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“Just how powerful are they” Krillin, who was staring blankly at the collision between Xiaya and Beerus, couldn’t help but draw back, protecting his wife and daughter behind him.

“Scary, how are they able to fight without emitting any aura”

“Are both of them gods” Piccolo muttered while taking a deep breath.

“I also had such a feeling when we were on Planet Hongshan.” Goku frowned.

“Could this be the path to divinity, the power of the realm that Kusu mentioned” Vegeta seemed to have seen a path, becoming excited.

Suddenly, he looked at Xiling and the others and could faintly sense that they were different from before.

Calmly floating at a height of five to six meters, Xiaya and Beerus looked at each other with Kusu and Whis floating behind them, each of them holding a scepter.

The two groups’ bearings were exactly the same.

Suddenly, Xiaya laughed: “God of Destruction Beerus, you’ve become stronger again.

Are you also training when you’re sleeping”

Beerus curled his lips and said: “You are also not bad, God of Destruction Xiaya.

With double the amount of Destruction Energy, plus the powers of God of Time, I am no longer your match.”

“If I haven’t guessed wrong, you’re already at the fourth level of… Divine Realm, right”

“That’s right, it has just been a few years since the breakthrough.” Xiaya answered frankly.

Beerus was just thinking about it, he didn’t really think Xiaya would breakthrough to the fourth level of Divine Realm.

But hearing Xiaya’s answer, he nearly forgot breathing.

Taking a deep breath, he said with mixed feelings: “Then there is already no God of Destruction who is your match.

I didn’t expect you to really surpass me, this feeling of being surpassed is really not good.”

“Xiaya-sama reached the fourth level of Divine Realm soon after dealing with Dark Angels.” Kusu’s light voice revealed her happiness.

“He made a breakthrough so soon”

Although Whis had expected it, he was still a little surprised.

It took Xiaya many years to enter the third level of the Divine Realm, but in less than seven years, he actually reached the fourth level of Divine Realm.

Beerus still hadn’t gone to sleep when he took over the position of God of Time.

“Long time no see, Miss Kusu.” Beerus turned to Kusu and greeted her.

Even he has to give some respect to the Angels of other universes and couldn’t boss around them like Whis.

After all, he is not in the same system as Angels of other universes.

He knows best how powerful the Angels are.

“Hmm.” Kusu responded with a smile.

Then, they slowly floated down from the sky and after they landed on the cruise ship, the mysterious aura from just now completely disappeared.

Beerus said: “I’ll give Xiaya face this time and not destroy Earth, but you should accept this gift sincerely.

If it was someone else, I wouldn’t have stopped.” Then he looked at Xiaya, “You owe me a favor, come and fight with me.”

“You’re not going to look for the Super Saiyan God” Xiaya asked.

Beerus glanced at Goku and Vegeta with disdain, and then his eyes quickly swept over Xiling and others: “Except your wives, other Saiyans don’t seem to be that great.

They can’t even take two or three of my moves without transforming into Super Saiyan God…”

Goku and Vegeta were very angry after hearing this, but the other party was God of Destruction, so in the end they could only bear it helplessly.

“What the hell is the Super Saiyan God” Goku asked.

Beerus clicked his tongue and looked at Xiling and the others.

“Let me explain.”

Xiling walked over and started transforming in front of everyone.

Following the changes in her aura, her beautiful black hair as well as her eyes turned red.

There were no significant changes in her appearance, but her temperament and demeanor seemed to have become exalted.

“This is the Super Saiyan God She looks just like Xiaya… No, Xiaya’s eyes are silver.”

Goku seems to have understood the meaning of the Super Saiyan God a little.

From the appearance, it looks like another higher-level transformation that is different from Super Saiyan.

Vegeta also realized something.

Super Saiyan God really is a breakthrough after divinity has reached the peak.

“No, if the red-haired Saiyan is the Super Saiyan God, I have seen several such Saiyans on Planet Hongshan.”

When Goku was training on Planet Hongshan, he also saw the Saiyan God achieved through a shortcut transformation.

At that time, because he didn’t know about the Super Saiyan God, and seeing that those people didn’t have powerful aura, he just thought that Saiyans had dyed their hair.

Now it seems that it was not at all.

Xiling explained: “That’s not the Super Saiyan God, but the Saiyan God which has been achieved through a shortcut transformation.

Their Battle Power is merely the same as a normal Super Saiyan…”

“So there is a shortcut”  Goku’s eyes lit up.

Normally he wouldn’t take shortcuts, but facing the God of Destruction Beerus and Xiaya, he can’t wait to obtain powerful strength and fight them.

