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At this moment, the most powerful people from three universes had gathered on Earth, which frightened North Kai who was closely paying attention to Earth.

Although he didn’t know where the purple creature with a large flat bread-like face came from, but looking at his appearance which resembles God of Destruction Beerus, he could guess something, not to mention that the graceful angel Vados was standing next to him.

From their clothes and appearance, he knew that Whis, Vados and Kusu should be Attendants of the same kind.

“Sigh, 3 Gods of Destruction! They actually gathered on Earth, I wonder how troublesome it is going to be…” North Kai’s face was pale, and he didn’t feel that his little heart would be able to take it.

“Champa, what are you doing in Universe 7”

With a gloomy look on his face, Beerus roared in a low voice, his body exuding a bone-piercing chill.

This Champa entered Universe 7 for no reason, he must be upto no good.

And the thing that he can’t tolerate the most is that he dared to save Frieza, who he must kill, in front of his own eyes.

This behavior was a naked provocation to him, which he couldn’t tolerate no matter what.

Champa was whistling without any care, when his face suddenly changed and his sinister-looking face glanced at Frieza before he turned back and said provocatively: “Beerus, that golden guy is the one you want to kill, right Then I’ve decided, I’m going to protect this guy.”

Beerus became furious and was about to attack.

Xiaya, who hadn’t spoken until now, opened his mouth: “Champa, Frieza is a scourge.

Do as Beerus wants, don’t interfere.”

“Xiaya, this matter is between me and Beerus, you shouldn’t intervene.” Champa snorted, his tone unyielding.

“Frieza must die!” Beerus roared.

“Champa!” Xiaya also stared at Champa, his tone getting serious.


Champa became silent, in a dilemma.

No matter how harmoniously Xiaya and Champa got along before, they have the status of God of Destruction, and Champa is also a temperamental god.

The more forceful someone is against him, the stronger resistance Champa will show.

Sighing lightly, Xiaya’s countenance turned cold.

If the other party insists on protecting Frieza, then he could only suppress Champa first.

In any case, Frieza, an existence that is hostile to him, is indeed a big threat.

Silver, gold, who knows what else he can do.

Buzz, the three Gods of Destruction looked at each other, the pressure between them climbing.

The air crackled and the invisible aura pressed down, causing everyone to have difficulty in breathing.

“What’s going on Are the three of them going to fight”

“Be quiet.” The people below discussed in whispers, but fight between gods is not something that mortals like them can talk about casually.

Xiling, Myers and 18 raised their heads and silently watched with their beautiful eyes.

They stood at the front and protected the people behind them with their powers.

“The guy who looks like Beerus is Beerus’ brother, God of Destruction from Universe 6.

Why is he protecting Frieza”

“I’ve heard that Beerus has always been at odds with his brother.”

“Frieza is a scourge!”

At this time, the initiator of this situation, Frieza was only feeling dizzy.

He had already calmed down from the previous crazy state.

After seeing the God of Destruction Beerus Champa appear, he felt that his life was really tragic.

Looking nervously at the three people confrontation, Frieza never thought that he would trigger a confrontation between two Gods of Destruction because of himself, and that hateful Super Saiyan, actually knew the two Gods of Destruction and even seems to be on an equal footing.

Under the pressure of the two Gods of Destruction, how much Frieza wished he had never come to Earth!

“Champa, do you really want to protect Frieza” Xiaya asked with a cold look on his face.

Champa hesitated for a moment.

He had heard Vados say before that Xiaya is the God of Destruction of Universe 10, and his strength is far superior to other Gods of Destruction.

For a mere Frieza, is it necessary to fall out with Xiaya But then Champa glanced at Beerus and firmed his attitude.

“I won’t let Beerus kill him today.”

“But even if Beerus doesn’t do it, I’ll attack him.” Xiaya walked over step by step, the powerful pressure pushing down on him.

Champa’s countenance suddenly changed, and a bright light burst out from his golden eyes.

No matter what he wouldn’t back down.

“Hey, Champa-sama, this guy is a Frost Demon.

Their existence itself is the source of chaos.” Watching the three Gods of Destruction confronting each other, Vados, as Champa’s attendant, could not let him suffer and reminded Champa to give up on protecting Frieza.

After all, Vados doesn’t want to replace Universe 6’s God of Destruction!

But Champa has a simple brain, and he didn’t understand Vados’ good intentions at all, “I don’t care about any Frost Demon.

Anyway, with me here, no one can attack today.”

“Uh…” Vados sighed faintly, she overestimated Champa’s IQ.

At this time, Champa was completely in opposition for the sake of opposing.

Because Frieza is the one that Beerus wanted to kill, he had to protect him.

“Bastard, Champa, I have tolerated you for a long time.

If you are going to purposely make trouble, don’t blame me for being rude.” Beerus couldn’t bear it anymore.

Champa’s actions had completely irritated him, and his whole body exuded a cold aura.

At this time, who cares whether he is his brother or not, let’s fight first.

“Who’s afraid!!!”

Champa’s face was cold, and he looked ready to take him on.

“You both should leave Earth, but Frieza must stay.” Xiaya also expressed his attitude, he would not let Frieza live past today.

“Please calm down, the three of you.

Fighting between God of Destruction is against the rules.” Whis, who was standing beside Beerus, pulled him back to prevent him from attacking.

“Let go of me, Whis.

I must teach this damn fatty a lesson today.”

“Damn scrawny bastard, I dare you to say it again.”

Champa hates being called fat the most.

He stepped forward, intending to fight it out with Beerus.

“Fatty with a large flat bread-like face.”

“Scrawny bastard with an awl-like face.”

Champa and Beerus were trying to outdo each other.

Two purple domains spread out, and after being illuminated by the purple domain, all matter, be it stones or trees, lost their vitality and disappeared like ash.

“Please stop!”

Swish, two scepters blocked Beerus and Champa’s paths.

Whis and Vados stopped them with a serious look on their faces.

When God of Destruction did something that violated the rules, they had the right to stop them.

Of course, Champa and Beerus couldn’t resist against Whis and Vados, and were imprisoned and tied together.

“Bastard! Let me go, Vados.”


Beerus and Champa yelled angrily.

Loosening their bindings, Whis said, “Why are you both making a fuss over a mere Frieza, why don’t you just let this matter go.”

“No, then where would my reputation go” Champa was the first one to disagree.

Beerus also disagreed.

Originally, he just wanted to shut up Frieza forever, but now it has come to the dignity of God of Destruction and he cannot back down no matter what.

As if knowing their awful personality, Vados and Whis turned their attention to Xiaya, but it was obvious that Xiaya did not intend to spare Frieza.

Of course, a mere Frieza wouldn’t attract the attention of the Angels.

They just need to keep the three Gods of Destruction from fighting.

Suddenly, Vados looked around and saw Caulifla and Kale among the crowd.

“Champa-sama, those two seem to be Saiyans from Universe 6…”

“What! Why are people from Universe 6 in Universe 7” Champa’s attention was diverted.

Turning to look at Caulifla and Kale, sure enough, they had the mark of Universe 6.

Champa shouted loudly: “Hey, are you both Saiyans from Planet Sadala”

“Hey, you know Planet Sadala…yes, I’m a Saiyan from there!” Caulifla answered loudly, not noticing how much she was revealing.

Xiaya: “…”

“Hey, it’s against the rules.”

“How can the people of Universe 6 stay in Universe 7 Xiaya, how about I transfer the marks of the two little girls to you, and will also add everyone on Planet Yedola and you give Frieza to Champa-sama.” Vados’ beautiful face turned towards Xiaya and asked.


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