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“That Kakarrot actually advanced to the Divine Realm”

Xiling and Myers are very surprised.

Although Goku’s Divine Realm is much weaker than theirs and it was mixed with a lot of “impurities”, it is indeed Divine Realm.

Such a breakthrough is too big.

A peak Super Saiyan 3 entering the Divine Realm; this is the sublimation of a lifeform.

“He has actually integrated the intrinsic qualities of Divine Realm during the battle and improved so much in one step.”

Xiaya watched in surprise.

Sure enough, it was completely unnecessary to tell Goku about Realm, a rigorous and exciting battle was enough for him.

Compared to Goku who transformed into Super Saiyan 4 in another world, the Goku in front of him is more bold and unconstrained and advanced during battle.

His eyes turned to Vegeta, wondering if he could also quickly advance to Divine Realm if he follows the same path as Goku.

But when Xiaya saw Vegeta’s expression, he knew that Vegeta had already chosen his own path.

Since he has chosen to break through to Super Saiyan God with his own strength, then go ahead without hesitation.

With Vegeta’s temperament, he wouldn’t be influenced by the outside world.

Even if he sees Goku breakthrough to Divine Realm, Vegeta wouldn’t be shaken, instead it will only spur him more to redouble his efforts.

The fight between Goku and God of Destruction Beerus became even more intense.

Crack, crack! An indistinct voice resounded as if the space was shattering.

After a brief moment of pause, the smooth space was distorted, and irrecoverable tears appeared like cuts by a knife.

After a long while, space fragments floated down like the bright specks of starlight.

The fight was already nearing its end.

No matter how strong Goku has gotten, he can’t defeat Beerus, so amidst violent collisions, the fight is over.

“Haha, not bad, not bad.

Your name is Goku, right You have been able to fight against me for so long, you have earned my respect!” Beerus exclaimed with delight on his face.

Goku’s hair turned black again and then he floated in the void with great difficulty as he said with a determined look in his eyes: “Beerus-sama is too kind.

I haven’t trained enough, but one day I will challenge you again.”

“Indeed, your strength is not enough.

If you want to become my arch-rival, you still need to continue to train.”

“But I’ll be waiting for your challenge.” Beerus said in a serious tone.

This fight really surprised him a lot.

Although this level of battle is not even a warm-up, Goku’s combative spirit made him see a different side of Saiyans.

This “arch-rival” is really interesting and is to his liking.

“Goku, you know, there are twelve universes in this world and no one can say how many strong people there are in them.

The universe we are in is Universe 7, and your strength may be powerful among the mortals, but in the Multiverse, it’s not even among the best.”

“I am the God of Destruction of Universe 7, and Xiaya is the God of Destruction of Universe 10.

It can be said that I am standing at the top of the world, but there are even more powerful Angels and higher-level gods above us.

Beerus looked at Goku and explained about the experts of the Multiverse.

Goku, who was listening to him, was a little surprised by how vast the world is, but it caused him to be filled with expectations about the unknown experts.

He said enthusiastically: “It turns out that there are so many strong experts in this world.”

“Yes, you are still a long way from the strongest among them!”

“Beerus-sama, please tell me how much strength you used in the battle just now!”

“How much strength” Beerus smiled mysteriously and didn’t say it clearly: “You are far from challenging me.

There are several people in Universe 7 who are stronger than you.

Xiling, Myers and Lazuli, they are all stronger than you.

Only when you reach their level, will you be qualified to challenge me.”

“Okay!” Goku nodded vigorously.

He knows that Xiling and the others were strong, even if he can now transform into Super Saiyan God, he doesn’t dare to say that he could defeat them.


Above the blue ocean, the luxurious cruise ship was like a leaf floating on the sea.

After the fight between Goku and Beerus was over, both of them landed on the cruise ship, and Bulma’s birthday party officially began.


“Beerus-sama, come and try this food, the food on earth is no worse than Planet Hongshan!” Hearing Whis’ surprised voice, he turned around and saw Whis carrying a small plate as he kept gobbling down the food.

Beerus gulped, he seemed to have discovered paradise on Earth.

“Whis, you don’t leave me any delicious food every time.” Beerus, with blue veins on his forehead, snatched the food from Whis’ hand in anger.

“Sigh, Beerus-sama, leave some for me.”

Watching Whis and Beerus crazily sweeping through the food, Kusu, who was not a foodie, was sitting obediently on a small chair in front of a dining table as she picked up a drink and took a sip.

“Miss Kusu, please continue to guide me in my training.” Vegeta walked over, bowed and asked earnestly.

Kusu blinked her eyes and said to Vegeta: “You should look for Whis, he is much better than me in training people, moreover you are from Universe 7, so you should let Whis give you guidance.”

“But will Mr.

Whis agree to guide me”

“Don’t worry, Whis is very easy to persuade.”

Vegeta hesitated as he looked at Whis who was snatching food with Beerus, and excused himself and walked towards them with a plate of food.

Seeing Vegeta going towards Whis to make his request, Xiling asked Xiaya: “If Vegeta adopts our training method from before, can he catch up with Kakarrot” Goku’s breakthrough this time has been too big and he has left Vegeta far behind, which has even made Xiling and Myers shocked.

“Don’t worry, Vegeta’s potential is also quite good.

Besides, everyone has their own path, and his path may not be like ours.”

It should be said that Vegeta cannot completely follow the path of pure Realm like Xiaya and Xiling.

Vegeta is not a completely calm person, so in the end, there will most likely be a situation where power and realm are mixed half-half.

Compared with Xiling and the others, his realm is definitely a little worse, but compared to Goku, it is definitely more advanced, but the difficulty level is also not low.

If it develops according to the storyline, when Goku evolves to Super Saiyan Blue level, then Vegeta may also be able to step into his own path.

No longer caring about Goku and the others, Xiaya asked Xiling and the others, “What about you When will you be able to break through to the second level of Divine Realm”

After Xiaya advanced to Divine Realm, he only took one year to reach the second level of Divine Realm from the first level, which was the result of his previous sufficient accumulation and the fusion of space-time ability, Dragon God’s power and God of Time’s power.

Xiling, Myers and 18 are of course incomparable to Xiaya, but the insights given by Universe King is like an encyclopedia, giving them a very detailed reference, and the obstacles on the way have basically been completely eliminated.

It has already been a while since they advanced to Divine Realm, and they should have accumulated to some extent now.

“Come on, you should be able to break through after a while.”

“Hmm.” Xiling nodded.

Soon Bulma’s birthday party came to an end, and the cruise ship began to move towards the return route.

Beerus and Whis were also going to return to God of Destruction’s Planet.

Although they came to the mortal world this time on a whim, it was also an unexpected joy to meet the “arch-rival” in his prophecy and discover a planet full of delicious food.

So whether it was Beerus or Whis, they were both in a good mood.

After Vegeta obtained Whis’ consent, he was qualified to enter God of Destruction’s Planet to train.

Similarly, Goku was also allowed by Beerus to enter God of Destruction’s Planet for training.


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