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Planet Kanassa.

A beautiful and mysterious planet which has been shrouded in secrecy till now.

And today, this beautiful planet was experiencing a catastrophe.

A large group of Saiyans had appeared here from far away outer space and crazily started a massacre.

Broken mountains, rocks scattered everywhere, and craters of all sizes could be seen everywhere on the purple-colored planet.


A huge energy shock wave collided with a mountain, and the ground suddenly trembled before the mountain immediately collapsed.

The stones rolled down like cannonballs, swiftly shooting out and smashing down on the ground, raising a big dry sandstorm.

The more than one thousand Saiyans were wildly laughing and enjoying the pleasure of fighting.

They flew from one mountain to another and entered villages like bandits.

Wherever they went, everything was wiped out and one by one the cheerful living beings were killed in the explosion.

In a mountain forest, animals of different sizes were running and roaring as a booming sound appeared and an energy ball fell from the sky, instantly turning them into fine powder.

“Sir Bardock, the low-level living beings on Planet Kanassa are completely annihilated, leaving only the native Kanassans.” A petite Saiyan wearing eyeglasses closed the communicator and reported.

“Hmm, tell everyone to be careful, I heard that these Kanassans can use some mysterious abilities, and could even somewhat threaten the lives of High-level Warriors.”

Bardock ordered his subordinate.

On the star chart, Planet Kanassa was located to the northern flying route of Planet Vegeta and has been living together in harmony for years, with nary a conflict.

“Yes, Sir Bardock!”

After receiving the order, that Saiyan passed it down.

Bardock quietly watched the black smoke billowing everywhere as if it was the end of the world.

Without knowing why an uneasiness appeared in his heart as if something was going to happen.

Three days later inside the city which was full of ruins, collapsed skyscrapers, broken stones.

In a flash, a flourishing civilization was wiped out.

The Kanassan elder watched his civilization gradually dying, there were countless members of his race being slaughtered.

He couldn’t help but feel grief and indignation in his heart, before angrily glaring at these Saiyan demons.

“You, evil Saiyans, sooner or later you will face your retribution!”The Kanassan elder angrily shouted, his green pupils flashing with a bloody light.

Suddenly, that Kanassan elder revealed a weird smile, before laughing maniacally at the sky.

His psychic ability had just allowed him to catch glimpse of a scene from future.

In the scene, he saw that the future of these evil Saiyans was not much better than theirs.

Before long, they would also get destroyed in the hands of someone stronger.

“Ha ha ha, so you Saiyans also weren’t able to avoid calamity.

Today, you have destroyed Planet Kanassa, soon your mother planet will also get destroyed.

Keke, retribution! You people have committed all sorts of evils, you will all go to hell.”

The Kanassan elder dances with joy, his both hands raised to the sky as if expressing his gratitude to god.


Bardock’s face was covered with dark clouds, he extended his finger, and a radiant white light ray shot out, penetrating through the chest of the Kanassan elder.

Dare to curse Saiyan, simply deserve to die!

Thump! The Kanassan elder fell to the ground while spitting out a stream of blood sword from his mouth, however, his face was wearing a maniacal smile.

That expression looked like a sharp blade, piercing deep into Bardock’s chest, the inauspicious omen in his heart became even stronger.

“Even if you kill me now, the future has long been determined, you Saiyan wouldn’t be able to escape death, cough, cough… … we are just going first, I will soon personally welcome you down in hell!

After hearing him, a grim expression appeared on Bardock’s face, he then coldly said: “How could Saiyans follow in your footsteps”

“cough, cough, it doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, it will happen sooner or later!”

The life aura of Kanassan elder was gradually dissipating, but he was still roaring with laughter, “Ha ha ha, then I will use my last bit of remaining strength to curse you to see the future, you will feel despair every second, it will linger in your head, and little by little destroy your will, making you forever live in pain…”

Kanassan elder’s eyes were filled with blood when a faint red light flashed in his eyes, that red colored light looked extremely bizarre.

Bardock suddenly felt dizziness in his head, and then countless illusory images appeared in his head, repeatedly battering his will, confusing him with what is real and what is illusory.


Bardock roared with pain before losing his consciousness.

After an unknown amount of time passed, Bardock gradually regained consciousness and roughly inspected himself, and did not find anything strange, but his head was still heavy, feeling a little nauseous.

“These damn Kanassans!” Bardock cursed, he was unexpectedly sneak-attacked by that Kanassan, but fortunately, nothing unusual happened.

Looking at the corpse of the Planet Kanassa’s elder which was lying down nearby, Bardock’s face was icy like cold frost as he waved his hand and burned the corpse to ashes with an Energy Wave.

“Sir Bardock, it’s good that you’re fine.

Just now headquarters had sent a message asking all Saiyans to immediately return to Planet Vegeta!”

The communicator by his ear beeped, and this mission’s deputy commander’s voice could be heard.

“Bosch, what’s going on” Bardock frowned, why would headquarters give such an order for no reason, what could have happened

Suddenly, dizziness burst out in his head, he clutched his face and half-kneeled down on the ground as it felt as if there were innumerable insects tearing inside his head.

His vision gradually became blurry……

In the quiet starry-sky, the dark red Planet Vegeta was hanging high.

At not far away place in the outer space, disc-shaped spaceships were dotted all over the place and countless aliens in armor while holding energy cannons swarmed out like locusts from the spaceship, blotting out the sky and sun.

Soon, the outer space of Planet Vegeta was successively lit up with flames.

The image changed.

A person riding on a small egg-shaped spaceship stretched out his finger while laughing wildly.

Suddenly, another sun rose in the starry-sky and a giant ball of fire hundreds of meters in diameter whistled toward Planet Vegeta while radiating malevolence.

The ball of fire dropped down from the space.

Its orange-red surface caused the atmosphere to become irritable and scorching!

A frightening loud noise rumbled the starry-sky, and the huge planet Vegeta exploded with a huge bang into cosmic dust…..

“Sir Bardock, Sir Bardock!” A voice continuously came out from the communicator.

“Bosch, I am fine, continue what you were saying…” Bardock bit his teeth, his whole body was trembling with sweat drenching his clothes.

“Yes!” On the other side of the communicator, the mission deputy commander Bosch explained everything in detail.

Switching-off the communicator, Bardock’s eyes were indifferent and gloomy as he muttered with clenched teeth: “F**k this Frieza, what could he be up to”

Bardock couldn’t help but frown as he thought of the strange scene that had just appeared in his head.

“I will use my last bit of remaining strength to curse you to see the future, you will feel despair every second, it will linger in your head, and little by little destroy your will, making you forever live in pain…”

The words of the Kannassan elder were still echoing in his ears.

“Was it really the scene of the future that I had just seen! Frieza intends to destroy Planet Vegeta” Bardock murmured softly and tightly clenched both of his hands.

Planet Vegeta absolutely cannot be destroyed!


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