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“They are here.” Goku’s expression changed when he saw the two people who suddenly appeared and he said in a low voice.

“Are these the two powerful experts that Kakarrot mentioned” Vegeta turned around to take a look with some doubts.

Whis did look a bit like Kusu, but when he saw Beerus who was next to Whis, his entire body froze and he broke out into a cold sweat.

“God of Destruction…Beerus…” Vegeta’s expression drastically changed, and an icy feeling caused him to tremble.

He couldn’t forget the purple figure no matter what.

If Vegeta ever had a nightmare about something, then God of Destruction Beerus was definitely his childhood nightmare.

Thirty-nine years ago, when Planet Vegeta had not been destroyed, the man in front of him came to the Saiyan King’s palace, forcing his arrogant father King Vegeta to bow his head, and he himself was beaten half to death.

He only recovered after a very long time.

The golden vertical pupils were like a god overlooking the world, domineering, contemptuous and incomparable.

Seeing him now, the fear in his heart again erupted out.

“Oh, you are Vegeta, we seem to have met somewhere before.” Beerus arrived in front of Vegeta, leaned down and said coldly.

“What’s going on Vegeta has met him before” Tights asked in confusion.

Vegeta was silent for a while before he said with an ugly look on his face: “Thirty-nine years ago, God of Destruction-sama had appeared in Saiyan King’s palace and forced my father, who was the king of Saiyans at that time, to bow his head…”

When he saw Beerus again, Vegeta re-examined the disparity between the two of them, but the result made him very disappointed.

Even if he was as strong as now, he has no confidence that he could last one move against Beerus.

No wonder Kakarrot lost, because his opponent was God of Destruction Beerus! Vegeta sighed with emotion.

Beerus looked away from Vegeta and was a little surprised when he saw Goku.

His body emitted coldness as he yelled angrily at Whis: “Whis, why was your Warp so slow Look at that Saiyan named Goku, he got here earlier than us.”

“Beerus-sama, I tried my best to hurry over, maybe he has a special technique.”

“Humph!” Beerus snorted coldly, and said to Vegeta and others with half-squinted eyes: “Hurry up and tell me which one of you can become the Super Saiyan God.

If I don’t see the Super Saiyan God, I will wipe this planet from the universe.”

In order to find a Super Saiyan God, Beerus has already gotten delayed for a long time.

His interest has been almost worn down, and he will really destroy the planet if he can’t see the Super Saiyan God.

“Beerus-sama, we really don’t know anything about Super Saiyan God.” Vegeta said while suppressing the anger in his heart.

In front of the temperamental God of Destruction, he could only humble his attitude.

“Oh, then this planet will disappear.” Beerus looked indifferent.

Saying that, a purple light sphere suddenly appeared in Beerus’s hand.

It was very beautiful, and it glittered and sparkled like a beautiful amethyst, but this small light sphere contained the most frightening energy in the universe.

“Hey, why are you talking…” Tights said in dissatisfaction, but before she could finish, Vegeta firmly covered her mouth.

“Humph, you’re really courting death.”

A cold light flashed in Beerus’ golden eyes and Beerus became even more gloomy as vigorous killing intent like a substantial air wave swept out.

The whole cruise ship swayed and waves rose in the calm sea.

Whis, who was watching indifferently, quietly took two steps back.

Beerus-sama has become angry.

“What’s going on, why is the cruise ship suddenly shaking”

“This icy feeling is terrifying…”

“Hey, what’s going on Goku’s side, who are those two people”

The sudden change finally caught everyone’s attention.

Everyone stabilized their bodies and looked towards Goku’s side, and also noticed the situation there.

Whis and Beerus were too unique, especially Beerus, you can’t tell whether he’s a cat or a dog from so far away.

“Beerus-sama, please calm down.”

Seeing Beerus getting angry, both Goku and Vegeta’s expressions changed.

Seeing the purple energy about to fall, they began to feel anxious.

“Hmph, shut up both of you.

I don’t have time to waste on you, you should disappear with this planet, this is the fate of offending a god.” Beerus remained unmoved, his body floating high in the sky.

Aiming the “Destruction Energy” in his hand downward, the corners of his mouth curled up.

If the Destruction Energy fell down, and if nothing unexpected happened, Earth would soon turn into cosmic dust.

But when Destruction Energy was about to fall on the sea surface, a cold voice sounded.


As soon as the voice fell, a beautiful dazzling light flashed.

Another silvery-white energy rose up, firmly wrapping around the purple “Destruction Energy”, and then the two energies collided and consumed each other before finally disappearing together.

“Who is it”

Beerus raised his head gloomily.

The dignified God of Destruction’s unique skill was actually neutralized, causing him to lose face! Is he still a God of Destruction

Seeing the energy that disappeared together with “Destruction Energy”, there was a flash of surprise in Whis’ eyes, and then he acted as if nothing had happened and watched the show from the side with a faint smile.

Even if Whis sometimes knows what is happening, he doesn’t say it out, preferring to watch from the side.

“Beerus, you don’t have to be so polite.

If I was a few seconds late, Earth would have disappeared from the universe.” A slightly teasing voice rang out as Xiaya and others appeared next to Goku and others.

“Xiaya is here.”

“He blocked that energy attack.”

“What happened just now Who is that purple person”

No one cleared the doubts in everyone’s hearts.

When Goku and Vegeta saw Xiaya appear, they breathed a sigh of relief as if they had found their backer.

Facing a powerful enemy but relying on others for protection, this is a very shameful thing for Goku and Vegeta.

“Xiaya, no, I should now call you God of Destruction Xiaya.

The one next to you is the Angel of Universe 10” Beerus’ indifferent eyes fell on Xiaya and Kusu.

Seeing that Xiaya was dressed slightly different from a normal God of Destruction, he could not help but be surprised.

“Yes, this is my Attendant, Kusu, Universe 10’s Angel.”

Xiaya said with a smile.

Beerus, as a god who has held the position of God of Destruction for a long time, must have seen Kusu before.

Beerus rolled his eyes as he glanced at Xiling, Myers, 18 and Launch at the back, then his eyes fell on Xiaya again.

At this time, he and Xiaya were already of the same height.

Two pairs of eyes looked at each other as an invisible aura collided with each other and the air between them raged.

At this moment, a storm descended and the weather of the entire planet rapidly changed.

As if sensing the collision between Xiaya and Beerus, Kusu and Whis also went and stand behind them.

A vast sacred aura blew up, and a violent storm broke out.

Everyone could not open their eyes due to the frightening storm.

But what they couldn’t understand was that such a powerful force had clearly erupted out, and the people who were present couldn’t even open their eyes, but no one could feel even the slightest bit of aura.

There is no Ki which is the most frightening thing as it would mean that all the techniques and tracking methods they have learned are useless.


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