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The Strongest Legend of Dragon Ball

The ancient mother tree on Planet Yedola is very useful, and if they can take it away, it will definitely play a big role.

Xiaya believes that with his current strength and status, if he wants to take away a planet from Universe 6, Vados and Champa will definitely give him face and he wouldn’t have to pay a big price.

Thinking this, Xiaya left for Universe 6’s God of Destruction’s Planet to meet Champa and Vados by himself.


“You want to take away a planet from Universe 6” After Vados knew Xiaya’s purpose for coming, she glanced at Xiaya in surprise.

Xiaya came to God of Destruction’s Planet just to take a planet away from Universe 6

“Yes, it is located in the eastern part of North Area, a planet called Planet Yedola.”

Vados nodded thoughtfully, a smile on her beautiful face: “As long as Champa-sama agrees, I’ll definitely have no objection.”

When Xiaya came to Universe 6 the first time, Vados watched what he did the whole time, so she also knew a little about the situation on Planet Yedola.

The ancient tree has some magical effects, but it is not that magical in the eyes of Vados, who is at the fourth level of the Divine Realm.

As long as Champa-sama is willing, she has no objection.

On the side, Champa was eating the food brought by Xiaya, his mouth kept opening and closing as he gulped the food.

Hearing someone mention his name, he raised his head and carelessly said to Vados: “It’s just a low-level planet.

You can give it to Xiaya if he wants it.”

“Champa-sama, that ancient tree is very useful for training.” Vados reminded him.

“What use can a low-level planet be”

Champa shook his head, as if he didn’t hear Vados’ reminder, he continued to focus on the food, licking the plate clean like a starving ghost, then he thought of something, clapped his hands and said, “Xiaya, you can take away the planet, but you have to prepare some more delicious food for me.”

“Then thank you very much.”

Xiaya smiled and took out a large amount of food from the dimensional space.

Champa’s eyes lit up when he saw it and he immediately rushed over.

Vados frowned and admonished him: “Champa-sama, please show some dignity, your behavior is very embarrassing.”

“Vados, these are so delicious, I’ve never seen them before.” Champa’s eyes lit up, his saliva dripping down.

The wonderful smell of the food in front of him wafted through his nostrils, constantly tickling his taste buds.

I wonder where Xiaya got so much delicious food from.

He has never seen it before.

Xiaya must have spent his hard-earned money for that low-level planet, which made Champa feel like he had made a lot of profit.

Shaking her head in helplessness, Vados knew that Champa didn’t hear anything just now.

With a calm look on her face, she turned towards Xiaya and nodded, “Since Champa-sana has agreed, then you can take Planet Yedola away.

Sigh, Champa-sama is really silly.

After knowing the effects of that ancient tree in the future, he will definitely regret it.”

“Then just don’t tell him.” Xiaya moved closer to Vados and whispered.

“Well, that’s it then.” Vados indifferently glanced at Xiaya, then at Champa, who was holding food and was about to eat it and shook his head.

Anyway, there were a lot of things he didn’t know.

“Thank you.”

After receiving the ownership of Planet Yedola from Champa and Vados, Xiaya was in a very happy mood and stayed on God of Destruction’s Planet for a while before returning to the mortal world.

After Xiaya left, Champa swallowed the last bit of food contentedly, then narrowed his eyes and enjoyed the aftertaste.

“It’s really delicious, Xiaya is really a true friend, every time he comes here, he brings me so much delicious food.” Champa patted his bulging belly and stretched his body.

After eating, he was feeling a little sleepy.

Vados raised her eyebrows and sighed.

She really wanted to tell him that the food Xiaya gave him was just ordinary food, but doing so would easily reveal something that she was hiding from Champa-sama, so Vados finally decided to say nothing.

At this moment, Champa suddenly remembered something and arrived besides Vados in high spirits.

“Hey, Vados, isn’t there something called a wishing bead in our universe Xiaya seems to have used it before.

Do you think that if we collect all the wishing beads, can we wish for a planet full of food”

“In that case, there will be delicious food every day in the future, and I will definitely be very happy…”

Champa couldn’t help drool at the thought of enjoying delicious food every day from now on.

“Champa-sama, the wishing beads are a miracle left by the Dragon God-sama for the universe below, you can’t use them casually.

Moreover, the seven wishing beads are scattered in Universe 6 and Universe 7, and Beerus-sama will not let you have these wishing beads easily.”

