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Xiaya smiled, watching the sparks erupting out like metal colliding in the sky, and answered Gohan’s question: “Vegeta should have a better chance of winning.”

“In terms of strength, the two are actually comparable, but in terms of realm, Vegeta’s is slightly more profound than Kakarrot’s, but both of them are action-type, and realm is not the only determining factor.

A fight is originally full of variables, so in the end anyone can win.”

But in his heart, Xiaya thought that Vegeta would have a bigger chance of winning.

Because the two people are now on the same level in terms of strength, the next they will compete in endurance, and there is no doubt that Vegeta should have an advantage over Goku in this regard.

Although Super Saiyan 3 transformation has been improved by Goku to make it more suitable for him, but without the support of an advanced realm, the wild energy release will cause a lot of unavoidable waste like a fierce wind and rain exploding out like a storm.

On this point, Vegeta is a little better than him, and his use of energy is much more meticulous.

If the fight continues, he is likely able to sustain it till the end.

In this respect, Divine Realm’s aura convergence or even no aura, follows this point, minimizing the consumption of Ki to a minimum and at the same time having a good recovery ability.

A god has both exceedingly powerful control and recovery ability.

Gohan nodded to Xiaya and turned around to watch the fight more seriously.

“Bang!” “Rumble!”

A white light flashed, and with a soft sound of air breaking, Goku and Vegeta distanced themselves from each other.

Fighting such a high-intensity battle for such a long time has made both of them tired, but facing an overwhelming battle, Vegeta fought more and more fiercely as if he had seen the dawn of victory.

The corners of his mouth were slightly upturned, and a hint of madness appeared on his stern face.

Soon, I will be able to defeat Kakarrot soon.

Vegeta’s face was red, with golden lights flickering all over his body, and his majestic aura was like a sharp sword slashing through huge waves, creating a vast domain out of thin air.

Hulala, fierce explosions erupted out in the sky, like boiling water emitting steam.

The air was compressed to the extreme before it suddenly shattered, forming a magnificent enormous domain.

Vegeta lowered his back and swooped down, with a “thump” sound, his figure became blurry, leaving a few blurry afterimages in the sky and ripples in the space, but his attack had already arrived in front of Goku.

“Amazing, Vegeta has actually reached such a level!” Gohan’s eyes widened in surprise and he turned his head to look at Xiaya.

Xiaya nodded: “The current Vegeta is indeed very powerful!”

“What happened just now” Krillin, Piccolo, Tien Shinhan, and even Yamcha, Yajirobe were confused.

Soon the scenes of the fight appeared and their eyes widened.

“Crack!” Feeling his fist connect something and mist erupting out in the sky for a brief moment, Goku grinned and suddenly punched the void.

“Your body must be exhausted after blocking my attacks for so long!” Vegeta was gasping slightly as he said to Goku, his eyes showing excitement.

“Heh, even if I’m tired, I can still go on in order to defeat you.” Goku said seriously.


There was a hint of coldness on his face as Vegeta continued to wave his fists at Goku.

His attacks became even more fierce, and he wanted to defeat Goku in the combat zone he dominates.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Lightning beams soared into the sky and energies exploded in the atmosphere.

“Final Impact!”


Dense and white dust swarmed up and layer upon layer of dense energy intertwined.

Huge shockwaves seemed to shatter the space and countless ripples visible to the naked eye appeared, which contained shocking power.

“Crackle…” Electric arc twisted, making ear-piercing sounds.

The people in the distance were also under tremendous pressure.

At this moment, except for Xiaya and other powerful people, everyone else’ countenance was deathly pale and they were on the verge of collapse.

Seeing this, Kusu quickly helped everyone with divine power, making them recover.

“Too powerful, they should be at the peak of Super Saiyan.” Raditz muttered to himself.

His younger brother and his former teammate—–the former Saiyan Prince, were able to erupt out with such terrifying energies.

To Raditz, who was not even a Super Saiyan, it was really shocking.

Raditz’s wife Sharon is even more talented than Raditz.

