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“What kind of god is God of Destruction, Kai-sama, please tell me!” Goku didn’t know what God of Destruction represents, but they seemed to be very powerful.

Goku doesn’t know about the gods as much as Piccolo.

Hearing this, North Kai shivered, his short body seemed to become even shorter and he said in a trembling voice: “Beerus-sama is the most terrifying god in the world, even the legendary Supreme Kai-sama isn’t as powerful as God of Destruction.

Goku, you just recklessly attacked Beerus-sama, I was really afraid for you.”

“You should know that God of Destruction is the least god-like among all the gods.

Beerus-sama is wilful, bossy, unscrupulous, all the harsh words are not enough to describe him.”

North Kai shivered again as he thought of Beerus’ icy golden eyes.

Goku frowned and asked in surprise, “Even such a guy can be a god”

Aren’t all god’s merciful, kind, and mindful of the world That God of Destruction looks like an evil god no matter how you look at him.


Goku’s question, North Kai couldn’t answer, because North Kai wasn’t yet qualified to know the secrets related to the workings of the entire universe, but one thing is certain, God of Destruction Beerus-sama definitely cannot be offended, otherwise they will die very horribly.

“But that’s not right, Kai-sama, you just said that God of Destruction is the most powerful god in the world, but one of my friends, he feels more powerful than God of Destruction to me! By the way, he also has a little girl similar to that silver haired man, who also has a scepter with a crystal ball and a blue halo around her neck.

Does she have a similar identity to that man”

Goku has always had doubts about Kusu’s identity, and now when he recalled it, he asked North Kai about it.

North Kai looked at Goku in astonishment and shook his head: “Impossible, Mr.

Whis is Beerus-sama’s attendant and is one of a kind in this world.

There cannot possibly be another person like him.”

“It’s true, by the way, when the martial arts tournament was held on Planet Hongshan four years ago, Supreme Kai also came, and they also addressed Xiaya as God of Destruction.”

“So when Supreme Kai left the North Area four years ago, he actually went to Planet Hongshan…” North Kai muttered to himself.

Supreme Kai had suddenly appeared during the 28th World Martial Arts Tournament four years ago, frightening him.

He thought that something went wrong in his territory, and it attracted the punishment of higher gods.

Although something big did happen – Majin Buu awakened on Earth, but North Kai wasn’t too clear about it.

“That Xiaya you mentioned just now…was addressed as God of Destruction by Supreme Kai Are you sure you aren’t mistaken” North Kai wondered if he had heard it wrong.

“There’s no doubt about it, that’s what they called Xiaya.”

“Impossible, how can there be two Gods of Destruction in the world…” North Kai looked puzzled.

He had heard Xiaya mention that he had once trained on God of Destruction’s Planet, but he never thought he would be a God of Destruction.

One God of Destruction in the world is already enough, if there are two, wouldn’t the whole universe be turned upside down However, as for Goku’s statement, North Kai feels that it is not wrong.

Since Supreme Kai has called Xiaya God of destruction, it must not be wrong.

“Two Gods of Destruction, what should I do!” North Kai’s scalp suddenly became numb and his face became paler, but thinking that the other God of Destruction Xiaya was relatively easy to get along with, he couldn’t help but find a little comfort.

“Ah, I have to go back quickly.

God of Destruction went to Earth, it must be to look for Vegeta.

If I am late, Earth may suffer a disaster.” Goku didn’t pay much attention to it at first, but when he learned about God Of Destruction’s temperamental personality from North Kai, he began to worry about the safety of Earth.

“You should go back quickly, remember not to offend Beerus-sama!” North Kai repeatedly urged.

If Earth suffered a disaster, it means his planet will be one step closer to destruction.

“Hmmm!!” Goku nodded and then immediately left North Kai’s Planet with Instant Transmission.

North Kai stood alone on the wrecked planet full of pits, and his heart could not calm down.

The antennas swayed and he quickly rushed to the position of Earth to monitor it.


Earth, Bulma’s birthday party was taking place on a luxury cruise ship.

The cruise ship was divided into five floors, and the front end is an open-air plaza with sunshades erected everywhere and a variety of birthday food placed below them.

At this time, Master Roshi, Krillin, Vegeta…and everyone who was acquainted with Bulma was gathered here.

“Hey, Bulma, isn’t Goku back yet” Tights walked over gracefully with a glass of wine in her hand.

