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The days that followed were very ordinary.

After watching the fight between Beerus and Xiaya, Goku and Vegeta, who knew that their strength was still insufficient, stayed on God of Destruction’s Planet, wearing their clumsy spacesuit-like clothes and started basic training.

But not long after, both of them fell to the ground in exhaustion.

Vegeta was panting heavily, stubbornly refusing to admit defeat: “Kakarrot, I will reach Super Saiyan God by relying on my own strength.”

“He he, I am also going to keep getting stronger.”

Goku looked confident.

As he had assimilated a portion of Super Saiyan God realm on Earth, he was able to comprehend a different level.

He has a feeling that if he continues to train on God of Destruction’s Planet, he would soon be able to break through to a higher level.

Of course, it is precisely because he had only absorbed a portion of Realm, so he is not focusing on Realm during his training, instead he is using Realm as a guide to trigger more powerful strength in his body.

In the end, Goku is not a person who can downright just comprehend Realm.

The most important thing Goku is striving towards is only to continuously surpass his limits.

After Goku and Vegeta both began training, Xiaya watched them for a while, and exhorted Xiling and the others to hurry up and train.

Under Kusu’s supervision, he hopes that Xiling and the others could master Super Saiyan God’s powers under Normal State as soon as possible and reach the second level of Divine Realm.

As for himself, he found a quiet place to train.


Time passed by, and soon it was more than half a year since Goku and the others entered God of Destruction’s Planet.


After more than half a year of training, everyone’s strength grew by leaps and bounds.

The first is Goku.

With the slightly comprehended Realm as a guide, he successfully mastered the complete transformation of Super Saiyan God.

Although the transformation is not complete, and it is only the initial stage of the first level of Divine Realm, it undoubtedly caused Goku’s strength to greatly improve.

Moreover, besides Super Saiyan Red transformation, Goku also focused on his strength and evolved it into Super Saiyan God Blue on the basis of Super Saiyan God.

This is a blue hair and blue eyes state, and looks similar to Super Saiyan 1, which is the Super Saiyan Blue form in Xiaya’s memories.

If Super Saiyan God is regarded as a normal Saiyan, then Super Saiyan Blue is undoubtedly similar to Super Saiyan, but such a transformation is merely superficial compared to Super Saiyan, and the strength increase is not as great as that of Super Saiyan.

Compared with the Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue form gives up the advantage of Realm and increases power alone.

So, it is difficult to tell whether this is the right path.

But for Goku, this may be the most correct choice.

The vast God of Destruction’s Planet was as calm as ever, when suddenly, a violent explosion sounded on it.

Countless light beams soared into the sky as gusts of wind swept out and lightning flickered.

Goku had transformed into Super Saiyan Blue form and was attacking Whis.

Whoosh, whoosh, the air waves rolled and the tranquility of God of Destruction’s Planet was suddenly disturbed.

With hands behind his back, Whis leisurely streaked across the water surface as Goku followed him, but his attacks never hit Whis.

“Don’t focus too much attention on sensing aura, the means of mortals are useless before gods.”

“Sigh, you clearly have an opportunity to comprehend a higher realm, so why are you so stubborn about improving power Although Super Saiyan Blue form can increase power, if the realm is low, it is useless if you can’t hit the opponent.”

“No, Goku, don’t always think about concealing your strength.”

“It’s not to say that it is wrong to conceal your strength, but when fighting experts, the timing of the first move is very important.

Once the initiative is lost, it is difficult to recover.

Since gods do not have aura, if you do not go all-out at the first instance and fall into the opponent’s rhythm, there will be irreversible consequences.”

“Wrong, don’t use your previous techniques, and also don’t try to consciously control the movements of your body…”

Whis casually said as he directly got to the point and pointed out the issues Goku currently has.

In short, Goku was still focusing too much on the theories of earth’s martial arts, but forgetting that when facing someone of higher level, earth’s martial arts are useless.

“I understand, let’s keep fighting!”

Blue-haired and blue-eyed Goku responded loudly and tried to fight according to Whis’ directions, but because of his lacking realm, his body was swept away by Whis’ scepter and his Super Saiyan Blue form was canceled.

“Goku, your transformation has too many shortcomings, and the burden on the body is beyond imagination.

It is better that you use such transformations as little as possible.”

Whis said calmly.

In his eyes, no matter which transformation ability it is, they are gaudy, flashy and don’t last long.

As long as the opponent is able to seize opportunity, any casual attack will become lethal.

Goku scratched his head: “But apart from transformations, I really don’t know any other methods!”

Whis stared at Goku for a while, then looked towards Vegeta on the other side, a strange look flashing across his face.

Vegeta has not yet reached Divine Realm, but his strength has become more and more restrained.

Of course, he also knows that Vegeta didn’t take the path of pure Realm like Xiling and the others, but compared to Goku, it was much better.

On the other side, two red-haired women were cooperating with a pretty blonde-haired girl to besiege a blue-black figure.

Kusu flew across the sky and bang, bang, bang, several afterimages were sent flying in different directions.

At this time, Xiling and Myers had transformed Super Saiyan God’s power into Normal State, and their realm had reached the second level of Divine Realm.

But even though the three of them had teamed up, they were still suppressed by Kusu.

“You have gotten strong enough, now you just have to keep accumulating and in the future, you will become more and more powerful.” Kusu floated down to Xiling and the others’ side.

In the past six months, these people’s strength has improved a lot.

“Umm, we’ve finally reached the second level of Divine Realm.”

“But the training will only get more and more difficult.” Xiling sighed.

In fact, the disparity between the first and second level of Divine Realm is not very big, the difference is only the mastery of power and the realm is almost the same, but starting from the second level of Divine Realm, entering the third level is a big hurdle.

Without any godly position, it is basically impossible to ascend.

“With that said, it’s time for us to leave God of Destruction’s Planet.”

A warm voice sounded in their ears.

Xiling and the others’ expressions turned joyful and they looked for the voice and saw Xiaya walking towards them with a smile.


“You’re back.”

During this time, Xiaya did not stay on God of Destruction’s Planet, instead he had returned to Planet Hongshan to oversee it and at the same time provided guidance to Meifei and others in their training.

But the moment he came over to God of Destruction’s Planet, he was surprised to see that Xiling and the others had all advanced to the second level of Divine Realm and Goku was able to transform into Super Saiyan Blue so soon.

He could tell that this Super Saiyan Blue form is a transformation form obtained by Goku after giving up on Realm and focusing on power, so his overall strength is probably in the middle and late stage of the first level of Divine Realm, which is probably much more powerful than the first time he transformed into Super Saiyan God, but it is miles away from the second level of the real Divine Realm.

Perhaps only when he reaches Full Power Super Saiyan Blue, it can be regarded as the “Second Level of Divine Realm” in the truest sense.

But Goku has taken this path and he can’t interfere too much.

With a smile, he arrived beside Xiling and the others and greeted Whis.

After knowing that Beerus was training, Xiaya along with Xiling and the others left God of Destruction’s Planet.



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