If it was during Planet Vegeta’s period, she would have definitely looked down on Raditz, but on Planet Hongshan, due to the change of lifestyle, Raditz who entered school as a teacher was very comfortably off and after some fool-like pursuit, he married Sharon, who was also working in the school.

At this time, Sharon couldn’t help but swallow when she saw the scenes in front of her.

She reached out and grabbed Raditz’s hand, and the two watched quietly together.

“The two of them are definitely at the peak of Super Saiyan.” Next to Raditz and Sharon, Elise watched her brother fight with wide eyes and couldn’t help but want to cheer for Goku.

“It’s really rare to develop Super Saiyan to this level.”

Bardock’s face was red as he looked at Goku and Vegeta who were fighting majestically, and could feel the blood in his entire body boiling.

He also wanted to step forward to join the battle, but his rational mind suppressed the excitement in his heart.

He recalled the vision of the future he saw when Planet Vegeta was destroyed 38 years ago.

Goku really hasn’t let him down.

“They are too strong…” On Bardock’s side, Gine also watched with a smile on her face.

“Hmph, I just need to…..transform…hiccup, and I can also…” Caulifla was still drunk as she spoke haltingly, she tried to go up and fight.

Xiang slapped her head, holding Caulifla firmly.

“Don’t create trouble, you brat.”

“Hehe… Boss.” Caulifla giggled, her eyes blurry.


After a while, Xiaya said calmly: “Both of them are almost at their limit.

The result of the fight will appear soon.”

In the past, Super Saiyan 3 level fight was still a little interesting in his eyes, but as his strength continued to rise, Super Saiyan 3 became just like a child, and could be defeated with just one finger.

Nowadays, if he is going to regard somebody with special respect, they at least have to be at Divine Realm level.

He is now looking forward to Goku and the others becoming Super Saiyan God.

Of course, it is best to rely on one’s own strength to break through to Super Saiyan God.

If one relies on a shortcut, it would be slightly lacking.

“Umm, the outcome will soon be decided.” Kusu nodded in agreement.

On the side, Xiling, Myers and 18′ eyes flashed with a light and they looked up intently.


In the sky.

“Kakarrot, receive my attack.” With a rainbow-like-aura, Vegeta roared and was preparing to end the battle with this attack.

Goku was gasping for breath as he raised his head, and his face exploded with craziness.

Awe-inspiring auras collided against each other, producing booming sounds in the sky.

Like a turbulent sea, the huge waves of energy slammed into the stormy waves.

“Come on!” Goku responded with serious eyes and an excited expression.

“Here I go.”

Vegeta held his breath in and condensed all his power into his hands.

Rumble, like a scorching sun in the sky, the whole sky seemed to explode and vigorous and mighty aura radiated out in all directions.

The mighty energies rose from the ground and boundless pressure spread out.

The entire Yunzabit Heights trembled.

Losing gravity, fragments of stones lost floated up, and the broken canyons cracked and collapsed.

Falling rocks and torrential currents mixed with each other and the surface was undergoing remodeling.

In the end, high-intensity energies continuously collided against each other and finally burst into brilliant light rays, dazzling like stars.

“Final Flash!”

All the energy accumulated in the body was squeezed out from his palms.

Vegeta screamed and pushed it towards his target.

Golden lightning entwined around the condensed blast wave, and the entire world lost its brilliance at this moment.

Facing Vegeta’s attack, Goku’s energy wave was also ready.

Aiming at the target, the two of them used their full strength.


A blue energy wave created dazzling colors and headed straight towards Vegeta.


And they finally erupted.

The two energies collided midway, and the surging energy instantly exploded.

Like two giant planets colliding in space, the endless energy instantly plunged the world into chaos.

Accompanied by a deafening rumble, a whirlwind as sharp as blade spread out, brushing past the ground and scraping off a layer of the rock formation on the surface.

Of course, at this time, the two had completely fallen into the madness of fighting, and they had no time to consider the safety of Earth.

So, Kusu tapped the scepter in the void and protected Earth with divine powers.


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