force of Universe 7, and it cannot represent Universe 10.” Beerus immediately refused.

What a joke, the people on Planet Hongshan are some of the top experts in Universe 7, and Beerus is planning to let them deal with Universe 6.

If Xiaya dragged them to Universe 10’s side, how many people would be left on his side.

Xiaya said: “I don’t mean to participate in vain, Whis should know that I also have a set of crystal dragon balls.

Although their effect is not as good as the super dragon balls, but they are also blessed by the power of Dragon God Zalama, I can put the crystal dragon balls as a reward.

Think about it, as long as you win, you can get both super dragon balls and crystal dragon balls!”

“What if you win”

Xiaya smiled and said, “If I win, I don’t need dragon balls.

Just assign the relationship of some people I choose to Universe 10.

In the future, Universe 10 and Universe 7 will be allies, and our strength wouldn’t be too weak.”

Beerus hesitated and looked at Whis.

Seeing him nod slightly, Beerus said: “Okay, if Universe 10 wins, you can transfer a group of people to Universe 10, but we should come to an agreement in advance.

Xiling, Myers and Lazuli cannot participate in this tournament.”

Beerus had some worries.

If Xiling and the others are allowed to participate in the tournament, then there will be no match of the three second-level Divine Realm experts.

“Then let’s set a date.”

“The tournament between Universe 10, Universe 7 and Universe 6 will be held five days later, and five people will be sent from each universe.

The rewards will be super dragon balls, crystal dragon balls, and the universe marks of the group of people that Xiaya wants.”

Xiaya made such a request, of course, it was not on a whim, but he had this plan a long time ago.

Although Planet Yedola and Planet Hongshan are both in Universe 7 now, who knows if a universe will last long, especially after the incident where Dark Angels appeared in the universe.

So, he can only plan ahead and take precautions in advance.

In fact, what worries Xiaya the most is not the threat of Dark Angels, but the temperamental Zeno.

To be honest, no one can predict what kind of astonishing things Zeno will do, that is, it is possible for him to Erase the entire Multiverse.

In case Zeno is unhappy one day, Universe 7 may cease to exist.

Xiaya is not sure whether Zeno will spare Universe 7 considering that he is God of Time.

And if he can transfer the relationship to Universe 10, since he at least has a big amount of contribution on his side, if the Great Priest tells Zeno to stop, the universe can be easily spared from destruction.

Now that things have been decided, the tense situation from before has suddenly improved.

Except for Frieza, who still looked lifeless, everyone else had calmed down.

After a long time, he was still the one who suffered the most! !

Frieza doesn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

After the tournament in five days, his life ig going to come to an end.


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