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While Xiang brought Caulifla to meet her brother, on Planet Hongshan, in the deep and tranquil starry sky, there were energy particles scattered in the void of the universe, emitting red lights like a burning fireball.

Near the sun, a small figure was quietly floating in the void.

On the surface of the star, scorching fires were surging wildly, ejecting a large number of energy particles into space.

Xiaya was quietly sitting cross-legged, allowing the solar storms shooting out to hit his body, but they were blocked by a magical barrier a few inches from his skin.

His mind was calm and invisible inside his body, a drop of dark golden droplet was spinning rapidly, slowly expanding.

The dark golden energy source that was the fusion of space-time ability, Dragon God’s power and God of Destruction’s power was taking in and sending out the energy from the outside world, and every time it happened, subtle changes were occurring to it.

Especially after obtaining the second portion of Destruction Energy, the surface of the dark-gold droplet was dyed with a layer of purple radiance and dense purple-gold light rays were floating on the surface of the droplet.

As the dark golden energy source gradually transformed into purple gold, Xiaya’s tightly locked eyebrows gradually smoothened out as if he was experiencing great enjoyment.

For him, training was no longer a boring repetition, instead it has become a very interesting thing.


The old cells were igniting little by little and were replaced with new cells dyed with purple-gold radiance.

As the cells in his body continued to change, Xiaya could feel his power constantly increasing.

Now is the critical time for him to transform to the fourth level of Divine Realm.

He opened his eyes and a cold light flashed in the silver eyes, and a powerful pressure erupted out from his body, distorting the space-time in front of him.

Crash, the sparkling space shattered into pieces like glass.

He raised his hand, and silver-gray energies jumped between his hands, and as if time was flowing backwards, the current strangeness directly clashed against his senses, and it seemed as if everything was becoming strange.

At the same time, Xiaya’s spirit came out of his body, passed through Universe 7, crossed the Multiverse, and finally entered the vast sea of space-time.

In that colorful space, four huge deep blue Multiverses were suspended quietly.

Xiaya was like a bystander at this moment, quietly watching the changes in time and space in the Multiverses.

Time flew by.

Like a boundless slender picture scroll slowly unfolding in front of him.

Time was no longer so mysterious at this moment.

If a God of Time wants to continue advancing, they have to transcend the limitations of space-time.

If it was an ordinary God of Time, at this time, they should be starting to fuse all the individuals of parallel universes, so as to achieve the unification of multiple space-time, not changing with space-time, but jumping outside of space-time.

However, Xiaya is different.

Because there are no other “him” in the other parallel universes, he only needs to wait calmly for a while before his body will complete the transformation.

At this moment, the energy in his body suddenly expanded like a big fireball.

Then a crack appeared in the void, and a supreme law descended.

Xiaya knew that it was the unification law of the Time Realm, so he did not resist and let it transform his body.

He only needs to take this one step, and he will enter the fourth level of Divine Realm.

The biggest trait of a God of Time who has reached the fourth level of Divine Realm is that they are unique in all worlds, and individual changes will no longer occur due to space-time splitting, that is, they would be free from the restrictions of space-time powers.


Great distortions appeared in space and it was full of stickiness like glue.

Countless indistinct tentacles extended out that coincide with the laws of mathematics, constantly turning over, extending and shrinking.

At this time, Xiaya finally completed his transformation.

He could be seen standing in the void, surrounded by surging space-time energy.

His pair of silver-gray eyes were as calm as the surface of a lake and his crimson hair were dyed in a layer of purple-gold brilliance.

Xiaya did not have a trace of aura on his body, but when he raised his hands and stamped his foot, he exuded an overwhelming pressure.

“The fourth level of Divine Realm! My strength has finally reached the level of an Angel.” Xiaya recovered from his dazed state and his body twisted slightly, causing light “crack” sounds from all over his body.

His heart erupts out with an inexplicable refreshing feeling.

He stared into the distance and saw a space that was no longer empty.

In the silver-gray radiance, he seemed to be able to see through the past of time and space.

With a single clench of his fist, he seemed to be able to grasp the past in his hands.

“Such a carefree and unrestricting feeling, as if the sea of ​space-time is no longer so mysterious.”

Xiaya smiled slightly.

Of course, this feeling is just an illusion.

With his current strength, it is naturally impossible for him to reach into the past, because that is the realm that only God of Time at the fifth level of Divine Realm can achieve.

For example, in the eyes of the Great Heaven Official, the past and the future are all chaos mixed together.

But after entering the fourth level of Divine Realm, the changes in all of his senses were obvious.

He raised his hand, and “Energy of Destruction” rose in his left hand, the starlight entwining around a small purple ball, and then he raised his right hand, and a silver-coloured “Extinction” emerged.

He dispersed the Energy of Destruction, leaving behind only the “Extinction” composed of space-time ability.

After entering the fourth level of Divine Realm, Xiaya slightly understood the essence of “Extinction”.

In this small water ball, he could seemingly see energy that can destroy the ancient past.

“Extinction energy can eliminate the enemy’s past.

Such a characteristic is definitely not of an ordinary space-time ability.”

Xiaya stared at the silver water ball in his hands.

This small water ball, in his eyes, is no longer a simple offensive technique, but a key to a higher level.

Among the powers bestowed by Time Realm, Extinction skill is clearly something that a God of Time should not have.

Its characteristic of destroying the space-time karma is not only resetting of the space-time, but also protecting space-time order.

It is too profound and he can’t comprehend it at the moment.

But he has a feeling that if he wants to reach the fifth level of Divine Realm in the future, which is like the realm of Great Heaven Official (Xiaya does not know that Great Heaven Official has surpassed Divine Realm), then he must comprehend the underlying relationship between past, present and future in space-time.

After thinking for a while, he sat cross-legged in the void again without any clue and another silver-gray energy formed in his chest.

“After reaching the fourth level of Divine Realm, it seems Energy of Destruction is clearly no longer at high-level, and God of Time’s ‘Extinction’ is too profound to be used easily.

Now I can only continue to improve my ‘Annihilation’ technique.”

“Annihilation” is a technique that he simulated using space-time ability with God of Destruction’s “Destruction Energy” technique as the foundation.

Now that space-time ability has been greatly improved, “Annihilation” naturally also became stronger.

But looking at this technique with his current perspective, the techniques that were considered perfect in the past are no longer so perfect and they still need further improvement.

“I’ll continue improving it, maybe it can surpass Destruction Energy in the future.”

As he thought of this, Xiaya started deep level training to further improve his skills.


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