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While Xiaya was training on God of Destruction’s Planet.

Universe 7, God of Destruction’s Planet.

The branches of the huge ancient trees were covered with large and small ancient temples, and the temple at the highest point is the place where God of Destruction Beerus was sleeping.

A deep winding corridor was spiraling upward along the tree trunk, and irregular stone slabs were floating under the feet.

At this time, Whis was steadily walking forward, his straight up hair swaying with his steps.

“Beerus-sama, it’s time to wake up!” Whis shouted softly.

Hearing the sound, there was a rustling sound on a floating bed.

Beerus rubbed his eyes and yawned as he woke up.

He stood up and stepped on the stone next to him and walked down, but he missed a step and fell down.

Climbing out from the pit on the ground, Beerus stretched lazily as he rubbed the corners of his eyes and asked, “Whis, how long have I been sleeping”

“Seven years.”

“It’s only been seven years, why did you wake me up so early Is there a disturbance somewhere in the universe that you need me to clean up”

“No, Beerus-sama, did you forget that Oracle Fish said seven years ago that you will encounter an ‘arch-rival’.” Whis said calmly.

Sure enough, Beerus’ sleepiness disappeared after hearing this, his eyes became sharp and a terrifying aura appeared, “That’s right, an arch-rival.

I also saw it in my dreams, it seems to be called something……Super… yes, Super Saiyan God…”

“Is this related to Xiaya and the others” Beerus turned around and asked.

Whis laughed: “I don’t think it’s possible, even if that person is called the Super Saiyan God, it is unlikely to be related to the Saiyans of Planet Hongshan, because the people closest to the Super Saiyan God are Xiling and Myers.

Does Beerus-sama think they could be your ‘arch-rival’”

Xiling and Myers becoming Super Saiyan God, Whis did not know about their promotion to the Divine Realm.

Beerus licked his wrist and rubbed his ear, “Huh It’s impossible for those two kids.

They were also on the side when Oracle Fish made the prediction.

If it was them, Oracle Fish would have said it long ago.”

“That’s true!”

“Whis, why don’t you hurry up and prepare lunch for me, I want to eat the food from Planet Hongshan.”

“Yes, Beerus-sama, the food will be ready soon.”

Whis responded with a smile, and then like performing a magic, hot food immediately appeared in the spacious palace.

Beerus’ throat twitched, and he sat down to eat.

“Did anything big happen during the years I was sleeping” Beerus asked while eating.

“Quite a few big things happened.” Whis stood beside Beerus, his voice was like a breeze, very graceful.


“The first thing, God of Destruction and Supreme Kai of Universe 10 have both died, so they have been replaced.

Now Xiaya is the God of Destruction of Universe 10.”

“Cough, cough!!” Beerus choked and beat his chest hard.

He put the big bowl on the table and asked in astonishment: “Xiaya has actually become the God of Destruction of Universe 10.

Isn’t he the God of Time”

“He is holding both the posts concurrently, but Xiaya has greater autonomy in Universe 10.

“Oh.” God of Destruction Beerus nodded.

God of Time serving as God of Destruction, it’s okay to give him some special authority.

In his heart, he just thinks that Xiaya at most has only a little more autonomy than him and doesn’t know to what extent Xiaya’s authority was, if he knew, he would have definitely been envious to death.

“Tsk tsk, Xiaya, that kid, his rise is much faster than mine.” Beerus picked his teeth with a toothpick.

He remembered that when he first saw Xiaya 39 years ago, Xiaya left quite a deep impression on him.

After only a few years of effort, he is now at least on par with him.

And there is also God of Destruction and Supreme Kai of Universe 10.

Only 7 years have passed, but who would have thought that they would die.

“Anything else besides this”

“Yes.” Whis’s expression became serious, “While Beerus-sama was sleeping, Dark Angels took action again.

Although they were ultimately suppressed by Zeno-sama and Great Priest-sama, they still caused a lot of damage to all the universes.

