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After returning to Planet Hongshan, Xiaya and the others did not again start training, instead they chose to have a proper rest.

They understand that on the path of martial arts, one has to have proper rest after hard training.

If their mental state is too tense, sometimes it can be counterproductive.

Moreover, they had just made a breakthrough, so they were not in a hurry to start training again for a short while.

And it just happened that Xiang, Xili and others were not on Planet Hongshan, so they discussed and went on a stroll outside.

First, they went to Planet Meishan, the companion planet of Planet Hongshan to play for a few days, and then went to other planets in the Milky Way Galaxy…

With the rise of Saiyans of Planet Hongshan, Planet Meishan, who took a ride on their coattails, were living very comfortably.

Feidaya people do not have to worry about their safety being challenged by other races in the universe, so they wholeheartedly devote themselves to the research of science and technology as well as the commercial activities outside of Planet Hongshan.

Moreover, with the help of the Galactic Patrol Organization that has been rebuilt and their size expanded, their reputation, just like Saiyans, has spread across the universe…

The spaceship that Xiaya and the others are traveling in is the technological creation of the Feidaya people.

The spaceship combined with the function of Hoi-Poi Capsule is more like a villa that can stop in any corner of the universe for Xiaya and the others.

Its interior decoration was luxurious and its comprehensive features were definitely a favorite, but its price was not cheap.

Just like that, Xiaya toured outside for a while, until Kusu came back from Universe 6, and they stopped their relaxing days.

“Xiaya-sama, you have reached the fourth level of the Divine Realm.

This is a level that no God of Destruction has ever reached!” Kusu was pleasantly surprised by Xiaya’s breakthrough, and her beautiful face was full of smiles.

The God of Destruction she is serving has achieved the fourth level of the Divine Realm.

Now, she can boast about it to all the Angels for a long time.

“Fortunately, it was a natural breakthrough.” Xiaya couldn’t hide the smile in his eyes.

There is still a long way to go in the future, but anyone would be happy on being praised.

“Xiaya-sama is the best.”

Kusu couldn’t help nodding, and suddenly said: “But I seem to have heard other Angels say that in a certain universe in the Multiverse, there are strong mortals who are stronger than a God of Destruction.”

“There are such people” Xiaya suddenly became interested.

“I’ve only heard about it, I don’t know if it’s true or not, but if there are people in the universe that can surpass the level of God of Destruction, then they must be at the peak of the second level of the Divine Realm.

If such people inherit the position of God of Destruction, their strength might be able to reach a very high level in no time…”

“But I have never met such a person, and these rumors were first circulated among Gods of Destruction, and may not be true.”

Actually, she doesn’t think there are such people.

In the entire Multiverse, there are not even many experts who have reached the second level of the Divine Realm.

For such a heaven-defying person to be born among such a small number, it is like holding a laser pen on Earth and randomly shooting a beam towards the sky, and it will accurately hit a pebble the size of a mung bean in space, which is almost impossible.

In other universes, there may be several experts at the second level of Divine Realm, but it would be an exaggeration for them to be so heaven-defying.

These rumors may just be lies made up by Gods of Destruction when they bicker with each other.

As for the expert surpassing God of Destruction level that Kusu mentioned, Xiaya also thinks it is impossible.

If such an expert existed, he should have been widely known throughout the Multiverse long ago or at the least Kusu should have known their name.

However, despite thinking so, it left a shadow in Xiaya’s heart.

Speaking of experts, Universe 7 is undoubtedly very powerful now.

In comparison, Universe 10 is very shabby.

So Xiaya asked about the situation of mortal world’s experts who were training on Universe 10’s God of Destruction Planet.

“It has already been many years since they have been training on Creating God Star, so there should be a few who showed good results, right” Xiaya asked.

Kusu picked up the scepter and tapped the crystal ball twice and God of Destruction’s Planet immediately appeared on it.

Kusu narrowed her eyes and observed it.

“Xiaya-sama, there is already a warrior who has become very strong.

On the basis of Battle Power, he has almost 17 billion Battle Power.”

This Battle Power is already quite high, a bit close to Super Saiyan3.

Xiaya asked with interest: “What’s this person’s name”

“His name is Obuni.

He is the most powerful warrior in Universe 10.

He used to have only 5.5 billion Battle Power before, but after more than six years of training on Creating God Star, his Battle Power has reached 17 billion.” Kusu knows about Obuni quite well, after all, he is the strongest person in Universe 10.

Obuni, Xiaya muttered this name.

He knows about this person.

Obuni used to be only a little bit more powerful than Super Saiyan 2, but he did not expect him to reach so close to Super Saiyan 3 level in just six years.

After a few more years of training, he may even achieve the strength of Super Saiyan 3.

“What about the others” Xiaya asked about other people’s situation.

Kusu said: “Although the rest are not as good as Obuni, they have improved a lot.

Another person named Rubalt has also gotten stronger and reached 3.4 billion Battle Power.”

“Umm.” Xiaya nodded slightly, gaining a little understanding of the situation in Universe 10.

It may be a bit embarrassing to say but the most powerful group of people in Universe 10 may not even be placed among the top level on Planet Hongshan.

Of course, a part of the reason for such a situation is because of the former God of Destruction Rumsshi.

The brute strength factor cannot be eliminated in a short time.

It must be known that even Kusu was led astray by him.

Another reason for it is that the races of Universe 10 are a little mediocre.

Even though the overall ranking of Universe 10 seems to be very high, but in terms of the number and quality of experts, they are not even as good as the lower-ranked Universe 7.

“By the way, as God of Destruction of Universe 10, I should also do my duty.

Which planets in Universe 10 need to be destroyed”

After all, Xiaya’s identity is the God of Destruction of Universe 10.

Although he has been staying in Universe 7 for a long time, things still needed to be done to maintain the order of the universe.

It is his job to destroy the unsuitable and wrong planets.

Hearing Xiaya taking the initiative to mention the work, Kusu smiled.

In fact, God of Destruction’s work is very simple, even if you sleep all day like God of Destruction Beerus, it’s fine as long as you remember your mission when you wake up and go out to destroy a few planets.

If the God of Destruction refuses to fulfill their duties, then Angels have the responsibility to remind them.

Raising the scepter, Kusu investigated and picked out some unqualified planets.

“Xiaya-sama, there are a total of 135 planets that need to be destroyed.

Their existence has created negative energy in the universe.”

Ordinary darkness or evil, as long as they do not affect the operations of the universe, Angels and God of Destruction will just stand by and watch indifferently, because from their point of view, the greater good and evil in the world have no meaning to them.

Evil and kindness are all man-made definitions, and such standards are somewhat narrow.

And God of Destruction doesn’t care about that.

Standing at a higher point of view, the only thing God of Destruction needs to eliminate are the negative elements that are harmful to the entire universe.

As a God of Destruction, Xiaya sometimes has to learn God of Destruction Beerus’ indifference and ruthlessness towards life…


Universe 10, God of Destruction’s Planet.

The black spherical Creating God Star was floating in the blue sky of God of Destruction’s Planet.

The huge spheroid was blocking the sunlight, projecting a circular shadow on the planet.

On Creating God Star’s 287th floor, what entered the line of sight was a landscape of ice and snow.

A cold wind was blowing which grazed past the face like a knife, and white hoarfrost was falling from tree branches.

In this cold and frigid place, there was only one person who insisted on training here, and he is Obuni, the most outstanding person of Universe 10.



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