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“Hey, hey, Frieza is being beaten up and down like a toy!” Krillin shrank his neck in disbelief as if he had seen something terrifying.

“Frieza is so miserable.”

“Yeah, even though he was so powerful just now… I can only say that Xiaya and the others are too powerful.”

The sight in front of them shocked their worldview.

A formidable expert like Frieza, in the eyes of even stronger Xiaya and others, was still a toy that can be trampled at will.

Is there anyone else in this universe who is their match

“Hahaha, mothers are so powerful.

Just beat that golden guy to death.” Caulifla danced with excitement, wishing she could go up and kick him herself, but unfortunately her strength doesn’t seem to be enough.

“Caulifla, just watch quietly.” Xiang grabbed Caulifla’s ear.

“He he he!”

“How is it possible, King Frieza is actually…” Sorbet, who was hiding behind a pile of rocks, had never shown himself from the start.

At this time, seeing King Frieza, whom he regards as a god, being trampled on, he couldn’t help but scream in disbelief.

Xiaya, who was looking at Golden Frieza, frowned and suddenly noticed Sorbet hiding on the other side, “It’s him who resurrected Frieza.

A scourge like him shouldn’t be kept alive.” A cold light flashed in his eyes and a beam of energy shot over and blasted Sorbet into dust without giving him even a chance to react.

After removing the disturbance, Xiaya shouted to Xiling and the others: “Okay, stop all of you.

Let me take care of Frieza.”

Hearing Xiaya’s shout, Xiling, Myers and 18 stopped and quietly returned behind Xiaya.

Their calm look was completely different from their previous ruthless look, as if it wasn’t them previously.

At this time, Frieza’s spirit was already on the verge of collapsing.

Looking at Xiaya in daze, who was standing upright below, a trace of fear flashed in his eyes.

These Super Saiyans are too strong, he is not their match yet.

He muttered to himself: “No, I still need to continue to train, I can’t die yet!!” Frieza was feeling somewhat regretful.

Why did he come to earth, knowing that there are so many experts on Earth He should come back after practicing for a few more years.

He was still too arrogant.

The lesson on Planet Namek was not enough, and this is the second time.

If he knew how frightening the other party was, he would not dare to come over easily.

“Frieza, prepare to die!”

Xiaya coldly said and condensed Destruction Energy flickering with bright purple light rays in his hand.

Those who are struck by Destruction Energy, even their soul would get burned together.

Just when Xiaya was about to kill Frieza with Destruction Energy, a bright light flashed beside him.

Even though they were slow in coming, Beerus and Whis arrived just on time.

“Beerus, why are you here” Startled, Xiaya asked in surprise.

“Ah, Xiaya, you are here too!”

Beerus exclaimed in surprise.

He didn’t expect Xiaya and the others to be on Earth too, his eyes locked on the Golden Frieza floating in the air and a cold light flashed in his eyes.

This Frieza must be dealt with as soon as possible!

Frankly speaking, if it wasn’t for Xiaya’s existence, Beerus’ killing intent towards Frieza wouldn’t be so great.

If someone was to be blamed, it should be Frieza for knowing too much.

He couldn’t allow him to speak about that matter of destroying Planet Vegeta.

But Beerus didn’t know that Xiaya already knew something about the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

After Beerus appeared, Frieza shivered and his heart trembled as he met the other party’s emotionless golden eyes.

“God of Destruction…Beerus!!”

He actually came to Earth too.

The corners of his mouth curled into a bitter smile and Frieza felt more and more that coming to Earth was a mistake.

A long time ago, Frieza’s father King Cold reminded him that there are two people in this universe that must not be offended, one is Majin Buu from ancient times, and the other is God of Destruction Beerus, who is responsible for destruction duty in the universe.

After Frieza’s successful training, Majin Buu was no longer in his eyes, but God of Destruction Beerus is the only one who he still fears.

Even with the power of his Golden State, when facing God of Destruction Beerus, he still feels insignificant like an ant.

“Xiaya-sama, aren’t you going to get rid of Frieza Please hurry up.” Kusu beside him reminded.

“Yes, let’s deal with Frieza first.”

“Wait Xiaya, did Frieza say anything just now” Beerus asked with a cough.

“No, what happened”

“Well, it’s nothing, why don’t you hand Frieza over to me, I will help you erase him.

After all, he is someone from my Universe 7 and you are the God of Destruction of Universe 10.

Using God of Destruction’s powers in front of me is a little inappropriate.” Beerus blurted out, and Whis, who knew the truth next to him, watched with amusement.

Beerus wants to turn Frieza into dust, completely destroying future troubles.

Xiaya was stunned for a moment before smiling calmly and handed Frieza over to Beerus: “Then you can take care of him.

Remember to destroy his soul too.”

“Relax, leave it to me!!” Beerus became eager.

How could he possibly allow Frieza’s soul to exist, anyone who may reveal the truth about Planet Vegeta’s destruction must die.

Facing Beerus’ indifferent expression, Golden Frieza couldn’t help but take a step back.

He still doesn’t understand why Beerus would want to kill him.

“Beerus-sama, you can’t kill me…” Frieza showed an expression uglier than crying.

He didn’t know that Xiaya also has the identity of God of Destruction, so he just shuddered at his power, but facing Beerus, he was really afraid.

“There is nothing in this world that I can’t kill.

Frieza, obediently be on your way.” With a cold look on his face, Beerus created a bright ball of light on his fingertips.

Frieza’s forehead broke out into cold sweat.

From that small energy ball, he could feel a mighty power as if it could destroy a universe.

If he dies by getting struck by this energy, he would completely disappear from the universe.

Frieza couldn’t help but back away, turned around and tried to run away.

Beerus sneered.

If he wants to kill someone, how can that person escape Beerus pointed his palm at the receding back of Frieza and coldly pronounced his judgment.

“Destruction Energy!!”

The Destruction Energy representing the most terrifying power in the universe, shot out and soon arrived in front of Frieza.

Frieza’s mind trembled and his face twisted, shouting unwillingly: “No, I don’t want to die, Beerus-sama, please let me off.”

“Die!!” A cold ray flashed in his eyes, and Beerus increased the energy output.

Rumble! !

Purple smoke rose in the void as violent energies ripped apart the air, and everything became chaotic.

After the smoke cleared, a few figures appeared.

Meanwhile, Frieza didn’t die under Destruction Energy.

A look of surprise flashed in Beerus’ eyes before his face turned ugly.

He recognized the guy who blocked his Destruction Energy ability, and only a God of Destruction… can block another God of Destruction’s energy.

“Champa!!” Beerus roared with an ugly look on his face.

The man who rescued Frieza from Beerus was Champa from Universe 6.

He followed Beerus to Earth, disrupted Beerus’ plan at the most critical moment, and saved Frieza.

“Hahaha, Beerus, with me here…you should forget about killing this guy.” Champa’s plump body appeared in front of everyone.

Few people below had seen God of Destruction Champa before, but seeing how similar he looks to Beerus, one can easily think of the relationship between him and God of Destruction Beerus.

“Who is that guy who looks a lot like Beerus-sama”

“Is he also a God of Destruction”

“Why did he save Frieza”

Xiaya also seemed a little surprised after Champa appeared.

Considering the time, it may indeed be the time for Champa to appear in Universe 7, but he and Vados actually came to Earth and rescued Frieza, he couldn’t help but feel surprised.

Immediately, he flew up with Kusu and the others and arrived in front of Champa.

Xiaya and Kusu, Beerus and Whis, Champa and Vados! God of Destruction and Angel from the three universes looked at each other while standing in a triangular position.


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