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Next to the towering ancient tree, bamboo huts were scattered amidst the green forest.

The spring water was gurgling next to it, and both sides of it were covered with lush flowers.

The clear stream was slowly flowing next to the bamboo huts, making people feel completely relaxed both in body and mind.

Soon, after hearing the news of Xiaya’s return, Lafuli, who was dressed in green, hurried over and said excitedly, “Mr.

Xiaya, you came back to visit us…”

Several decades have passed, and they still look as young as before.

“Yeah, I’m traveling around with my wives and came here to see you all.” Xiaya said, and then introduced Xiling, Myers, and 18, who was next to him to Lafuli.

Lafuli was stunned for a moment before nodding towards Xiling and the others, and said enviously, “Mr  Xiaya’s wives are so beautiful.”

“You are also very beautiful.” Xiling wasn’t stingy in praising her.


Xiaya, will you stay here for a few more days this time Then, let us treat you well.”

Xiaya thought about it for a while.

Since he and others were not busy, he nodded in agreement: “If you don’t mind, we will disturb you for a few days.”

“Why would we mind, if it weren’t for Mr.

Xiaya, who knows what kind of miserable life we sisters would have been living…” Thinking of the past, Lafuli feels very fortunate to have met the benevolent Mr.


It is precisely because of Mr.

Xiaya that their race avoided their tragic fate and were able to bring the mother tree to this paradise-like planet.

Speaking of the mother tree, Lafuli led Xiaya and the others to the front of the ancient mother tree and pointed to the flower buds which were ready to bud, each flower bud ready to give birth to a new life.


Xiaya, look, we will have new members soon.”

Looking in the direction Lafuli was pointing, sure enough, on a trunk of the ancient tree with lush branches, he saw basketball-sized flower buds about to bloom.

Lafuli and her race were born from the ancient tree goddess, which is simply the creation of heaven and earth.

Suddenly, Xiaya frowned.

When he saw the flower buds gradually opening, an invisible undulation spread out.

The undulation was very subtle, and if you didn’t observe it carefully, you could hardly sense it.

But Xiaya sensed it, floating along the gently appearing ripples, Xiaya’s heart was at peace.

“It’s a natural rhythm, so similar to Ultra Instinct.”

Xiaya looked at the ancient tree in astonishment and unconsciously became captivated.

Soon, Xiling and the others also sensed the magical nature of the ancient tree.

This kind of mysteriousness has no effect on mortals, but for Divine Realm, it has an unexpected effect.

Standing under the ancient tree for a while, Xiling and the others could feel that their hearts seemed to have been cleansed, becoming extremely calm and their realm also slightly improved.

“This ancient tree is not ordinary.”

Carefully observing the towering tree in front of him, for a moment, he felt like he was looking at the entire planet.

Suddenly, Xiaya had some enlightenment.

This towering ancient tree has some similarities with Universe 7’s Tree of Might.

It’s just that Tree of Might absorbs the essence of the entire planet, and then condenses countless blood-red fruits, which is a kind of plundering; while the ancient tree goddess absorbs the nutrients of the planet like a tiny stream and then reinforce the planet, and at the same time give birth to nature elven girls.

Thinking of this, Xiaya couldn’t help but sigh.

Universe 6 and Universe 7 are indeed symmetrical universes.

Universe 7 has the Tree of Might, which plunders the essence of the planet, but Universe 6 has the ancient tree goddess, which reinforce the planet.

The real name of this divine tree is probably “Tree of Life”.


Xiaya, what happened to you just now” Seeing Xiaya and the others staring at the mother tree, Lafuli asked in confusion.

Glancing at Lafuli, Xiaya smiled, looked at Xiling and the others and said, “It seems that we’ll have to trouble you for a while more.”

He originally planned to stay on Planet Yedola with the girls for a little while, but the discovery of the ancient tree goddess made them decide to stay for the time being.

After all, in the past, Divine Realm training could only be done through their own comprehension, and things that are helpful to Divine Realm training are quite rare.

Not to mention helping comprehending something like Ultra Instinct.

Ultra Instinct is a magical concept in Divine Realm that can only be encountered and not sought.

Of course, this is for the third level of Divine Realm.

At the fourth level or higher of Divine Realm, Ultra Instinct becomes very common.

Because all Divine Realm fourth-level experts basically have grasped similar type of concept.

For them, only by mastering other high-level concepts can they stand out among the many strong experts.

But for Xiling and the others, Ultra Instinct is simply unattainable and it is basically difficult to have the opportunity to comprehend it, so when they saw the ancient tree on Planet Yedola, they planned to stay for a while, and even nursed the thought of packing Planet Yedola and taking it away.

Lafuli naturally didn’t know what Xiling and the others were thinking.

Seeing that Xiaya and the others were going to stay for the time being, she immediately showed a bright smile.

“It doesn’t matter how long Mr.

Xiaya and Miss Xiling wants to stay here.” In Lafuli’s heart, she hoped that it would be best if Xiaya and the others could stay forever.

“Then, I’ll trouble you.”

“There’s no problem, we will always remember Mr.

Xiaya’s kindness.”

Then, under Lafuli’s arrangements, Xiaya found an open space between beautiful landscapes and tranquil environment, and threw a Hoi-Poi Capsule and a hemispherical double-storey villa appeared.

When Lafuli lived with Xiaya on Universe 6’s Earth before, she saw Xiaya use a Hoi-Poi Capsule, so she was not surprised.

She enthusiastically instructed her people to bring delicious fruits for Xiaya and others, and then watched Xiaya and the others train while propping her face.

As a nature elf, besides being close to nature and having the ability to cultivate natural plants, Lafuli does not have much Battle Power.

So, when they were invaded by aliens, she was completely unable to resist.

Now watching Xiaya and the others training, she found it very interesting, because the aura that Xiaya and the others were naturally exuding was not fierce and violent, instead it was somewhat refined, quiet and serene.

She likes this kind of feeling very much.

Time flies and the seasons changed.

A few months passed by quickly.

During the few months of staying on Planet Yedola, every time they faced the majestic and lush ancient tree goddess, Xiling and the others felt as if they were bathed in the warm sunlight, their bodies relaxed and their spirit seemed to get more clean.

They could faintly feel a natural aura.

One day, Xiling and others looked for Xiaya.

“Why don’t we take away Planet Yedola with us when we go back.” Xiling expressed her thoughts.

Seeing the serious look in her red eyes, Xiaya thought for a while: “It doesn’t matter if we take it away, but will Vados and Champa agree”

“Then don’t tell them.” Myers suggested an idea.

After training on Planet Yedola for so long, Myers was reluctant to leave.

Finding it funny, Xiaya flicked Myers’s forehead and jokingly scolded her: “Do you think the matter of taking the planet across the universe can be hidden from Vados It’s better to tell her directly and pay a little price at most.” It would be embarrassing to get caught by Vados while secretly taking away the planet.

When he first entered Universe 6, he had just wanted to shift the Super Dragon Ball, but was already targeted by Vados.

Of course, Xiling and others’ proposals also moved Xiaya’s heart.

He now plans to take Planet Yedola away.


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