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The next day, a shrill scream sounded from the cabin.


Caulifla opened her eyes and frowned on realizing that she wasn’t wearing anything.

Her naked body was only wrapped in a thin layer of bedsheet and half of the bedsheet hanging down on the ground, and not far away, some clothes were messily scattered on the ground and there seemed to be her underwear inside it.

Shaking her head, Caulifla patted her head in and tried to recall what happened last night, but her head was hurting a little and she couldn’t remember.

Suddenly, she found a big hand on her chest, grabbing her soft part, which felt very uncomfortable.

With a frown, she pulled the hand away, lifted the bedsheet and tried to stand up, but a sudden pain shot through her body, making her grimace.

“What the hell is going on here” Caulifla was as pure as a blank sheet of paper, and had no idea why she was feeling pain below.

Waking up the person beside her on the bed, Caulifla asked with a ruddy face: “Boss, what the hell is going on”

Xiang looked at her strangely: “Didn’t you stop me from leaving last night”

“No, I mean why I’m naked and why it is hurting a bit below…” Caulifla asked worriedly.

“You do not know”

“What should I know” Caulifla asked.

Even though she usually acts like a hooligan and is like a tomboy, but she really doesn’t know about the things between men and women.


Xiang was stunned and explained to Caulifla.

After a long while, Caulifla recovered from her dazed state and stammered with a blushing face: “Boss, you mean we did that last night…” Steam rose from Caulifla’s head, and her black messy hair suddenly turned golden, and she pounced over with a loud scream.

“What happened sister” Hearing Caulifla’s scream, Kale hurried over, only to see Xiang and Caulifla lying on the bed with no clothes on, hugging each other, with their clothes messily scattered around.

With just a glance, one could see that something indescribable has happened.

“Sister, boss, you…” Kale stared blankly at the scene in front of her.

As if she had suffered a shock, tears accumulated in her eyes and the violent energy sleeping in her body began to rampage.

Green radiance began to flicker on her entire body and the energy was like an overflowing river.

“Kale, calm down, calm down.” Caulifla said in a fluster.

“Not good, the energy of Legendary Super Saiyan.”

Xiang cursed.

Kale actually awakened the power of Legendary Super Saiyan at this time.

This makes it seem as if he had done something wrong.


After a long time, they were able to console Kale.

She was cautiously sitting straight beside the coffee table, while Xiang was also sitting there dejectedly, looking at Caulifla who was completely absent-minded as she picked up roasted meat one after another and chewed on it.

“Hey, Caulifla, what do you plan to do” Xiang asked with a frown.

Sitting with her legs crossed, Caulifla was biting the roasted meat, “I was actually taken advantage of by boss.”

“Humph, but it was just an accident, so forget about it.”

“Sister, it won’t do,” Kale hurriedly said.

Although Saiyans don’t pay attention to etiquette and are sometimes very rough and unrestrained, but they are still very serious regarding their partner and matters of men and women.

Since such a thing has happened, how can it be forgotten Saying that, Kale glanced at Xiang in reproach.

“What should I do then” Caulifla tore a piece of meat and ate it, her moist and bright eyes looked as if water was dripping out of them.

“How about I take care of you in the future just like before ” Xiang said.

“Boss, are you proposing” Caulifla put down the roasted meat, wiped her shiny oily lips and looked at Xiang with her eyes wide open.

Xiang glared at her and said unhappily: “What do you mean, you are mine from today onwards.”

“Hee hee, it’s boss anyway, so I don’t object… But Kale must also come with me.” Caulifla was beaming with joy, getting married and starting a family was nothing in her eyes.

She had no concept of such things.

But if her life is going to be the same as before, how could Kale be missing from it

“Sister!!” Kale shouted shyly, grumbling in her heart.

Does she even know what marriage is!

That is to live together and have children in the future.

Thinking of this, Kale’s face turned red and her eyes turned into circles like mosquito coils.

“What’s wrong” Caulifla wondered.

Xiang stared blankly at Caulifla, not knowing what to say.

After returning to Planet Hongshan, Xiang told everything truthfully, and Xiaya just gave them a surprised look and did not object.

In fact, Xiaya had long guessed that something would happen between Xiang and Caulifla.

When a man and a woman have been living together for so long, it would be strange if nothing happened between them.

The restlessness of youth is not that simple! Anyway, both of them are adults and Xiaya respects their opinions.

Moreover, even Gohan has already married, so his son should also be settling down and start a family.

Anyway, it is a good thing, Gohan’s wedding just finished, they can hold theirs here too.

“If you agree, we can hold a wedding for you in a while,” Xiaya said.


Xiang has no objection.

As for Caulifla and Kale, they basically never had their own opinions.

Xiling frowned and said to Caulifla, “In the days to come, Caulifla will have to learn how take care of the family.”

“!!” Caulifla was startled.

She has only been taken care of, never has she taken care of others.

It is obvious that even Xiling thinks it is impossible to let the tomboy take care of people, so she turned her attention to Kale who looked low in energy.

“Forget it, let Kale do it.

Tell Launch to teach her for a while.”

“Hmm…” Kale nodded and agreed in a soft mosquito-like voice.

“I don’t think it’s appropriate.” Xiaya expressed his opinion, “Kale has awakened the power of Legendary Super Saiyan.

It would be unfortunate to make her learn housework.

How about letting her train with Meifei There is no need to worry about livelihood matters.

It’s not bad to live just like before.”

In the past, Xiang and the others used to return home to eat, and when they were training, they simply took care of it in the wilderness.

Saiyan’s ability to survive is very tenacious and they don’t have to worry about food.

Xiling thought for a while and agreed, “Okay, you can focus on your training.”

Saiyan respects strength after all.

Caulifla and Kale’s training talent is very good, so they really shouldn’t waste time because of trivial matters of household.

On the other side, Meifei smiled brightly.

She used to be the only Legendary Super Saiyan, but now there is a Kale.

The two of them can fight properly.

“Hey, hey Kale, hurry up and let me see what your Legendary Super Saiyan transformation looks like!” Meifei urged.

Kale declined: “It is not easy to control my powers, so I can’t transform right now.”

“Meifei, you should take care of yourself.

Raise your strength so that it can reach close to the Divine Realm.” Xiaya frowned and scolded her.

If Meifei was willing to train seriously, she might not have been weaker than Xiling and the others.

Meifei stuck out her tongue mischievously, dragged Majin Buu and ran out.

Scolding while looking at Meifei’s back, Xiaya shook his head in frustration.

This daughter of his is really worrying, if only she could be like Xili.

After that, he told Xiang, Caulifla and Kale a few words, wanting to prepare them for the major events in their life.


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