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“Look, the fight between Vegeta and Frieza has begun.”

Far away in the distance, Vegeta transformed into Super Saiyan Red, his entire body exuding a deep red aura and his black hair faintly flashing with a dark red light as if it was coloured glass.

Opposite him, Golden Frieza’s countenance changed after Vegeta transformed.

Looking at Vegeta’s appearance which was different from a usual Super Saiyan, Frieza’s entire body exuded a cold air and his grinning expression was like a bloodthirsty demon, which was terrifying.

“Bang!” “Bang!” “Bang!”


Without holding anything back, Vegeta and Frieza immediately began to fight.

The entire earth began to shake because of the aftermath of the two’s fight.

Everywhere on the planet, mountains collapsed, seas began to flow backwards, forests transformed into vast seas and lakes transformed into swamp.

“Their powers are causing imbalance on Earth.”

Seeing that Earth was about to collapse, Kusu’s blue-gray eyes flickered with a hint of luster and she consecutively tapped the scepter in her hand and a supreme power prevented the Earth from further collapsing.

She raised her head and saw that Vegeta and Frieza were still fighting, and their fight was heating up.

Vegeta couldn’t defeat Frieza, but Frieza also wouldn’t be able to defeat Vegeta any time soon.

“Father, Frieza is so powerful.

His aura is so terrifying, I don’t think I can defeat him.” Caulifla watched with widened eyes, her bright eyes twinkling with stars as if watching something very interesting.

Xiaya nodded and said, “That’s because an ordinary Divine Realm expert at first level is simply not a match for Frieza in his golden state if we simply talk about destructive power.”

Golden Frieza’s current state is very unusual, it is more powerful than Frieza in the original work’s storyline.

His realm hasn’t yet reached Divine Realm, but his talent gives him strength not inferior to Divine Realm.

If he is allowed to comprehend Divine Realm in the future, he may be able to bypass levels and challenge opponents.

At this moment, Xiaya realized that Frieza might become a small threat, and a frigid killing intent towards Frieza appeared in his heart.

Turning his eyes to Vegeta, the arrogant prince finally showed his pride.

“He didn’t transform into Super Saiyan Blue form like Goku, but developed his own dark red transformation.

Vegeta can be considered to have found his own path.” Xiaya smiled faintly.

Everyone’s Divine Realm is mostly similar, even if appearance is different, he can still see some of the mysteries in it.

“Vegeta’s dark red transformation is not the same as a pure Divine Realm Super Saiyan God, but it is almost the same in terms of destructive power.”

Xiling’s bright and clear voice sounded.

She and Myers are considered as the purest Super Saiyan God, so she was slightly shocked to see Vegeta achieve this state.

If he continues to train, it is only a matter of time before he enters the second level of Divine Realm.

This progress speed is really astonishing.

Xiaya nodded, agreeing with Xiling’s point of view.

However, due to their limited strength, not everyone present could understand the situation of the fight like Xiaya and Xiling did.

On the small hill, Xiang, Xili, Caulifla and Kale seriously watched the fight in the distance, slowly absorbing the essence of the fight.

But on Goku’s side, the situation was different.

Piccolo and others watched nervously.

Vegeta and Golden Frieza’s strength has opened new horizons for them, and while they marveled at it, they also felt as if it was completely out of reach to them.

“In just a few years, Vegeta has become so powerful.

How magical of a place is the God of Destruction’s Planet” Gohan whispered, with boundless anticipation in his eyes.

Seeking to become strong, Gohan isn’t far behind his father Goku.

“Goku, do you think Vegeta can defeat Frieza” Piccolo asked in a serious tone.

Goku looked at the two people entangled in the sky and shook his head: “I don’t know, it should be possible and if even Vegeta is not Frieza’s match, then no one on Earth can defeat him.”

“Even you are not his match” Piccolo asked in surprise.

