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Planet Wuta, in a city that is overcast and rainy throughout the year and was filled with a debauched and corrupt environment, Tycoons from all over the universe come here to enjoy the pleasures of life.

Because it is a planet controlled by dark wizards, even Kami isn’t capable of intervening here.

The crime-planet has rain permeating the air, and the air was filled with an evil aura.

An ancient castle was standing on the tallest mountain range on the planet and tycoons who pass by here couldn’t help but come here to prostrate in worship.

According to legends, in the ancient castle, there lives a Wizard Desidra, who even gods fear.

He is a powerful wizard who had once caused chaos in the Underworld, then killed Kai and stepped into the world of the living.

In the depths of the castle, decorative trees were contaminated with a smell of blood.

Wizard Desidra was checking out the gifts presented by the tycoons, which were more than a dozen weak life planets.

“Sir Archwizard, look at these planets, each of them contains rich life energy.” A tycoon smiled and eagerly fawned on Wizard Desidra.

In the dozens of nearby star regions, there is no one who is not afraid of the mighty Archwizard.

Only by having a good relationship with the Archwizard can you live a comfortable and unrestrained life in the surrounding star regions.

Wizard Desidra is a yellow-skinned, emaciated old man with only a skeleton left.

He uses evil dark magic and can even refine the souls of the Underworld, so the people who falls into his hands not only loses their life, but even their soul finds it difficult to escape.

“Good, good.” Wizard Desidra’s hoarse voice was like a jammed cassette, terrifyingly gloomy and cold.

With these life energies, he can extend his life by several hundred years.

It’s a pity that its quality cannot be compared to high-level gods, otherwise he wouldn’t have to toil hard for thousands of years.

When he remembered the unforgettable feeling when he devoured the lifeforce of this galaxy’s Kai, his craving was again aroused.

“It’s good that the Archwizard is satisfied.

So, about the slave trade business”

“I’ll leave it to you, remember to pick the people with a pure soul and send them to me in the future.” Wizard Desidra said casually.

The tycoon smiled and hurriedly agreed: “Of course, of course, the best people would definitely belong to Your Excellency the Archwizard.

I just need the leftovers.”

Desidra was very satisfied with the other party’s attitude.

He waved him to step back, and then turned around to look at another tycoon.

“Archwizard, I have here…” The tycoon hurriedly rose slightly and stepped forward.

Every tycoon comes to the ancient castle in order to preserve their status, so of course he was very courteous to Wizard Desidra.

“Not bad, not bad, just keep working hard.” Gently patting the shoulder of the person in front of him, Desidra’ bony face revealed a creepy smile.

To him, these tycoons are like moving gourmet restaurants, constantly fulfilling his needs.

If one day he is not satisfied, he would just swallow them.

In the dozen or so star regions around here, no one is his match.


“This person is the source of evil” Outside the ancient castle, Xiaya and Kusu were floating in mid-air, the rain falling down was pushed aside by an invisible barrier.

Kusu’s eyes flashed as she said in a clear pleasant voice: “Yes, the dark Wizard Desidra first originated from the blood river of the Underworld.

After giving birth to consciousness, he continuously devoured the surrounding souls, and later disturbed the order of the Underworld and even Kai, who managed that area of galaxy, died at his hands.”

“After Desidra came to Planet Wuta, he went one step further and his tentacles have already reached more than a dozen nearby star regions.”

With his eyebrows furrowed, Xiaya nodded after hearing this.

The area of ​​a dozen star regions is equivalent to the size of Universe 7’s East Area.

The birth of this Wizard Desidra has a bit of a Janemba feeling, but I don’t know how powerful he is

Waving his hand, Xiaya and Kusu landed on the ground, then blasted open the door and swaggered in.

“Boom…” The loud noise of the door breaking alarmed everyone in the castle.

The faces of Wizard Desidra and the tycoons who had come from all over the world changed drastically.

Archwizard’s face was gloomy as his turbid eyes burst out with a cold light and a bloody aura permeated the entire castle.

