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A few years ago, Xiaya realized that high-end fighting force in Universe 10 was too rare, so after some thinking, he told Kusu to carefully select a dozen or so talented warriors from the mortal world to enter the Creating God Star for training, and Obuni is one of them, who has now taken firm strides in Creating God Star.

“I can enter the 288th floor in a few days.”

Obuni made a rough estimate, and then vigorously continued to train hard.

The higher the level, the more difficult it is to break through.

On the 288th floor, if he wish to break through, he would need strength close to Super Saiyan 3 level.

He cherished this opportunity very much, so he has been training diligently.

The magic of Creating God Star is not only reflected in the strengthening of his power, but also in the improvement of his own dimension.

Every training is actually a sublimation of the body and soul.

Feeling the mysterious aura emanating from the Creating God Star all the time, the hidden potential of Obuni was being unearthed little by little.

He is very fortunate that he had the opportunity to be selected by God of Destruction-sama, thus attaining such great progress.

So, he was very grateful to Xiaya and Kusu.

Time slowly passed, and when Obuni entered the 288th floor, the scenery in front of him changed.

The field of ice and snow was instantly replaced by blazing heat.

A scorching sun was in the sky, and an endless gray desert in front of him.

Every blowing wind brought with it scorching heat, as if it would roast people alive.

Sweat dripping down his cheeks, Obuni was flying inside the desert.

For an expert like Obuni, mere deserts are nothing, and he could pass through it in an instant, but the desert in Creating God Star seemed to be endless.

When the energy in his body was mostly used up, he still couldn’t see the end of the desert which was pervaded with yellow sand everywhere.

An extremely heavy feeling gushed out of his heart and his lips were starting to dry out.

When Obuni’s consciousness was getting a little blurry, the surrounding scenery changed again.

He suddenly entered a valley with lush vegetation, bamboo forests scattered all over.

There was a bridge over running water and a murmuring stream was flowing down moss-growing stone steps.

Beside the green trees and black stones, a bamboo building was built.

The valley was like a fairyland, completely different from the desert outside.

Puzzled, Obuni walked towards the bamboo building.

When Obuni was close to it, the door opened and a young man with red hair came out.

His silver eyes were as flawless as the bright moon, and his whole body exuded a supreme aura.

The moment Obuni saw him, he could feel a great pressure on his soul.

A hint of surprise appeared on Obuni’s face as he recognized the other’s identity and bowed respectfully.

“God of Destruction-sama, why are you here”

Obuni recognized the person who had appeared in front of him and it was surprisingly Universe 10’s God of Destruction, the most noble god in the entire universe.

Xiaya smiled as he looked at Obuni.

With a simple glance, he completely saw through Obuni and nodded: “Not bad, you have become much stronger than few years ago.”

“This is because this place Creating God Star is truly magical, and I have benefited a lot from it.” Obuni said earnestly and respectfully.

Xiaya beckoned Obuni to come over, and they both sat on both sides of a stone table.

Then, Xiaya said: “Although our Universe 10’s ranking is not bad among all universes, the number of experts is too small.

If there is a conflict between universes in the future, it will be very unfavorable to us.”

Even though the overall strength of Universe 10 is strong, the parameters considered are really unfair.

It is undeniable that the civilization level and martial strength index are important parameters to measure the development of a universe, but if you only calculate the average value, you will miss a lot of things.

As Universe 10 is now, all the comprehensive values ​​look very good, but when you remove the strong experts, they are very shabby among all the universes.

Obuni also roughly knows the situation of his universe, and because of this, God of Destruction in front of him has opened Creating God Star, allowing a certain number of mortal world’s experts to enter for training.

He immediately stated: “I’ll continue to work hard and meet the expectations of God of Destruction-sama as soon as possible.”

Waving his hand, Xiaya smiled casually, “Obuni, you have been training in Creating God Star for more than six years, right”

“Yes, God of Destruction-sama.” Obuni replied.

“Well, it’s been a long time…” Xiaya muttered to himself and said, “You’ve been staying here for more than 6 years, your family must be a little worried.

I came here to give you a vacation so that you can go back for a reunion…Training shouldn’t be rushed.

With a change in mindset, you may have a better chance of breakthrough.”

Xiaya know that Obuni has a family on his home planet.

He has been out for so many years, it’s time for him to go back and visit them.

“God of Destruction-sama, thank you very much.” Obuni bowed his head gratefully.

In fact, in the last one year, he has been missing his family more and more.

It was only because this training opportunity was very rare that he suppressed the feeling of homesickness.

Now that Xiaya has made such arrangements for him, he has an indescribable feeling in his heart.

Xiaya smiled.

He was quite satisfied with Obuni.

A warrior like this who cares for his family is exactly what Universe 10 needs.

He instructed Kusu to take Obuni back to his home planet to reunite with his family, while Xiaya wandered around the floors of the Creating God Star, and met a few other warriors who were training in Creating God Star.

Although not as outstanding as Obuni, their progress was also quite evident.

Xiaya does not need them to advance by leaps and bounds during every battle.

After all, there are not many powerful beings in the universe.

Sometimes a long life does not represent powerful strength.

It will take some time for the experts of Universe 10 to become stronger.

Standing on the highest floor of Creating God Star, this is the smallest part of the entire Creating God Star.

In the small area at the top, there was only a revolving altar surrounded by purple radiance.

Creating God Star is a trial ground for grooming God of Destruction.

When ordinary beings reach this level, they are normally at the second level of Divine Realm.

But right now, Creating God Star is a cradle for Xiaya to groom newcomers.

If the challengers are put into Creating God Star, maybe they will soon be able to groom a few strong experts.

Of course, Xiaya will not abuse the Creating God Star too much which is in line with the principle of quality before quantity.

A light flashed beside him, and Kusu’s delicate figure, “Xiaya-sama, I have sent Obuni back.”

“Umm.” Xiaya nodded calmly and said, “Give those martial artists a proper vacation in the future.

If Universe 10 wants to groom powerful experts, it cannot be rushed.

It is going to be a very long affair.”


“Let’s finish the mission of God of Destruction next.” Xiaya said with a laugh.

“Yes, let me choose a target.” Kusu’s eyes curled into a smiling expression, then she flipped through the previously searched planets and identified a planet.

The crystal ball above the scepter glowed with green light before a planet appeared in the void.

“Planet Wuta, a planet controlled by dark wizards, has violated the laws of the universe for many years, disrupting the order between good and evil and even a bad incident of Kai dying has happened before.” Kusu recommended expressionlessly, her expression had completely changed as if entering work mode.

Xiaya’s eyes flashed with coldness, “Then, it will be this planet.”

“Xiaya-sama, let’s go right away, it will take about twelve minutes.”

Kusu did not let Xiaya use Instant Transmission, instead she used Warp.

Xiaya shrugged and agreed at Kusu’s insistence.

Colorful rays of light flashed and the top of the Creating God Star became empty with only the lonely altar rotating aimlessly…


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