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When living beings are alive, they embody various values, some are good and some are evil, but before freeing themselves from the shackles of laws, no matter who it is, they will ultimately face death, and death cannot be avoided because of your identity.

Mortals will die, gods will die, Supreme Kais will die, and even the powerful Gods of Destruction will die.

Every living being is equal in the face of death.

But as God of Destruction, Xiaya has the authority to decide the death of any living being ahead of their time without getting affected by any karma or judgment.

When Xiaya pointed his palm towards him, Dark Archwizard Desidra was officially sentenced to death.

When the shining purple Destruction Energy appeared in front of him like magnificent bright stars, Desidra felt a chill rise from the soles of his feet and he no longer had any ability to resist.

“Destruction Energy!” Xiaya spoke coldly and bright energy shot out of his palm.


Desidra’ face turned pale, he tried to struggle but was shocked to find that his body was turning to dust little by little, and he couldn’t resist at all.

Soon Desidra’s body turned to dust amidst miserable screams, and together with his soul, he was completely burned by Destruction Energy.

“The main culprit has been eradicated.” Xiaya said indifferently as he withdrew his palm and put it behind his back.

“Xiaya-sama, a lot of people escaped just now.” Kusu reminded him.

“Don’t worry, they can’t run away.” Xiaya said indifferently and walked out of Desidra’s castle with Kusu.

Then, he soared into the sky and looked far into the distance.

 Many tycoons who had heard the news were already fleeing Planet Wuta.

At this moment, it was non-stop raining outside and many people were moving back and forth.

Even the air of the whole crime-planet was pervaded with the smell of blood.

He lightly tapped on the ground and a light ray ran across the planet’s tectonic plates like cutting tofu.

Like a lightning bolt, it circled around the planet in the blink of an eye.

Crack, the ground slightly trembled before Planet Wuta was cut into two sections by a ‘knife’ like a sharp sword slashing a plastic ball.

“Ahhhh, what’s going on, how did the ground split…”

“The crack seems to be very long and deep.” Because of the limited line of sight, many people could only see the land on the opposite side moving away, and they didn’t even know that the planet they were on had been split in half.

“Not good, magma is spurting out, so hot, so hot!”

“Whoever saves me, I can give him a planet.”

Hot lava emerged from the ground and thick smoke permeated the air.

Countless people had no time to escape, and were swallowed by the lava amidst the tragic cries.

Xiaya and Kusu were floating in mid-air as they coldly watched, without a hint of waves in their hearts.

The living beings on this crime-planet deserve to die, and have lost the value of their existence.

Shaking their heads slightly, the two of them disappeared and arrived in outer space many kilometers away from Planet Wuta.

In the distance, Planet Wuta, which was split into two halves, was slowly breaking.

Lightning flashed and thunder rolled in the atmosphere, storms raged and the turbulent airflow was continuously dissipating into the void of the universe, as if doomsday had arrived.

Staring at everything in front of him, Xiaya’s eyes flashed with coldness, and he launched Destruction Energy towards the almost crumbling planet.

“Destruction Energy!”

With its fate already decided, Planet Wuta’s living beings had reached their end.

The powerful Destruction Energy expanded before it condensed into the size of a drop of water.

Then, it slowly fell down towards Planet Wuta, the purple light flickering, and it sank into the planet.

Planet Wuta’s time seemed to freeze before the drop of Destruction Energy instantly turned into an insatiable taotie as starting from the core of the planet, it swallowed the entire planet in one go.

In a blink of an eye, Planet Wuta disappeared.

The deep and vast void suddenly became quiet.

Even if a planet was missing, it did not have a profound impact on the surrounding starfields.

After a short period of turmoil, the universal starry sky returned to calmness.

Huge planets were steadily moving along their trajectories in orbit and the stars were still emitting warm light, but in the surrounding habitable zone, a planet had disappeared…

“Kusu, which planet is next” After destroying Planet Wuta, Xiaya asked Kusu.

He thought he would be feeling uncomfortable at using the power of God of Destruction to destroy a planet with living beings for the first time, but watching those living beings struggle as they died in front of him, Xiaya did not feel any fluctuations, instead felt refreshed in his heart.

The feeling was just like when he watched the Bofei Trading Center get destroyed in Universe 6.

“The next planet that needs to be destroyed is called Tudesco, which is only seven minutes away.” Kusu checked and reported the location of the next planet to Xiaya.

The responsibility of the Angel is to assist God of Destruction to complete the destruction mission in a timely manner, and at the same time shoulder the work of transporting God of Destruction.

Xiaya nodded, “Then let’s go to Planet Tudesco.”

There is a reason for every planet selected by Kusu to be destroyed.

Planet Wuta is because of disrupting the order between good and evil, and Planet Tudesco has another reason.

Of course, apart from these reasons, God of Destruction sometimes destroys planets according to their own preferences.

If they are unhappy or unsatisfied, it is common to destroy one or two planets at random.

Because God of Destruction themselves are in charge of destruction, the good and evil of the mortal world and even the Underworld cannot be traced to God of Destruction, nor will God of Destruction take it seriously.

In fact, the existence of God of Destruction is the law, and being chosen by God of Destruction is fate.

This is also the reason why many gods fear God of Destruction.

But there is a limit to everything.

If too many planets in the mortal world are destroyed, exceeding the creation speed of Supreme Kai, it will cause the universe to lose equilibrium, which is not allowed.

Therefore, when the God of Destruction’s behavior is too outrageous, Angels have to stop them.

Even though he was exercising the authority of God of Destruction for the first time, Xiaya’s character was quite good, and he didn’t have an unreasonable and eccentric nature like other Gods of Destruction.

Before Xiaya destroys a planet, he will personally go to investigate it.

So when Kusu told him the name of the planet, Xiaya went over to take a look.

Next, the two of them headed to Planet Tudesco, which was similar to Planet Wuta.

It is also a planet that has disrupted the order of the universe.

Then, gorgeous fireworks exploded in the dark starry sky, and Planet Tudesco turned into dust in the universe.

Actually, compared with Frieza’s small-scale activities in the Milky Way Galaxy, these planets that a God of Destruction personally needs to take action to destroy are completely one grade eviller.

In comparison, Frieza was pretty useless as he just did the business of selling planets.

From his current perspective, Frieza was really quite down-to-earth.

“Let’s go to the next planet.”

“Xiaya-sama, please wait a moment.”

Kusu had a smile on her face as she used the scepter to shift their position.

As evil planets disappeared from the universe, after destroying one hundred and thirty-five planets in a row, Xiaya finally completed this time’s mission abd maybe it will not be necessary to perform the task of destroying planets for a long time.

After returning to the God of Destruction’s Planet, Xiaya came to the palace where he lives, and sat down on a tree stump in front of the lake.

And he maintained this sitting position for three days.

Lush green grass swayed in the breeze, and the surface of the lake was clear and tranquil like a huge mirror, with only occasional ripples.

The warm rays of the morning sun were shining down from the sky as always, and mist was floating on the water surface.

Xiaya was sitting on the tree stump with his head lowered, meditating.

Destroying one hundred and thirty-five planets in a short period of time has caused him to redefine life and death.

Unconsciously, Destruction Energy within his body began to operate and Xiaya was instantly enlightened, and making use of this opportunity, he began to train.

He merged a portion of the essence of Destruction Energy with his “Annihilation” technique to gradually improve it.

The silver-gray ball jumped out and floated in front of his chest, constantly exuding a strange fluctuation…



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