“Who the hell is so daring”

Wizard Desidra shouted in a grim tone.

His powerful aura caused the entire room to become extremely chaotic, and a storm was raised in the room as if experiencing the baptism of a powerful hurricane.

The tycoon’s faces immediately changed when Desidra got angry and ran to hide behind their bodyguards.

Desidra looked towards the door with a sinister look in his eyes and saw a red-haired man strutting in, followed by a little girl holding a scepter.

“Hahaha, so it’s just an ordinary person and a little girl.

Don’t you know where this place is Are you in a hurry to die” Desidra said coldly, his voice carrying a bloody and cruel killing intent.

With his hands behind his back, Xiaya disdainfully glanced at Wizard Desidra and a hint of disappointment flashed in his eyes.

He thought that Desidra would be same as Janemba, but he didn’t expect him to not even have the strength of a Super Saiyan 1.

Such a guy didn’t interest him at all.

At the same time, he sighed that even someone like him could rule a huge starfield equivalent to the size of the East Area.

From this, it can be seen how weak Universe 10 is.

“Disappointing!” Xiaya was expressionless.

The disdain in his eyes deeply irritated Wizard Desidra.

He was burning with fury, like a volcano about to erupt.

No one had dared to look down on him like this.

“It seems you are just asking to get killed!!” Desidra’s whole body became even colder, and the surrounding temperature dropped to the freezing point.

When those tycoons saw this, they all turned pale and stepped back with their bodyguards, because the angry Wizard Desidra wouldn’t distinguish between them and enemies, and they did not want to be innocently implicated.

“Xiaya-sama, he is angry!”

Kusu put one of her hands behind her back and the other hand held the scepter as she said with a chuckle.

At this moment, she looked very different from the lively little girl from before.

Xiaya’s face became indifferent and he said expressionlessly: “Then grant him destruction.”

“You guys are really daring.” Being ignored again, the power of darkness gushed out from Desidra and swept towards Xiaya and Kusu.

However, what happened next made his soul tremble.

When the man in front of him faced his technique which he was very proud of, he unexpectedly didn’t dodge, instead he just gently blew a breath and like blowing out the small flame on a candle, Desidra’s terrifying attack which was enough to destroy a planet instantly turned into smoke and disappeared.

The place suddenly became dead silent, and even the slight tremor from the insects crawling on the ground could be heard.

“Thump, thump…” Heart trembling violently, his pupils shrank slightly and cold sweat dripped down from Desidra’s forehead.

His bony, yellow face was still, looking very comical.

“The attack of His Majesty the Archwizard was completely useless.”

“That young man is so powerful.”

“Look at his eyes, the silver pupils look so frightening.”

“He is even more powerful than Wizard Desidra…”

“Oh no, let’s quickly escape!”

Seeing the Wizard Desidra losing, who was omnipotent in their hearts, the tycoons realized how frightening this man was and hurriedly urged their bodyguards to take them away.

Looking coldly at those tycoons leaving, Xiaya sneered and ignored them, but since he had come to Planet Wuta as God of Destruction, how could he let these people leave easily

“Who the hell are you” Desidra had already admitted defeat.

“The one in front of you is God of Destruction Xiaya-sama!” Kusu introduced in a timely manner.

“God of Destruction…” Desidra paused for a while, he didn’t know what god was a God of Destruction.

Above King of Hell was Kai, above Kai was Grand Kai, and as for God of Destruction, he had never heard of them, but this did not prevent him from feeling afraid of Xiaya.

But as he looked at those indifferent silver eyes, he could only think that a supreme god would have such a frightening look in their eyes!


Without any expression on his face, Xiaya relaxedly extended his hand from behind his back, raised his palm at Desidra and said in a cold voice: “The order of good and evil is related to the working of the universe.

Desidra, your actions have threatened the order of the universe.


“Now I grant you destruction!”

Living beings may be born rich or poor, noble or lowly, but only destruction is equal.



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