So he asked Xiling and the others how to transform into Super Saiyan god.

“Six Saiyans with similar levels can gather their strength to form the Saiyan God.

Similarly, the fusion of six Super Saiyan’s powers can give birth to the Super Saiyan God…” Xiling said.

In the past, it was very difficult to have one Super Saiyan, let alone six, so even the Super Saiyan Gods that appeared in history were actually just Saiyan Gods, and were far from reaching the level of Divine Realm.

“If we take this shortcut, will it cause any problem when training in the future” Vegeta asked with a frown.

Giving a profound look to Vegeta, the corners of Xiaya’s mouth rose, “You definitely have to pay a price for using any shortcut.

If you transform into Super Saiyan God by relying on merging the powers of other Super Saiyans, you can certainly obtain the power of Super Saiyan God and get a momentary glimpse of it, but if you merge with the energies of other people, your power will not be pure, and it will be incomparable with a real Super Saiyan God.”

Vegeta couldn’t help but ponder.

What Xiaya’s words were implying is that the future development of the Divine Realm achieved through fusion will not be as smooth as the real Divine Realm; at least it will be more difficult to make up for it in the future.

But it’s easy to understand.

Vegeta, who has some understanding of Realm, quickly understands that the “Divine Realm” experience that everyone can achieve is different, and it all depends on comprehension.

If they experience the “noisy” Divine Realm at this time, they will be easily affected by this experience and in the future, it will be really difficult to reverse their “Divine Realm” path.

Vegeta hesitated for a while.

He had already put half a foot into the Realm, and really didn’t want to give up halfway.

Goku, whose thinking was much more straightforward than Vegeta, didn’t think so much.

His training has always been about simply seeking breakthroughs.

What state of mind, balance, there is no need to think so much.

Isn’t strength all about fighting against strong experts to constantly seek breakthroughs Knowing that he can quickly get energy and transform into Super Saiyan God, he quickly called over Gohan, Goten, Bulla and Trunks.

Seeing that Goku has made his decision, Vegeta was relieved and his eyes flashed with unswerving determination.

His goal is to surpass Goku.

Taking the same path, even if he can always surpass Goku, it will only make people think that it is because of his hard work, and nothing else.

In his heart, he does not deny the importance of hard work, but he has always believed that a high-level bloodline is far better than a low-level bloodline.

So when Goku was going to take the merging path, Vegeta made a decision that he would go down the path of training divinity.

Even if he temporarily falls behind Goku, he will surpass him sooner or later.

So after knowing the transformation method of the Super Saiyan God, Vegeta extended his hand and contributed a portion of his energy.

Soon, Goku in Super Saiyan God state with shining red hair appeared.

Xiaya watched all this with a smile and did not stop them.

He knew that Vegeta and Goku had their respective choices.

He approves of Vegeta’s persistence, and knows that this is Vegeta’s decision after pondering over it.

As for Goku…his decision can’t be said to be hasty.

His choice may appear wrong in the eyes of others, especially the veteran Divine Realm experts, but for Goku…it may be the most correct choice.

This is not because of blind trust, rather because of his familiarity with the plot of dragon ball.

He knows that a large part of the spirit of Dragon Ball World was carried by Goku.

Isn’t every battle that makes people’s blood boil a process of Goku becoming stronger when facing stronger enemies

The weak overcoming the strong, strong facing the strong, and including the diligent training during peacetime, Goku’s path is not so much the tempering of the state of mind and the pursuit of a more thorough path in Realm, instead it is an open and unrestrained path of committing oneself irrevocably.

Making Goku settle down to experience life and feel the importance of life, old age, illness and death.

How is it any different from forcing him to learn embroidery

Not only would Xiaya feel uncomfortable, but everyone who knows Goku’s personality will surely feel extremely uncomfortable.

An unrestrained, innocent and forthright Goku is a good Goku.

As said before, everyone’s Divine Realm is different and they have to rely on their own comprehension to make a breakthrough, so Goku’s Divine Realm is destined to be blood boiling and not too embellished.

Since there is no need to pursue details too harshly, and there is no need to be so meticulous, why not let Goku be the first to experience the Super Saiyan God through a “shortcut”  With his diligence, he is quite sure to turn this “experience” into “reality”.

It is out of this consideration, or to say inexplicable confidence in Goku, that Xiaya did not interfere with Goku’s growth —-forcibly bringing him to the “Divine Realm” he has comprehended might have interfered with him instead.

Maybe this is the fate of the protagonist! Xiaya glanced at red-haired and red-pupils Goku who was in Super Saiyan God state and let out a sigh.


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