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The desolate planet.

Unknowingly, one month passed and Planet Vegeta was still safe and sound.

Adri and others were finally able to cast aside their worries, but just in case, Xiaya did not take them back to Planet Vegeta, and also did not send to Planet Hongshan, but let them stay in the gravity training machine and do simple training exercises.

After this incident, Adri and others also clearly realized that their strength in comparison to genuine experts was still much lacking, so they had a change of heart and wholeheartedly put their hearts on training.

However, as veteran warriors and after being proficient a bit in the concept of “Ki”, they naturally realized that training was a step-by-step process that involves hard-work and relaxation side by side.

Working too hard can sometimes be counterproductive instead.

Appropriate leisure is necessary.

They were not like Shaque and others, those young people in their growth period and have vibrant cells, and were in their prime time for increasing strength.

Naturally, even if they are in their prime time, they should only do what they can, and not tire out their bodies.

No.3 Gravity Machine.

Several members of the Adri Squad were sitting on the floor in a circle while eating and chatting, and next to them were placed several plates of appetizers.

“I say Adri, since we have obtained these gravity training machines, it seems your training speed have increased!” The rough middle-aged Palladi sat cross-legged on the floor, gorging down the delicacies.

Captain has always been the one with the highest Battle Power among the few of them, and after obtaining the gravity machine, his strength has increased by a lot.

To be honest, he was very envious of Adri’s training progress!

“Ha ha ha, this is because I work much harder than you, if you work hard like me, your strength will surely increase very fast.”

Adri laughed heartily and stuffed a hyacinth bean into his mouth, feeling very happy.

His Battle Power had already reached 15200, there were not many on Planet Vegeta who have Battle Power higher than him.

This would have been unimaginable to even think about in the past, but now not only has it become a reality, he is also confident that he will become even more stronger in future.

Only recently his growth speed has significantly slowed down making him wake up from the excitement.

“Come on, it’s because Xiaya is not there to give me pointers, If I could also compare notes with Xiaya all day long, then I would have definitely already surpassed you!”

Palladi curled his lips with disdain, but he was envious that captain could have Xiaya such a pair of children, look at their strength, it already exceeds theirs by several thousand.

So far, in the Adri Squad except for Adri and Rebecca, others Battle Power was still lingering around 12,000.

The strongest Brook’s Battle Power was nearing 13000, but compared to captain, there was still a significant difference which was further gradually widening!

Although Adri’s recent growth has decreased, it was still an enviable speed compared to them.

Adri laughed out loud, he was able to elevate it so fast, of course, there is the gravity machine, but comparing notes with Xiaya also had a lot of effect on his advancement.

After he had laughed, Adri’s face became serious as he said to everyone: “Currently, the number of Saiyans on Planet Hongshan are already reaching 3,000.

Xiaya told me that another 15,000 people will be evacuated when Planet Vegeta gets destroyed.”

“And except some of them that might get killed in battle at the time of Planet Vegeta’s destruction, a conservative estimate is that more than 12,000 Saiyans will appear on Planet Hongshan!”

“12000 ah! It’s not small”

“Yeah, it’s already quite a lot…”

Everyone whispered in amazement, then stopped speaking.

More than 10,000 Saiyan can survive is already a lot, but compared to the millions at their prime, this number was really somewhat shabby.

In future, Saiyans will really became sparse.

They only hold one thought in their heart —–Saiyans can not decline from now on!

“Right, I think King Vegeta may have already realized what we have been doing.” Adri suddenly changed the topic and said.

“Impossible, if King Vegeta had really realized that we secretly evacuated people, why was there not any reaction” Palladi looked surprised.

“The reason why he did not react, I think he is obviously feigning ignorance!” Brook coldly smiled.

“What good is it to him”

“One possibility is that his preparations are at the critical moment, so there is no room for any mishap.

Civil strife occurring at this time is not advantageous for him.”

