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“Oh, it’s him…” Beerus’ eyes widened and he put the bowl aside.

It was forty years ago.

At that time, because of the agreement with Xiaya, Beerus promised not to destroy Planet Vegeta, but the rage of a god had been ignited, and later in Saiyan Palace, he did not get to eat anything delicious according to his expectation, so his dissatisfaction was completely ignited.

Frankly speaking, the involvement of Xiaya and Myers can only be said to be a coincidence.

Even without Xiaya, Beerus would have still wanted to destroy Planet Vegeta after appearing on Planet Vegeta.

But since he promised Xiaya not to destroy Planet Vegeta, then with his dignity as a god, it wouldn’t allow him to go back on his word.

Moreover, whether Planet Vegeta is destroyed or not, Beerus himself is not too interested, and if he himself took action, it may have even invited a lecture from Whis.

So he told Frieza, the ruler of the starfield at that time, to deal with this matter.

Although the plan to destroy Planet Vegeta was already formed in Frieza’s heart at that time, Beerus also bears some responsibility for the destruction of Planet Vegeta.

This matter cannot be known to others, especially since Xiaya from Planet Vegeta has become so powerful!

At that time, when he learned that Frieza is dead, he cheered!

But who would have thought that guy didn’t die completely Beerus rolled his eyes and said, “Earth is the planet that is full of delicious food like Planet Hongshan.

It would be a pity for such a planet to be destroyed.”

“Whis, let’s go to Earth.”

Whis knew that Beerus was worried that Frieza would reveal the truth of Planet Vegeta’s destruction, and was ready to kill Frieza to silence him, but he didn’t try to expose it.

He smiled and said, “Beerus-sama, it will take about eight minutes for us to reach Earth.”

“Let’s go then.” Beerus jumped off the tree stump and put his hand on Whis’s back.

Whis smiled faintly, and immediately activated Warp.

Following a bright and colorful flash, like countless stars twinkling, a dazzling light ray shot up into the sky and penetrated through the void as if it was a water surface, and headed towards Earth.


On the other side, Planet Hongshan.

Xiaya also received the news from Bulma.

“Frieza actually went to Earth now.”

He originally thought that the storyline of Golden Frieza would not happen, but it seems that it had only been delayed for some time.

After Frieza was resurrected, he trained for a long time and then set his sights on Earth.

“I thought Frieza would directly rush over to Planet Hongshan, but I didn’t expect him to end up on Earth.

Forget it, it’s a good coincidence, it seems that this is Earth’s fate.

Why don’t I go to Earth and take a look.

I wonder what expression Frieza will have when he sees me” After thinking for a while, Xiaya was about to leave for Earth.

But this time, he is going there just to watch a show, because a mere Frieza, even if he transforms into golden form, would hardly attract his attention.

He went to look for Kusu, Xiling, Myers, 18, Xiang, Caulifla, Kale and Xili.

If Meifei and Majin Buu weren’t still in Universe 10 and hadn’t returned yet, Xiaya planned to bring them too.

This lineup can almost sweep through the entire universe.

He told everyone about Frieza, and they were all very interested.

Although they don’t know why Xiaya gives Frieza so much special attention, Xiling and others just smiled faintly and didn’t say anything.

But Caulifla was different.

Even after marrying Xiang, her personality hasn’t changed, always yelling in surprise.

“Father, is that Frieza very powerful” Caulifla’s address to Xiaya changed due to her relationship with Xiang.

Xiaya smiled faintly: “If he uses his full-strength, he is slightly more powerful than Xiang and none of you would be his match.” If Xiang can break through to Divine Realm, he might be able to fight against Golden Frieza, but he is still a little weaker.

“Oh, so powerful.” Caulifla’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Sister, you should restrain yourself a little.” Kale reminded weakly.

Among so many people, they from the younger generation were the weakest, but Caulifla always had big guts, sometimes appearing almost scatter-brained.

Xiaya knows her personality.

Caulifla is sometimes even more simple-minded than Goku.

