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As Yajirobe said, Frieza’s subordinates may seem to be numerous, but there are not many real experts, only a dozen.

As countless black silhouettes fell from the sky like raindrops, the invading aliens all died on Earth.

Sorbet anxiously watched from the side, his expression almost warping.

These are the experts he had managed to rope in with great difficulty, but they are dying just like this.

More importantly, it would be very bad if Lord Frieza felt that he was not very useful because of this.

“Ho ho ho, I didn’t expect there to be so many amazing experts on this small earth.”

Softly exclaiming in admiration, Frieza’s small figure walked down from the spaceship.

Every step seemed to carry boundless pressure.

The air kept trembling, and the pressure became stronger and stronger.

Thump, thump, thump, it was like a hammer hitting the chest.

Piccolo and other’s faces turned pale, and they broke out into cold sweat.

“This icy aura is so unfathomable!”

Facing Frieza’s indifferent demonic eyes, everyone froze, feeling a chill run through their limbs.

What kind of expression is that! Just with one look, they could feel a chill run through their bodies.

“Retreat!” Seeing that the situation was not good, Gohan frowned and shouted, and the warriors retreated to an open space thousand meters away.

Frieza laughed as he watched Gohan and the others nervously retreating.

Not in a hurry, he walked over very gracefully, the white tail behind him striking the ground.

Bang, the solid rocks exposed on the ground were smashed into powder.

Invisible pressure turned corporal, as if facing a ferocious monster that had come out of purgatory.

Gohan and the others did not dare to act rashly.

“This guy is Frieza That look in his eyes, what a frightening guy!” As boundless pressure pressed down on his body, sweat dripped down from Gohan’s forehead.

If even Gohan was like this, then the others found it even more unbearable.

Facing the pressure released by a fierce monster like Frieza, they almost fell down.

“Frieza is so strong.”

“Xiaya actually killed such a monster before…” They couldn’t imagine how Xiaya killed him during Planet Namek’s fight.

Frieza slowly walked over and stood in front of Gohan and the others, looking at them with his blood-red eyes.

“Hey, why is Vegeta not here Could it be because he knew that this king was coming and ran away” Not seeing Vegeta, Frieza was slightly surprised.

He swept a cold look at Gohan and others and discovered that there was also a Namekian among them.

If a Namekian is here, that means there is a very high possibility that there are dragon balls on Earth.

With this information in mind, Frieza intends to leave that Namekian for last.

Looking around, Frieza said very politely: “Who are the Saiyans among you”


Gohan watched cautiously without answering.

Frieza shook his head boringly.

These earthlings look exactly the same as Saiyans, looking loathsome.

It’s better to exterminate them all.

Chuckling, Frieza raised his hand, and a terrifying amount of energy condensed in the palm of his hand.

This energy was enough to destroy any planet.

“Not good, is he just going to directly destroy Earth” Seeing this, everyone’s expression became extremely ugly.

They had never met such an enemy before, who planned to destroy the planet if they didn’t see eye to eye with each other!

His disregard for living beings is quite evident.

Ignoring the distance between the enemy and them, they all used their full-strength to attack Frieza.

Whoosh, countless lights flashed.

Special Beam Cannon, Kamehameha, Destructo Disc, Spirit Ball, Tri-Beam… One by one powerful attacks shot towards Frieza.

But when they approached Frieza, a look of disdain flashed in his blood-red eyes.

He didn’t stop condensing the energy ball in his palm, instead he used his other free hand to slice across the void, and all the attacks turned into smoke and disappeared.

Everyone stared in astonishment.

Their attacks couldn’t injure Frieza at all.


Gohan roared and transformed into Super Saiyan, and the endless energy rose up majestically before rushing towards Frieza.

“Super Saiyan” After seeing Gohan’s transformation, Frieza’s pupils shrank slightly and his countenance changed.

A scorching light flashed and suddenly several cracks appeared on the ground.

Frieza turned into smoke and disappeared, and when he appeared again, he was already in front of Gohan.

So fast! Gohan exclaimed.

This was Gohan’s first thought.

And immediately, he sensed danger.

Gohan hurriedly tried to dodge, but it was too late and his fist was grabbed by a palm.

Bang, the air trembled and after a while, a shockwave spread out in all directions from the place where the palm and the fist collided.

Gohan’s palm went numb and his entire arm seemed to have gotten dislocated.

The huge force pierced through and sent his body flying.