Vados tried to persuade him while using the scepter to clean up the rubbish left on the grassfield.

Dragon God Zalama’s Super Dragon Balls in Universe 6 and Universe 7 are usually not used.

It is a miraculous power that Dragon God left for the Multiverse.

Early on, from the seven Super Dragon Balls, four were in Universe 7 and three in Universe 6.

Every time a wish is made, they will be scattered again according to the numbers.

After Xiaya made a wish, four dragon balls reamined in Universe 6, and the other three flew back to Universe 7.

It was not until the second wish to cure Meifei’s mental ailments was fulfilled, that they scattered to their original place.

There are only three super dragon balls in Universe 6 and four in Universe 7.

With how smart Beerus is comapred to Champa, he will never let Champa take away those super dragon balls.

Hearing Vados’ words, Champa curled his lips in disdain, “We’ll just be careful and don’t tell Beerus.

Moreover, that guy doesn’t know about the wishing beads at all.

If we run into him, let’s just find a reason to fool him.”

Vados stared blankly at Champa for a while, then suddenly took out a handkerchief and covered his face.

“Champa-sama, you are getting smarter.”

Champa was proud of himself for a moment before suddenly realizing that Vados wasn’t praising him: “Bastard, what do you mean, Vados, I’ve always been smart.”

“Champa-sama, I taught you to be honest.”


Champa opened his mouth, did Vados mean he was lying.

Bastard, he is obviously very smart.

“Humph, anyway, that’s it then.

Let’s gather the wishing beads of Universe 6 first, and then we will go to Universe 7.

If we are careful, we will soon have a planet full of delicious food.”

After Champa made his decision, he wouldn’t change it.

God of Destruction’s decision, as long as it does not violate Multiverse’s bottom line, Angels will not oppose it, and this seems to be a very interesting thing.

Vados thought about it for a moment and nodded in agreement.

“But Champa-sama, the task of finding the wishing beads is not easy, and it may take a long time.”

“It’s okay, I can search for them slowly…”

Champa shook his head with indifference.

His eyes shone, when Beerus sees that he has so much delicious food, he is definitely going to be very envious.


On the other side, Xiaya, who received permission from Vados, returned to Planet Yedola and told Xiling and the others about the result and the girls all smiled happily.

Lafuli was pleasantly surprised when she learned that Xiaya was going to bring away Planet Yedola with him: “Is Mr.

Xiaya going to bring us with you”

“Yes, I will place Planet Yedola near the planet where we live, so that Planet Yedola can be protected from outside harm.”

Although the idea of ​​taking Planet Yedola away was a bit selfish, he also did it in consideration for Lafuli and the others.

In Universe 6, although Planet Yedola is located in a remote location, it will inevitably be discovered by other aliens in the future.

At that time, with Lafuli and other elven girls’ strength, I am afraid it will be another disaster.

If it is moved to the vicinity of Planet Hongshan, with strong Saiyans protection, Planet Yedola will become a paradise like Planet Meishan.

“Well, then please bring us away, Mr.


Lafuli and the other elven girls fully trust Xiaya.

When they heard that Xiaya was going to move away the entire Planet Yedola, they agreed without much thinking.

So next, he instructed Xiling, Myers, and 18 to protect Lafuli and the others while he began to use space-time ability to move Planet Yedola.

Because of his previous experience of moving the Super Dragon Balls, compared to Super Dragon Balls, Planet Yedola’s size was much smaller, and it didn’t take long for the space-time ability to wrap around the entire planet.

Then, he opened the passage between the universes and with a “pff” sound as if passing through a water surface, the emerald green Planet Yedola appeared in Universe 7.

Controlling the space-time ability to carefully move Planet Yedola, he slowly approached the galaxy where Planet Hongshan is.

Of course, Xiaya did not put Planet Yedola too close to Planet Hongshan in order to avoid disturbing the peace of Planet Yedola with the activities happening on Planet Hongshan.

In the end, Xiaya placed the planet on the other side of the orbit which was about fifteen astronomical units from Planet Hongshan and Planet Meishan.

Of course, it was in the habitable zone and then stabilized with the space-time ability.

The three planets formed a unified whole that uses the same orbit to revolve around the sun and would not deviate because of gravitational effect.

After doing all this, Xiaya went back to Universe 6 to continue his journey with Xiling and the others.


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