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After returning to Planet Hongshan, Xiaya looked for Meifei and Majin Buu, and then asked Kusu to send them to Universe 10.

Of course, he is not sending them there to play around, instead he asked Supreme Kai Tapion to assign “homework” to them in Universe 10, and then send them to God of Destruction’s Planet in Universe 10.

Meifei and Majin Buu were very excited when they heard that they were going to another universe.

Because Universe 10 was under Xiaya’s “jurisdiction”, and it is also the universe managed by her good friend Kusu, so Meifei was very interested in this place.

After Meifei and Majin Buu left, Xiling looked at Xiaya in surprise and asked, “Are you planning to groom Meifei to be Trainee God of Destruction”

Xiaya looked at Xiling with a smile and gently hugged her, resting his chin on her fragrant shoulder, his warm breath tickling her.

“Meifei has potential, and she has a good relationship with Kusu, so she is very suitable to be the Trainee God of Destruction.

You don’t want to see her running around everywhere even though she is so old, right…..”

Xiling charmingly looked at Xiaya and rolled her eyes, “You’ll have to tell this to Myers yourself, Meifei is her daughter after all.” Meifei is Xiaya and Myers’ daughter, and she is Xiaya’s first wife.

Then she asked how Xiang was doing.

It has been a while since he and Caulifla went to Universe 6, and still haven’t come back.

Xiling doesn’t have much to worry about the safety of their children.

It should be said that in Universe 6 and Universe 7, which are not very high ranked universes, with the strength of their children, they should be able to do as they please.

Hearing Xiling asking about Xiang and others’ situation, Xiaya also thinks that they had been away for a while, so he thought about it for a moment and planned to go to Universe 6 to pick them up.

“I’ll be going to Universe 6 now, do you want to come with me” Xiaya asked the girls for their opinion.

“Just us”

“Yes, if Launch wants to go, let’s bring her with us too.”

Xiling and Myers have never been out of Universe 7, and they are not very familiar with the situation outside, so after hearing that Xiaya plans to bring them out, they nodded in agreement after thinking about it.

Only Launch shook her head.

She is a girl who likes quiet, and prefers to stay at home and wait for her family members to come back, “You should go, I’ll wait for you at home.”

“Then, take care of yourself.”

Xiaya respects Launch’s opinion.

He patted her head and Launch returned a beautiful smile, like hundred flowers in full bloom, it was full of elegance and refreshing.

Launch is such a quiet and graceful girl who always makes others feel at ease.

It would be nice if Xiling and Myers could have half of the virtues of Launch.

However, he also feels that it is impossible to make Saiyans become like that.

After telling a few things to Launch, Xiaya took Xiling and the others’ hands, adjusted his mind and then activated space-time ability.

A bright and dazzling light flickered, and wrapped by space-time ability, they disappeared from Planet Hongshan.


In the vast and distant universe, the stars dotted the starry sky like fireflies fluttering in the summer night sky.

The fluorescent lights flickered with an aura which was tranquil but contained life.

Universe 6.

Eastern part of North Area.

There is an emerald green planet far away from most of the starfields called Planet Yedola.

When Xiaya reappeared, he led Xiling and the others to the planet.

Planet Yedola is 60% ocean, and most of the remaining 40% area is covered by green vegetation.

It is a planet full of life.

About 35 years ago, Xiaya once came here.

At that time, he rescued a group of elves called “Sacred Tree Elves” from an auction in Universe 6.

In order to protect them, he settled them down on this planet.

He was revisiting this place just to check on their living conditions.

“Xiaya, are those elven girls very beautiful” Xiling looked around curiously and could see lush and green scenery everywhere as far as her eyes could see.

She did not sense any powerful lifeform on the planet.

“Yes, they are very beautiful, each one of them seems to have been meticulously carved by nature.”

“Hmph, Xiaya, you have never praised me like that.”

Pouting slightly, Myers’ blinking eyes stared at Xiaya.

How could she be happy if her husband praises the beauty of other girls in front of her.

Xiaya smiled and glanced at her, “With your naughty personality, how can you stand praise.”

“Hehe…” Myers’ expression changed and she laughed with a thick-skinned face.

When Xiaya had left Planet Yedola and returned to Universe 7, Myers was only around nine years old at that time.

Now time has passed and they are already so old.

18 floated into the sky and looked down from the sky at the undulating terrain and winding mountains on the continent for a while.

Suddenly, 18 saw a towering giant tree in the east and pointed to the place and said: “There is a huge ancient tree in that direction and there are many weak auras gathered around it.”

“That’s the area where Lafuli and her people live.

Back then, the material I used to make the crystal dragon ball was taken from the branches of the ancient tree of Lafuli’s goddess.” Xiaya looked in that direction for a while and said to Xiling and the others.

Lafuli is the princess of the elven girls, and is from the first batch of elven girls rescued by Xiaya from Bofei Trading Center.

“Let’s go, I’ll bring you to meet them.

I wonder how they’ve been during the past few decades.

Saying that, Xiaya led the four of them as they flew into the sky and turned into a beam of light as they pierced through the sky, flying towards the ancient tree in the east.

After crossing the continuous undulating mountain range, the terrain flattened and when they approached the ancient tree, they found that the surrounding air was full of moisture.

The moisture condensed into fog and soon blocked their line of sight.

As they continued to fly, water droplets condensed on the tips of their hair.

After they continued to fly forward for a while, Xiaya and the others landed in the area where the elven girls lived.

Among the greenery of the jungle, the thin fog like a gauze gradually dissipated and the happy laughter and cheerful voices of young girl’s travelled to their ears.

Seeing the four figures suddenly appearing in front of them, the naive young girls revealed curious expressions.

Some of the girls looked at Xiaya and the others with a frown as they thought for a while before suddenly shouting excitedly: “Ah, it’s Mr.

Xiaya, mister is back to visit us.”

The other girls also got a clear look at the person in front of them.

Isn’t this their benefactor Mr.

Xiaya After 35 years, Mr.

Xiaya has come to Planet Yedola again.


Xiaya is really here.”

“It has been so many years, but mister’s appearance hasn’t changed at all.”

Elven girls are the incarnation of nature, and they have a long life.

They did not expect that after so many years had passed, they could still see their benefactor, so they stepped forward and welcomed Xiaya and Xiling to their home.


Xiaya, you haven’t be back for so many years, we missed you very much, and Princess Lafuli also misses you very much…”

They surrounded Xiaya, chatting non-stop.

Xiaya looked at the gorgeous girls full of youthfulness and smiled wryly at Xiling and others: “Look, I am so popular.”

“Don’t be cocky.” Xiling and Myers clicked their tongues.

18 looked on calmly and did not speak.


Xiaya, who are these people Their red hair and red eyes are so beautiful, looking like gems.”

“These are my wives…” Xiaya introduced.

There was an exclamation from among the crowd: “Ah, Mr.

Xiaya’s wives are so beautiful, just like Princess Lafuli.” These elven girls’ hearts were as pure as white paper, and they didn’t know how to praise their beauty.

In their hearts, Princess Lafuli was the most beautiful person.

Listening to Xiaya’s introduction, 18 shook her head with an odd expression, and then expressionlessly followed them beside Xiling.

Then, under the warm welcome of the elven girls, they slowly approached the ancient tree.


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