Bang, he struck the ground and created a ravine several meters long.

“Humph!” Frieza snorted coldly.

Seeing that his attack was barely blocked by the opponent, the corners of his mouth curled up and he appeared with a whoosh in front of Gohan as if teleporting.

Facing Gohan, who was lying on his back on the ground, he shot the energy ball in his hand at him.

With a loud rumbling sound, the energy ball that was going to be used to destroy Earth struck Gohan’s body.

The extremely strong and piercing energy storm turned into a tremor in space, and with a buzzing sound, it swept through the entire plane of Earth before penetrating through the atmosphere.

This energy spread out for many kilometers, and then it spat out atmospheric molecules before still spreading into the depths of the universe.

The rotation of earth stopped for a few seconds, and its trajectory began to deviate… If at this time, someone from space took a look, they would see that a huge hat-shaped crater had appeared on earth…


Seeing that Gohan was hit head on, Piccolo and the others exclaimed nervously.


On the seaside, tens of thousands of square kilometers turned into scorched earth, the ground caved in for several kilometers, the sea in the distance instantly evaporated and the water vapor was lingering in the sky.

Located at the center of the energy explosion, the soil that had been overturned was vitrified and it was steaming hot.

Gohan coughed a few times, his fingers trembling slightly as he felt numbness throughout his entire body.

“This guy is as powerful as father.” Looking deeply at Frieza, Gohan sighed.

“So you’re also a Super Saiyan, and what I hate the most is a Super Saiyan!” With a cold look on his face, Frieza approached with murderous intent, the evil aura was as cold as ice as he picked up Gohan.

The moment he saw the other party’s blonde-haired Super Saiyan state, he seemed to have recalled the nightmarish figure in his mind and boundless killing intent surged out from Frieza’s heart.

“I am going to slowly torture you.

You can only blame yourself for being a Saiyan!”


God of Destruction’s Planet.

Goku and Vegeta were finished with their training for the day.

At this time, Whis noticed the communication signal on the scepter.

After he called back, he heard Bulma’s roaring voice from the opposite side.

“Why did you only pick up the call now, something has happened on Earth.” Bulma sounded extremely anxious.

“What happened on Earth” Whis asked.

“It’s Frieza, he is currently on Earth.”

“Frieza is on Earth Let me see.” Whis was a little surprised.

He shook the scepter and the crystal ball lit up with a sparkling light, and soon it showed the situation on Earth.

“Oh my, even Goku’s son can’t defeat Frieza.

Golden Frieza, when did he become so powerful Maybe Earth will be destroyed by him.” Whis was shocked for a while before saying.

Goku and Vegeta also saw Whis’ crystal ball.

After learning about the situation on Earth, their expressions changed.

Although they don’t know why Gohan was not Frieza’s match even with his strength, they didn’t have time to think about so many things.

“Kakarrot, let’s hurry back to Earth.

We’ve already agreed, this time Frieza is mine.”

Vegeta looked at the screen displayed in the crystal ball and said with a non-negotiable look on his face.

Although the Frieza in the screen looks different from the Frieza with two black horns in his impression, his blood-red cruel eyes hadn’t changed.

So the moment he saw the Golden Final Form Frieza, Vegeta had already recognized him.

He was the king of the universe who had dominated the North Area for years.

Vegeta was full of hatred towards Frieza who destroyed his home planet Planet Vegeta and killed all the people living on it, so he had come to an agreement with Goku beforehand.

Frieza must be given to him so that he can finish him off.

“Okay, let’s hurry over there.”

Although Goku also wanted to fight Frieza, at this time he didn’t care too much about that.

If he was even a little late in arriving, both the Earth and Gohan might be in great danger.

Putting one hand on Vegeta’s shoulder, Goku directly launched Instant Transmission, and in the blink of an eye, the two of them disappeared from God of Destruction’s Planet…

Looking at the place where Goku and Vegeta disappeared, Whis blinked and smiled.

Suddenly, he turned around and walked to the lake not far away.

There, Beerus was sitting on a tree stump while holding a large bowl and eating noodles with chopsticks, he had a stack of side dishes on the side.

“Beerus-sama, Frieza has appeared on Earth.”

“Who is Frieza” Beerus asked unconcernedly with his eyes raised after taking a sip of the noodle soup.

“He is the Frost Demon of North Area from back then.

Beerus-sama even told him to destroy Planet Vegeta back then.” Whis said with a faint smile.


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