Goku shook his head regretfully: “Currently Vegeta is indeed slightly stronger than me, but I will overtake him soon.” The two are similar in strength, but in terms of physical strength recovery, Vegeta’s dark red form coincides with Super Saiyan God, which has stronger resilience than Super Saiyan Blue and Goku has realized this point and has been looking for a solution.

When the fierce fight broke out on Earth, far away in outer space, Champa and Vados continued to search for the whereabouts of the last super dragon ball.

Finding nothing for such a long time was gradually killing Champa’s interest, causing him to become irritable.

Rumble! The stars in the distance were destroyed by the power of God of Destruction.

Which triggered a chain reaction and the gravitational field of the entire galaxy became chaotic.

The large and small planets deviated from their orbits and gradually moved towards the direction of chaos.

“Champa-sama, please be patient, wanton destruction of planets is not what a God of Destruction should do.

If you have a plan, then you should have patience.” Vados frowned and whispered.

Champa put his hands on his hips, his golden eyes looking impatient: “Vados, never mind all that.

Quickly find the last wishing bead, I’m getting impatient from waiting.”

“Champa-sama, you have to show a little patience.

You won’t lose weight if you get so angry.

I have a barrel of a unique beverage here.

Would you like to drink some”

“So troublesome!” Champa roared before he looked at Vados and asked, “What delicious things do you have”

A smile appeared on Vados’ beautiful face, and a huge wooden barrel appeared in her hand, which was filled with pulps of various kinds of strange fruits.

“This is the sour fruit juice unique to Planet Marlona.”

Champa glanced at it suspiciously and drank a big mouthful of it.

His face immediately turned blue, and he coughed loudly: “Vados, are you playing tricks on me on purpose How can this be a beverage!!”

“Oh my, Champa-sama, you can’t accuse me wrongly.” Vados took out a handkerchief out of nowhere and wiped the tears at the corner of her eyes.

“Humph!” Champa turned around his head angrily, so that he would not be deceived by Vados’ poor acting skills.

Suddenly, Champa’s eyes narrowed as he could see a brilliant light ray in the distant starry sky coming towards them, “Not good, that ba*tard Beerus, did he find that we stole their wishing beads Vados, let’s hide quickly.”

“Okay.” Replying in a soft voice, Vados used her divine powers to hide the two in the void.

Soon, that brilliant light flashed past them.

Beerus had his hand placed on Whis’ back, as if they didn’t see them, they continued on and disappeared into the vast and quiet starry sky in the distance.

Coming out of the void, Champa suspiciously looked in the direction where Beerus was going and said in surprise: “Strange, didn’t that ba*tard Beerus came to find us, why is he gone”

“Vados, let’s follow and have a look.” Champa shouted.

Beerus normally does not leave God of Destruction’s Planet.

If he does, something important must have happened.

Since he hasn’t come out for him, Champa became interested.

“But Champa-sama, if we follow them, Beerus-sama will discover us and you won’t be able to explain why you’ve appeared in Universe 7.” Vados kindly reminded him.

Champa snorted: “Don’t care about that That Beerus only knows sleeping every day.

Since he has appeared in the mortal world, it must be for something interesting.

Let’s follow him and wreck his plan…” If he can wreck Beerus’ plan, that guy will definitely be very angry.

Thinking of Beerus’ frantic appearance, Champa’s face showed a hint of joy.

Vados indifferently glanced at Champa and shook her head helplessly, then she immediately waved the scepter and with a beam of light brought Champa and followed Beerus and Whis.


The sea water flowed back, and the rocky structures along the coast gradually collapsed under the powerful pressure.

Plop, thump, huge boulders fell from the cliffs, creating a huge turbulent wave.

The fight between Vegeta and Golden Frieza was gradually coming to an end.

Even though Vegeta has made a new breakthrough, Golden Frieza has been training for more than half a year and has been reborn.

At this moment, Frieza, who has full control of the Golden Form, is even more powerful than Vegeta.


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