She may still be quite short for now, but when she grows up a little in future, she is going to have an image of a tough and beautiful woman like a royal-sister.

Xiaya glanced at Xiang and felt that his son have good eyes.

He is going to be blessed in the future.

“Xiaya-sama, should I use my Warp in a while or are you going to use Instant Transmission to bring everyone there.” Kusu asked in a low voice with a straight face.

“I’ll bring you all there.”

After saying that, Xiaya’s space-time ability spread out and a bright light suddenly flashed before everyone in the room disappeared.



After Frieza took action, the fight became  completely one-sided.

Although Gohan could resist a little early on, later on, he couldn’t resist at all.

At this time, Frieza, who has transformed into golden state, was exuding a cold aura.

Although Golden Frieza hasn’t entered the Divine Realm, his formidable strength is no worse than that of the Divine Realm.

“Hmph, I wanted to keep this form for the purpose of attacking Planet Hongshan, but I didn’t expect that on a low-level planet like yours, this king would be forced to use this power.

You should be proud of yourself, now you can prepare to head to the Underworld!”

Golden Frieza looks a bit like Cooler’s Normal State except for the color.

The profound face was much more mature than the Final Form.

Facing the invincible god-like Golden Frieza, everyone was full of despair.

Even Gohan didn’t have any ability to resist in front of the Golden Frieza.

Is this the end Recalling his family members on earth, Gohan struggled, feeling extremely unwilling.

However, the injuries on his body caused him pain if he tried to move even a little, and he had no strength to fight back.

“Then, disappear together with this planet!” Frieza laughed cruelly.

A few wisps of flame began to flicker on his finger and the flame the size of a peanut jumped a few times before suddenly expanding to a diameter of more than 100 meters, and a huge fireball looking like a star was formed.

Then with the flick of his finger, the big fireball rushed through the air and whistled down.

This technique is Frieza’s specialty – Planet Destroying Ball!

Facing the Planet Destroying Ball whistling over which was dazzling like a star, everyone closed their eyes in despair.

Will a miracle happen this time

“Goku, why aren’t you back yet…” Krillin cried out in his heart.

As if responding to the cry in Krillin’s heart.

Facing the terrifying power, two tall figures appeared in front of them.

As the Planet Destroying Ball was falling, Goku and Vegeta had rushed over from God of Destruction’s Planet.

“Goku, Vegeta!”

Everyone shouted excitedly, and hope again appeared in their hearts.

“You all slightly back off.”

Facing the swooping down giant energy ball, Goku shouted with a grave look on his face and directly used his strongest powers.

Super Saiyan Blue transformation caused blue mist to form, and the unparalleled power collided with the terrifying energy in the sky.

As if boiling water, countless ripples appeared.


A dazzling blue shock wave rose from the ground.

Holding nothing back, the mighty energy swept towards the blazing Planet Destroying Ball.

At this moment, it was as if two stars had collided in the sky.

The dazzling light pricked everyone’s eyes as a deafening sound rushed in all directions, almost causing them to become deaf.

After a long time, the smoke cleared and the storm stopped.

A layer was once again razed off the ground, creating an arc-shaped crater.

Golden Frieza stared deeply at Goku and Vegeta who had suddenly appeared.

When he saw Goku’s appearance, a trace of surprise flashed across Frieza’s face.

He seemed to have seen this face somewhere before.

Oh, right, it’s him.

He came by himself to stop me when I was about to destroy Planet.

His eyes then turned to Vegeta and he sneered: “Vegeta and the strange Saiyan, you’ve finally appeared.”

“Kakarrot, as we agreed, let me fight him this time.”

Vegeta said a few words to Goku and then took a step in front of Frieza.


At this time, on a hill not far away, before everyone knew, Xiaya appeared with Kusu, Xiling, Myers, 18, Xiang, Caulifla and Kale.

“That sparkling golden guy is Frieza” Caulifla’s eyes widened.

Many of them were seeing Frieza for the first time, but Myers was not.

When Xiaya had rushed towards Frieza 40 years ago, she had almost started crying from fear.

But now, she has enough courage to face all enemies.


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