“He said he would come back early today, he should be arriving soon.” Bulma was already 43 years old this year, but she still looked very young.

This is because of their family’s genetics and also because of the effect of Tree of Might’s fruit which was obtained by Goku and others from Planet Hongshan.

“Really, he is even late on his wife’s birthday.

Just like Vegeta, he is a complete training maniac.” Tights flicked her long hair to vent her dissatisfaction and drank the wine in her glass in one gulp.

“Tights, it’s not nice of you to say that about me.”

A voice came from behind Bulma and Tights, then Goku greeted them.

Looking at Goku’s tattered clothes, Bulma asked in confusion: “Don’t you usually wear a martial arts uniform when you train How did the casual clothes I bought for you become so tattered”

“Haha, I met an expert at Kai-sama’s place just now.

By the way, do you have Senzu Beans Give me one.” Goku’s aura was somewhat weak.

It is difficult for ordinary people to withstand Beerus’ attack.

Seeing that Goku was still injured, Bulma hurriedly grabbed her purse, took out a Senzu Bean and handed it over.

“What happened” Bulma asked.

Goku looked around with a solemn look, but did not find Beerus, and whispered: “I just met a guy named God of Destruction Beerus at Kai-sama’s place, who seems to be a very powerful god.

Kai-sama was scared out of his wits when he saw him.

That guy was so powerful, he defeated me in just two to three moves.”

“Kakarrot, are you saying the person who defeated you only used two to three moves”

Vegeta, who had heard his voice and came over, learned that Goku was easily defeated and his expression suddenly changed.

Then, he hurriedly stepped forward to ask Goku.

“Yes, in fact, it was only two moves.

One sent me flying, and the other knocked me out of the Super Saiyan 3 state.

It’s surprising that my attacks couldn’t even touch him at all.”

In fact, recalling the previous battle, Goku was still baffled.

It seems that his opponent has no aura at all.

All his techniques will not work when he encounters a person whose Ki he can’t sense.

“Just two moves…” Vegeta’s eyes widened, feeling very absurd.

No matter what Goku is still a Super Saiyan 3, but he was defeated in just two moves.

He admits that his strength is far from enough.

I wonder if Xiaya can do it.

“What is the situation, tell me in detail!” Vegeta said solemnly.

Goku nodded and patted his head: “By the way, they are looking for a Super Saiyan God, but I don’t know anything about a Super Saiyan God, and there is also an alien who is very similar to Kusu next to that person.

They’re headed towards Earth right now, and their target is Vegeta.”

Goku told him everything he knows.

“That person is coming to Earth looking for me”

Vegeta’s expression froze, and he suddenly felt pressure.

Even Goku was easily defeated.

Although he was a little bit stronger than Goku, he would still be very powerless when facing such a strong expert.

But Vegeta is reluctant to admit defeat easily.

It should be said that no Saiyan would easily say the words “lose”.

Vegeta gritted his teeth as he clenched his fists, his knuckles turning white.

Vegeta fell into deep thought and suddenly remembered a few keywords Goku mentioned: “Super Saiyan God, what does it mean, is it the transformation above Super Saiyan But after Super Saiyan, isn’t it supposed to be Mysterious State like Xiling and the others Oh, that’s right…”

Suddenly, he remembered his one-year training on Planet Hongshan where he received guidance from Kusu.

According to Kusu’s description of the Realm, the so-called Super Saiyan God is most likely “Divine Realm”.

Is it the same level as Xiaya Xiaya is a Super Saiyan God

And why is there a person who looks like Kusu next to that person… Kusu is a so-called “Angel”, could it be….Vegeta had some guesses about him as he stood gloomily.

Other than the four of them, no one knew that Earth would soon welcome a God of Destruction.

After about five to six minutes, a glowing light ray slowly arrived, and Beerus and Whis appeared above a vast ocean.

They looked at the small ant-like cruise ship below from far away.

“So, this is Earth.

I hope I can find the Super Saiyan God I am looking for here, otherwise I will destroy this place.” Beerus indifferently looked at the cruise ship below.

Any place that makes him unhappy doesn’t have to exist.

“Beerus-sama, it would be great if you could be so proactive when completing God of Destruction’s work.” Whis did not forget to mock him.

“Whis, shut up.”

He harshly scolded Whis, and then headed towards the luxury cruise ship below.

Whis shrugged and followed him.



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