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Since they had received the order from headquarters, Bardock and others quickly finished the mission and prepared to return to Planet Vegeta.

At the same time, Saiyans in the other parts of the universe who got the message were also returning one by one.

In a large spaceship.

Bardock sat with a gloomy face inside the pilot’s cabin while the deputy commander Bosch was talking to him about Planet Kanassa matters.

“It’s really unusual, what could have happened favorable It seems it was an order from Frieza’s side!” Bosch was slightly baffled.

“First turn off the detector, be careful someone might hear!”

“Oh, I almost forgot!”

Bosch reacted, and hurriedly turned off the energy detector.

“No matter what plot Frieza might have, let’s first return to Planet Vegeta!”

“Hey What plot could there be ah! It must be because a special planet was discovered and needed lot of people to take action”

Bosch laughed out loud, although he doesn’t have any favourable impression of Frieza, he never considered that Frieza would be planning to destroy Saiyans.

“Right, I have heard that recently the personnel from Frieza Corps were frequently mobilized, probably carrying out some mission.

I think they must not have enough manpower.

Yes, it must be that they need us Saiyans to bring up the rear like before.”

“Hope so!”

Bardock had his arms folded across his chest, he was not feeling so optimistic in his heart.

Frowning, he recalled the scene he had seen before on Planet Kanassa and linking it with the strange order from Frieza just now, the uneasiness in his grew stronger.

Suddenly, Bardock clutched his forehead while leaning on his chair as another wave of severe pain passed through his brain.

Illusory scenes as if a CD player was projecting something on his retinas.

Inside, an emerald-green planet was floating there, the sky was filled with faint green lights, and delicate grass was growing all over the ground.

Above a vast and leisurely plain, a young man wearing a dark orange martial arts clothing stood proudly.

Across him was a petite figure whose body was purple and white in color with a long tail and a pair of scarlet eyes which were especially eye-catching.

“What is this place”

Bardock found himself arrive at an unknown place, and in front of him were two people standing opposite each other.

Both of them were silent as if they hadn’t detected him.

“Is this also a scene because of that Kanassan’s curse” Bardock calmed down and looked at it as if watching a movie, from a third person’s perspective.

His excellent psychological quality made him quickly calm down, and then he stood quietly looking at the scene in front of him.

At this moment, he noticed that the young man wearing dark orange martial arts clothes looked identical to him.

“That guy … is it Raditz, no, Kakarrot!”

His eyes flashed with a bright light, a feeling of bloodline resonance coming from the bottom of his heart.

His line of sight swept across the second person opposite him, it was a petite silhouette whose whole body was clothed in a soft armor like white skin, and on top of the head, shoulders, and arms, there was a purplish soft substance, which under the sunshine glimmered with a bright light.

Scarlet ice-cold eyes were as cold as a devil.

That pair of ice-cold scarlet eyes reminded him of a person.


Bardock exclaimed.

He was certain that the man standing in front of him was Frieza! Although his appearance was different from the Frieza he had seen, there could not be another person with those same indifferent and insane eyes.

“Is this the scene of Kakarrot and Frieza fighting, is it really the scene of future”

Suddenly, he felt apprehensive in his heart.

If these are the scenes of future, it means the cursed scene of that Kanassan was also likely to be true, meaning Planet Vegeta will be destroyed in Frieza’s hands.

At this time, in the scene, the person who looked exactly like him started fighting.

Their movements were rapid like a gale, like lightning and had long exceeded what could be captured with naked eyes.

Bardock tried hard to focus his mind, but only a few afterimages were visible.

Both sides fighting level exceeded him by very much.

As the scene fast-forwarded, Bardock as an observer looked at everything and made a quick judgment based on inadequate information.

At this moment, the sky was dark, with sparkling and shiny lightning flashing all over the world.


Waves surging forth mightly, and land was covered with cracks.

That youth dressed in orange martial arts clothes upper body was ****, while lightning and thunder flashed within.

The youth angrily gave a big roar, and his black hair flashed and turned into bright gleaming golden color, while his pair of dark green eyes were deep and ice cold, without any traces of feelings.

After turning golden, the youth wildly attacked, and with overwhelming advantage defeated the other party.

“That … Is it the legendary Super Saiyan”

Bardock was shocked by the youth’s body transformation, his face looked extremely emotional, while blood in his whole body was boiling!

Although he doesn’t understand things related to those level of existence, there was no doubt that the ancient legendary Super-Saiyan really exists.

And his son Kakarrot has most likely reached that level.

At this time the scenes again became blurred.

Bardock was leaning on his chair while drenched in sweat, and next to him the deputy commander Bosch was looking at him with a concerned face.

“Sir Bardock, what happened to you Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere”

“Oh … nothing, just a little tired!”

Calmly responding, Bardock raised his head and looked at the ceiling, but his heart couldn’t calm down for a long time…..

Was this all really about future Or is it that Kanassan’s trick to deceive and confuse him, planning to incite conflicts between Saiyans and Frieza


On a distant planet.

Vegeta was sitting on top of a toppled over broken stone while madly gnawing on a piece of roast meat held in his hands and beside him on the ground was a crawling dinosaur like primitive person.

“Prince Vegeta, are we really not going back But, you’re the prince!”

Raditz supported his wounded arm and asked.

“Don’t worry about it, just pretend to not know anything.”

Vegeta face was icy as he concentrated on eating the food in his hand, he has no intention of returning to Planet Vegeta.

Raditz wanted to say something but hesitated and couldn’t open his mouth as he was not brave enough.

Then a bald young man walked over and sat down on the floor beside him, before picking up a piece of roast meat and said while gnawing it.

“What are you speaking so much for, just listen to Vegeta!”


Raditz weakly responded, not daring to refute even a bit.

Among the three of them only he was a Low-level Warrior, so they usually looked down on him.

On the flying route to Planet Vegeta, rows of disk-shaped spaceships were rapidly flying.

In the center was a large spaceship, it was Frieza’s private spaceship.

Above the large spaceship, Frieza was riding on his small spaceship, floating in front of the spaceship’s observation tower.

Before his eyes, a bright planet streaked across the sky like a meteor flashing by.

“King Frieza, forgive this subordinate for speaking bluntly, I think that so-called Super Saiyan is only a normal heroes legend, and basically doesn’t exist!” A frog-like Alien said.

Laughing for a little while, Frieza spoke: “Of course I know that as I had observed them for so many years.

These Saiyans have merely been useless wild monkeys, and I have been looking forward to it in vain for so long!”

“However, I couldn’t allow even a little bit of uneasiness to appear in my heart! I wouldn’t feel at ease having these overly stubborn and egotistical guys as my servants, so it is time to exterminate them.

By the way, when will these Saiyans be able to return to Planet Vegeta”

“Except for those who are especially far away, one month’s time is enough.”

“Then, after one month, we will launch the attack on Planet Vegeta, Tell the people from Frieza Corps to make preparations.

I am already getting impatient from the wait!”

Frieza slightly raised the corner of his mouth, and coldly issued the order.

“Yes, King Frieza!”

That frog-faced alien loudly responded, and then went out of the main control room to pass down Frieza’s order.

“Dodoria, don’t forget to encircle and annihilate the remaining Saiyans after the destruction of Planet Vegeta, I do not want to see even a single fish to escape the net.”

“He he, I will definitely accomplish this mission.”

As he laughed evilly, Dodoria’s protruding pink stomach swayed while the protruding spikes on his head shook.

He would be able to once again see King Frieza overwhelming might after one month.

Whenever he think of this, he couldn’t sleep at night because of excitement and wish that time would quickly come.


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