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Time passed and one could hardly feel the flow of time during the training.

When Xiaya went into seclusion to train in space.

On Planet Hongshan, Xiling and Myers, who had already stepped into the boundary of Divine Realm, finally broke through.

One day, golden rays of light covered the sky of the entire Planet Hongshan.

Unlike those Saiyan Gods who transform using a shortcut method, Xiling and Myers, who have walked to the end of the path of god training by relying completely on their own strength, have finally finished their preparations.

After nearly 30 years of painstaking training, they finally reached the Divine Realm – turning into Super Saiyan God.

And as soon as they broke through, they surpassed an ordinary Super Saiyan God and reached a relatively high level of the first level of Divine Realm.

Looking at Xiling and Myers, whose bodies were shining with a red halo, 18 revealed a surprise look.

It’s not that she has never seen a Super Saiyan God, but those Super Saiyan Gods were only able to achieve the transformation with a shortcut method.

Compared with the current appearance of Xiling and Myers, they essentially lack a certain charm and this difference is particularly obvious in their dimension.

Sensing the inexhaustible energy flowing within her body, Xiling’s mouth curled up in joy.

“Lazuli, let me have a taste of your strength.” Xiling said to 18 as her bright red hair fluttered in the wind.

“I want to test it too.” Myers suddenly appeared in front of 18 and said.

“Okay.” 18 agreed readily.

Of course, if they wanted to fight, they definitely couldn’t do it on Planet Hongshan.

So, they immediately teleported to an empty outer space and a fierce fight started.

Since Super Saiyan God also has formidable recovery ability, 18 couldn’t defeat Xiling quickly.

“How could the energy of a Super Saiyan God last so long” A hint of surprise flashed in 18’s beautiful eyes.

If it wasn’t for her unlimited stamina, she wouldn’t have been able to handle it.

Their fight continued for dozens of minutes, until the surrounding starry sky had shattered.

Because neither side revealed their aura, no one knew that such a fierce battle was going on in the mortal world.

“I lost.” Xiling landed on a meteorite fragment and shook her head regretfully.

Even though she is a Super Saiyan God, she still can’t compare to Androids in a protracted fight.

Xiling initially had hope of winning, but because of 18’s near-perfect physique, after missing the best opportunity, the hope was very slim.

“Let me try it next.” Myers, who was already in Super Saiyan God state, excitedly joined the fight.


After the specular fight, Xiling and Myers were gasping for breath while sweating, and 18 had been calm from the beginning, but the shock in her eyes could not be concealed.

If it wasn’t for her physique, she might have lost at the very beginning.

“Lazuli is getting more and more impressive.” Xiling was standing on a meteorite to recover her strength.

Her clothes were torn apart by the fight, revealing the fair skin inside.

“You are also very impressive.” 18 smiled humbly, but she could not hide the joy in her heart.

“By the way, Universe King has left you with a lot of knowledge, tell us about it.” Now that Myers has reached the Divine Realm, of course, she must train hard and gradually catch up with Xiaya.

“Umm.” 18 nodded and began to impart Universe King’s knowledge.

Perhaps it was because they had reached Divine Realm, when they again listened to 18 this time, Xiling and Myers both felt different from the last time.

Their eyebrows were slightly furrowed, as if pondering.

Soon, their eyebrows became smooth.

Listening to it again, they had a completely different realization.

Maybe they can make further progress in the future, because they found that the knowledge imparted by Universe King is not the training method that requires tempering time and space like Xiaya, and it is also different from the knowledge imparted by Whis.

Although the training method looks simple and crude, there is a fineness in the crudeness.

These may be the characteristics of Angel Realm’s training.

It is somewhat compatible with Whis’s training method, but also very mysterious.

This method is a bit like a force-breaker, perfect for Saiyans and Androids.

Then the three of them trained in the void, and before they knew it, more than two months had passed.

When Xiaya came back, he immediately looked for Xiling and the others who were training in the void.

Although the three girls were surprised that the color of Xiaya’s hair had changed a little, the overall color was still red.

Myers chattered and told him about her attainment and immediately turned into Super Saiyan God in front of Xiaya.

Seeing that both Xiling and Myers had broken through, Xiaya smiled happily.

If you count the time, as long as the story line remains unchanged, in less than a year, Goku and Vegeta will successively reach Super Saiyan God realm.

Although the transformation would be achieved using a shortcut, it is still the first level of Divine Realm.

Wouldn’t it have been very embarrassing if Xiling and the others hadn’t broken through by then

Now Xiling and Myers’ successful breakthrough has brought a nice surprise to Xiaya.

However, Xiaya did not forget to warn them: “If you want to advance to the second level of Divine Realm, you need to concentrate on comprehensive training.

Don’t be careless just because you became a Super Saiyan God, and also don’t be in a rush for quick results and focus on making a breakthrough in the Realm.”

Xiaya was worried that Xiling and Myers, who have become Super Saiyan God, would neglect Realm because they are eager to achieve quick results and only focus on making breakthroughs in their strength.

This was also the case with Goku and Vegeta in the original work’s storyline.

After reaching Super Saiyan God level in Realm and strength, they developed Super Saiyan Blue form because they paid too much attention to making a breakthrough in strength.

If strictly considered, Super Saiyan Blue form is undoubtedly also the second level of Divine Realm, but because Goku and Vegeta were quite forceful when they transformed Super Saiyan God, it can be said that they took a shortcut and later gave up on the advantages of Realm.

So, the strength that Super Saiyan Blue could exhibit was only at the late stage of the first level of Divine Realm.

And did not achieve the foundation matching that of the second level of Divine Realm at all.

The perfect “Super Saiyan Blue Divine Realm’s second level” should be after reaching Full Power Super Saiyan Blue, one had to seal all the energy in the body and regain the state of Super Saiyan God.

Xiling couldn’t help rolling her eyes at Xiaya’s constant chatter.

After so many years, it’s not like they didn’t know this.

How could they do things like that which would destroy their future!

“Don’t worry about it, we know the importance of Realm and won’t be in a hurry for quick results.

Moreover, Lazuli still has so much knowledge stored in her brain, enough for us to seriously ponder over it.”

Xiling patted her chest, full of confidence in herself.

Don’t look at the fact that it took them twenty or thirty years to reach the Divine Realm.

They had both been accumulating their foundation.

Now that they are well prepared and have carefully studied the information, their subsequent breakthroughs will naturally be very smooth.

Seeing that Xiling and the others had listened to his words, Xiaya looked at their beautiful faces, shook his head and smiled.

After that, they talked about a few more other things before preparing to return to Planet Hongshan.



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