“Dark Angel…” Beerus was stunned when he heard this word and his face darkened.

He knew that he couldn’t defeat an Angel-level Dark Angel.

“What are the losses of our Universe 7”

“Oh, there isn’t anything.” All the damages were restored by the mighty powers of the Universe King.

Whis glanced at Beerus and continued: “After the Dark Angels were suppressed, Great Priest-sama convened a meeting in front of Zeno’s palace.

The gods of Universe 10 and I were rewarded, and Xiaya also received a complete portion of Destruction Energy.”

Beerus’ calm expression immediately disappeared.

That’s God of Destruction energy! All Gods of Destruction have only one portion, but Xiaya alone has two portions.

“That kid, isn’t he now invincible”

At this time, there was only envy in Beerus’ heart, his golden eyes turning red.

Whis said with a smile: “Moreover, during a small gathering before the meeting in front of Zeno’s Palace, Xiaya had a conflict with Universe 4’s Quitela-sama, where he humiliated Quitela-sama in front of all the Gods of Destruction, which firmly offended Universe 4.

But I think Xiaya doesn’t care about it.”

“Quitela was taught a lesson” Beerus’ eyes lit up and he burst into laughter: “Hahaha, as expected of someone from Universe 7, he taught him a good lesson.

Otherwise that Quitela wouldn’t learn his lesson.”

“Let’s go, let’s go to Planet Hongshan and ask them if there are any other powerful Saiyans besides Planet Hongshan’s Saiyans.”

“Yes, Beerus-sama.” Whis agreed with a smile.

He can also conveniently buy some food on this trip to Planet Hongshan.

So Beerus jumped up and put his hand on Whis’s shoulder, and with a beam of light rushing out of the palace, both Whis and Beerus left God of Destruction’s Planet.

The starry sky in the mortal world, a beam of light streaked across the universe and arrived at Planet Hongshan a few minutes later.

“You want to ask about Super Saiyan God” Xiling looked at Beerus in surprise, while Whis looked at Xiling and the others as he recognized with just a glance that they had stepped into the Divine Realm, and couldn’t help showing a smile.

“Yes, tell me now, besides Planet Hongshan, are there any other powerful Saiyans out there.”

Beerus asked Xiling and others.

Even if he knew that Xiling and the others were also Super Saiyan God, Beerus had no desire to fight them, because they were all acquaintances, moreover he doesn’t think Xiling and the others would become his “arch-rival”.

The “arch-rival” from the prophecy is more likely to be another Saiyan who he hasn’t met before.

Xiling pondered for a moment before saying: “If you are talking about powerful Saiyans, there is Kakarrot and Vegeta, but they are still a long way from the Divine Realm.”

“Where are they” Beerus asked.

Whis checked it up in the crystal ball and replied, “The Saiyan named Kakarrot is currently on North Kai’s Planet, and the Vegeta is on a planet called Earth.” Then he replayed the scenes of Goku fighting Vegeta on Earth.

“North Kai’s Planet, I seem to have heard of it somewhere.”

“It’s Kai’s Planet that was once destroyed by Beerus-sama,” Whis said.

“Oh, that place!” Beerus remembered that there was indeed such a thing.

His golden eyes suddenly burst into a dazzling light and he shouted loudly: “Whis, let’s go to North Kai’s Planet straightaway.

I want to see whether that Kakarrot is the Super Saiyan God I am looking for before going to Earth.”

“Okay, Beerus-sama.”

Whis tapped the scepter, and the two of them headed towards Milky Way Galaxy’s North Kai’s Planet.

Looking at Whis and Beerus’ leaving back, Xiling’s lips curled into a smile as if she was about to see something very interesting and said, “Should we also go to Earth Maybe we will be able to see something interesting.”

“Can Kakarrot transform into Super Saiyan God He’s still far from the Divine Realm.” Myers was skeptical.

Xiling shook her head: “I don’t know, but the chances of Oracle Fish’s prediction being wrong is very low.”



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