Their Battle Power was already more than 10,000, and if a civil war were to break out for mere three thousand Low-level Warriors, Saiyan race’s strength will surely get weakened, which King Vegeta was not willing to see.

“He is planning to settle accounts after the rebellion”

Alice raised her eyebrows, she was the youngest among them and usually the most lively of all.

“Maybe that’s the plan, but it’s not going to happen until the defeat of Frieza, and in case of failure, they would be in no position to discuss.

Actually, I think King Vegeta might also want to leave Saiyan race a way out.”

Adri opened his mouth and said.

Adri’s words silenced everyone, they were adults and had to take all factors into consideration.

King Vegeta let them take people away without any other considerations.

The truth that ‘don’t put all eggs in one basket’* everyone could understand, no reason King Vegeta also couldn’t.

Perhaps, King Vegeta is already prepared for the worst.

[TL: *One should not concentrate all efforts and resources in one area as one could lose everything.]

Then, is it possible for King Vegeta to give up on the rebellion against Frieza

Thinking of the question of giving up, because of the Saiyan pride, death is preferable to dishonor, how could they become afraid of fighting! It can be said to be foolhardiness, in any case, King Vegeta could not tolerate Saiyan bending their knees and serve before Frieza.

Of course, the more important reason is that King Vegeta is not well aware of Frieza’s horror.

If he was, he would probably wouldn’t have such thoughts.

Just as he could put down his kingly arrogance in the presence of God of Destruction.

Strength differs to a certain extent, yielding to a strong man does not mean losing dignity and at least feel better in heart.

“However, it is already too late, Frieza will not let Saiyans off even if King Vegeta does not rebel!” Lise’s hoarse voice sounded.

Development of things will not change according to their wishes, so all they can do right now is to lead the portion of Planet Hongshan’ Saiyans.

The few of them were silent for a while, then started talking and laughing about other things.

As for the youngsters like Shaque, it was the time when their strength would have a rapid increase, so all of them were madly training in the gravity training machine.

As Adri and others have ample experience, they will give advice from time to time.


1 Gravity Machine.

The spacious training room was ordinary as usual, and the gravity room and other parameters were not turned on.

At the center, Xiaya and Xiling were sitting cross-legged while facing each other, both of them resemble monks sitting motionless in meditation.

Looking closely, it could be seen that the two of them frowning, the whole body slightly trembling, and were slightly sweating on the forehead.

Both were doing image training.

In the imaginary space of consciousness, the whole space’s dimensions different from reality, two people were fiercely fighting.

Their figures were in the middle of fighting; fighting from ground to sky, and again from the sky to ground.

Their fierce fight everywhere had caused shaking and rumbling sounds, loud noises and explosions were unceasing.

Hu-hu, There were countless illusory figures each one with Xiling’s appearance, they quickly moved and soon spread out throughout the space of consciousness.

Xiling’s eyes flashed and raised her illusory delicate, and then countless illusory images suddenly started attacking fiercely at Xiaya.

Kaka! Xiaya met Xiling’s fists head on, and then his body like an arrow swiftly shuttling back and forth, every attack of his was nimble but contained suffocating strength.

The illusory figures dispersed one by one.


The space in the consciousness suddenly shattered.

Xiaya and Xiling’s bodies trembled as they panted heavily, and after some time of adjusting, their breathing again became level.

Image training is an extremely profound training method, it is a training of transforming Ki.

Different from the Ki which tempers physical body and energy, image training is used to temper spirit and consciousness and is a method to strengthen combat instincts.

In the original work, Son Gohan and Krillin had done this kind of training on their way to Planet Namek.

Image Training is not simply training energy.

It is a bit like Taoism in Xiaya’s past life.

It is, to some extent, a kind of spiritual enlightenment and has certain advantages in developing unique skills and to transcend physical body’s shackles.

Xiaya and Xiling were using Image Training to increase their combat experiences, and the results are remarkable.

After training for some time, they found themselves even more adept at controlling their energy.


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