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Xiaya quietly felt the boundless and majestic energy surging within his body, but with just a slight intention of his, all these energies obediently settled down.

He could already control the energy according to his wishes, with great ease, and his controlling ability has become higher.

“Although, I am not consciously training, my strength is still improving steadily.

These are the benefits of image training!” While clenching his fists, a faint smile hung on his face.

“Xiaya, my Battle Power has almost reached 120,000!”

After taking a little rest, Xiling raised her head high, her white as snow little face was slightly flushed because of excitement.

Vigorously pursuing to catch up, she finally raised her Battle Power to 118000, almost catching up to Xiaya of one year ago.

Her rate of growth wasn’t slow, but her gap with Xiaya did not shrink.

“My Battle Power has just reached 145,000!” Xiaya chuckled.

When Xiling heard him, she immediately became discouraged “Woo, I had obviously worked so hard, why can I still not catch up with you!”

Placing his hand on her head, Xiaya could feel the delicate touch of her hair before saying: “You shouldn’t be thinking about these things all day long.

It is not only very tiring but is also meaningless.

You know that haste brings no success, sometimes excessive worrying could create heart demon, so it would be better to think about other things.”

“Think about what”

“For example, food …”

“Xiaya!” Xiling whined as she swatted away his hand and touched her smooth belly, “I’m not in good mood, I want to have a feast!”

Xiaya looks at her somewhat funnily, this brat, each time she would turn her sadness and resentment into appetite! Fortunately, Saiyans have a strong stomach ah! If it was an ordinary person, eating so much would have already turned them into a fatty.


Agreeing, Xiaya opened his dimensional space and took out a large pile of food from inside, and then watched with interest as the girl gorged on food.

Her appearance looked unsightly and inelegant, but seeing Xiling gorging herself, he actually found it quite enjoyable.


Planet Vegeta, Distribution Center near Spaceport.

There was no traces of life on the boundless vast plain.

On the other side of the mountain foothills stretched out from east to west direction of the plains, dozens of simple shade canopies were set up on protruding rocks and propped behind them.

It was noontime, the scorching sun was shining overhead, and the rising heat has caused the line of sight to become somewhat blurred.

Behind the foothills, hundreds of Saiyans were gathered under the shade canopies.

They were either gathered in a circle and chatting or were lying down by themselves and resting, silently waiting for more people to arrive.

More Saiyans congregated from all directions and soon, almost thousand Saiyans had gathered in the distribution center.

There were Low-level as well as High-level Warriors among them.

Each and every one of them has excited expression, and were gearing up to participate in the large-scale mission which happens once in a year.

At that time, the more than one thousand Saiyans will form a joint squad and set out to ardently enjoy the thrill of fighting!

This kind of large-scale missions were classified as special-level mission by Mission Administration Office and requires to dispatch High-level warriors close to 10000 Battle Power.

And this mission was to conquer the mysterious Planet Kanassa.

“Bardock, pay attention to your safety after reaching Planet Kanassa and don’t take too much risks!” A petite but pretty female Saiyan tidied up her husband’s hair and re-tied his headband.

Bardock laughed out loud, his thick palm patted the female Saiyan’s shoulder with a gentle smile on his face which has a scar on one side.

“Gine, you still don’t know my strength Relax, that little Planet Kanassa would not pose any problem for me!”

“It’s better to be careful!” Gine gave her husband a white eye.

The two were Son Goku’s biological parents, Bardock and his wife Gine.

Twelve years have passed since Xiaya had first seen Bardock, and now Bardock has already grown up into a mature and well-built warrior and had married to Gine from logistics department.

Gine was a petite Saiyan woman like Alice, and situated among these crude saiyans looked just like a teenager.

However, this petite saiyan woman was already mother of two children.

Right now, Bardock is about to set off to participate in the suppression mission of Planet Kanassa, while Gine is responsible for logistics of processing meat and will be staying at Planet Vegeta.

“Right, what is Raditz doing right now” Bardock sorted out his luggage and asked.

When her eldest son mentioned, Gine’s face revealed a cheerful smile: “Raditz went out with Prince Vegeta to carry out a mission and should have already reached the mission planet!”

Bardock nodded, his eldest son Raditz was just like him, a Low-level Warrior but Mission Administration Office unexpectedly arranged for him to carry out mission with Prince Vegeta.

Who knows why Mission Administration Office arranged the mission like this

Perhaps just to increase the burden on Prince Vegeta!

Bardock thought somewhat in self-deprecation.

However, Bardock does not feel ashamed of being a Low-Level Warrior because he knew that even if someone was born as a Low-Level Warrior, through fighting and training could reach the level of a High-level warrior, and he himself was a very good example of it.

Because his strength has far exceeded an average High-level Warrior, Battle Power approaching 10000, he was chosen as the commander of this mission.

And he is among one of the few low-level warriors to achieve such accomplishment.


At a region, more than two month distance away from Planet Vegeta, Frieza Headquarters.

Inside a luxurious palace.

Frieza was riding a egg-shaped small spaceship, and was hovering at the side of a porthole, with his long tail hanging down and swinging in mid-air.

“King Frieza, this is all the data regarding the Saiyan spaceships that had gone out in recent years!” A Jetonian waved his arm towards Frieza and reported.

Frieza’s spaceship turned around, his pair of scarlet eyes revealed a wicked glow as his purple lips slightly opened and said to Dodoria standing on the side in a grim tone:

“Dodoria, send down the order, have people from the Frieza Corps kill all the saiyan children on this list who were sent out to perform mission, and remember, I do want anyone to be left out! Oh, and for the time being this matter has to be confidential and can not be known to Saiyans of Planet Vegeta! ”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Dodoria’s face was stern as he immediately answered, then asked with slight hesitation: ” This subordinate heard that Prince Vegeta’s son went out to participate in a mission, do we…..”

Frieza waved his hand and said: “Vegeta, he is a very good toy, leave him be for a while! By the way, Dodoria, are you interested in watching fireworks with me”

At once, Dodoria was delighted, and exclaimed: “Does His Majesty plan to destroy Planet Vegeta”

Dodoria was excited as he finally could once again see that gorgeous and magnificent scene.

He could never stop thinking about that magnificent scene from last time when he saw the destruction of a planet, he so very much want to be able to see it again.

“Yes, this is a mission handed over by Lord Beerus, I had originally wanted to leave those saiyans some more time, but now it seems it wouldn’t do!”

Frieza said faintly.

His father had once explained to him that there are two people in the universe which even Frost Demon race doesn’t dare to provoke, one is the Majin Buu from ancient times, and the other is the legendary God of Destruction, Beerus!

Originally, Frieza did not believe these, but when God of Destruction Beerus really appeared in front of him, he realized that God of Destruction Beerus really cannot be provoked ah!

He had originally wanted Saiyans to exist for some more time, but since it was an order of God of Destruction Beerus, he could not go against it.

“Lord Beerus”

Dodoria looked distracted for a moment, and thought, however couldn’t remember ever hearing this name before, but since even King Frieza address him as Lord, he must be an amazing great personage.

He he, these Saiyan really can stir up trouble, there is actually a great personage wishing to destroy them!

“Ah, if Zarbon was still here, he could have also seen the beautiful fireworks.” Frieza sighed quite regretfully since he was lacking a person who could enjoy the beautiful scenery together with him.

How regrettable!

When Zarbon was mentioned, Dodoria’s face became gloomy, his partner of many years had mysteriously died on Planet Feidaya, and even till now, murderer was unknown.

Few years ago, when Ginyu Force had reached Planet Feidaya, everyone was long gone, leaving only the burning planet covered with lava.


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