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When it was approaching noon, the wedding began.

On Earth, whether it was during Goku or Krillin’s time, it is popular to hold the wedding at noon.

This is probably the local style.

Maybe because everyone comes from all over the world, after the wedding, they can hold a get-together and swap pointers with each other.

At this moment, Piccolo, Krillin, Yamcha, Chichi, Tien Shinhan, as well as Master Roshi, Tights, Vegeta, everyone who was slightly related gathered together.

They drank and chatted with each other, talking about the situation in recent years.

As the wedding progressed, when Videl in a white wedding dress walked out with Xili and Meifei, the fervent atmosphere entered a climax.

“Waahhh, Videl is getting married.” Satan’s eyes were red with snot and tears.

“Who would have thought that Gohan would also get married so soon.”

Xiaya watched all this with a smile.

After Gohan and Videl get together, maybe Pan will be born in just a few years.

I remember when Videl was pregnant, God of Destruction Beerus would appear at Bulma’s birthday party, but I wonder if this world would still be like this.

Will Beerus, who just slept for a few years, wake up because of a dream

Of course, no matter what development happens next, it was just like watching a drama for him.

“As long as Beerus doesn’t get frightened by seeing me at that time.” Xiaya chuckled.

“Uncle Xiaya, I’ll toast this cup to you.”

Hearing a voice, he saw the beautiful and lovely Videl, who had bright eyes and white teeth, came over with a glass of wine accompanied by Gohan.

Xiaya smiled and drank the wine in one gulp.

“I wish you soon become parents.”

Xiaya glanced at Videl pointedly and said with a smile.

Xiaya’s words made Videl and Gohan blush.

Then they said goodbye and the new couple continued to toast to the other guests.

On the other side, Caulifla immediately started to go crazy after drinking a little bit of alcohol.

Caulifla, who usually just eats meat, and has barely drank a drop of alcohol, almost fainted and fell asleep.

As the wedding ended, common friends began to disperse, and all that remained were close friends who had fought side by side.

“Kakarrot, I want to challenge you.”

At the end of the wedding, Vegeta said with a serious expression.

After Vegeta received Kusu’s one-year training on Planet Hongshan, although he did not immediately comprehend the new realm, he had already figured out the direction for the future.

Now two years have passed, and Vegeta claims that his strength has already surpassed Goku.

The current Vegeta is definitely much more powerful than the original work’s Vegeta.

Goku put down the food in his hand and agreed with a smile.

Along with Piccolo and others, he was also looking forward to it.

“Let’s find an empty place.”

“Let’s go to Yunzabit Heights, not many people go there and it is enough for you to use your full strength.” Piccolo proposed a place, which was Yunzabit Heights where he trains.

Neither Goku or Vegeta had any objections.

Their eyes were currently full of fighting intent.

“Let’s go and take a look too.” Gohan, who was wearing a white suit, untied his bow tie and said to his wife Videl with a smile.

“Hmm.” Videl responded.

So Kusu took out the scepter and fiddled with it, and in a few seconds, they arrived at Yunzabit Heights on the other side of Earth.

    For moving such a short-distance on Earth, the effect of a large-range teleportation is almost the same as that of Instant Transmission.

A barrier was erected to block the fierce cold winds outside, and several people floated in mid-air as the barrier rose.

In the distance, both Goku and Vegeta were ready.

“Hey, who do you think will win, Goku or Vegeta” Krillin asked curiously.

Since Goku and Vegeta didn’t have any opportunity to encounter each other during the tournament on Planet Hongshan, they couldn’t see the fight between the two.

Although Vegeta thought that he had lost to Goku at the time, it seems that since Vegeta came to Earth, the two of them have never clearly fought.

So everyone was full of expectations regarding the fight between the two.

“Goku can transform into Super Saiyan 3, so he should win.” Yamcha said directly.

“No, Vegeta trained on Planet Hongshan for a long time, and then developed a fighting method by himself.

I think Vegeta will be even more powerful.” The one who said this was Yajirobe.

He is just a pure swordsman, but with his keen perception of the outside world, he could sense the extraordinariness from Vegeta’s body.

“What do you think, Gohan” Piccolo turned to ask Gohan.

Gohan shook his head, “I can’t tell.

Normally my dad should be stronger, but Vegeta never took the initiative to challenge before.

Now that he is willing to challenge, he must have some confidence.”

Gohan’s words made everyone think deeply.

Indeed, with Vegeta’s character holding back until now is definitely not that easy.

“Why are you thinking about it so much Let’s watch their fight, and the results will be known soon.” Xiaya said with a smile.

In his heart, he was also looking forward to their fight.

Vegeta, who went through Planet Hongshan’s training, has achieved what level, he was quite curious.

Not far away, Goku looked at Vegeta calmly, an invisible aura had erupted out between the two of them, and a tense atmosphere gradually pervaded the air.

Suddenly, a gust of wind blew over, dispersing the biting chill.

“Kakarrot, I’ve been waiting for this fight for years.

You used to always be one step ahead of me, but now, I’ll tell you that you’ve already fallen behind.” Vegeta’s words were full of confidence, his eyes shining with a fiery look.

Not staying behind to seek guidance from Kusu was the biggest mistake Kakarrot made.

And he has now already found a new direction.

Goku watched with a serious look as he said with a smile: “In that case, let me experience your strength.”

After saying that, the two of them stopped talking, and about half a minute passed.

The sky was densely covered with gray clouds and a violent pressure descended from the sky.

Rumble, glittering lightning bolts zigzagged between sky and earth.

With a “swoosh”, violent energy suddenly appeared.

Goku gave a loud shout, and transformed into Super Saiyan, and then the light flashed, and he continued to transform into Super Saiyan 2, and then after a period of build up, the veins on his forehead bulged out, and his hair crazily grew long.

Goku transforms into Super Saiyan 3.

“Vegeta, use your full strength.” Goku roared with a grim expression.

“As you wish, but I want to tell you that Super Saiyan 3 is not a sensible transformation.” Vegeta said proudly, then he transformed into Super Saiyan 2.

But unlike the normal Super Saiyan 2, this is the Super Saiyan 2 in which Vegeta has integrated his own understanding of the concept of realm, which is the most perfect state he can currently achieve.

Then, as an earth-shaking momentum began to press down, the whole sky made a booming sound.

And the fight between Goku and Vegeta began.

They began to crazily attack from the beginning, because they both knew that their current state could not last long, and they needed to defeat the opponent when they were at their peak.

So the entire Yunzabit Heights seemed to have fallen into a sticky quagmire, and every wisp of air became dense.

“So powerful, Vegeta and Goku are actually equally matched.” Krillin stared at the figures that kept flashing in the sky in shock, his eyes aching a little.

His whole body was trembling slightly.

“Super Saiyan… it’s really…awe-inspiring.” Raditz watched enviously.

“Wow, Super Saiyan 3! I can also achieve it.” Caulifla’s face was flushing red and the alcohol’ smell from her hadn’t dissipated yet as her well-developed body leaned against Xiang.

Xiaya faintly smiled when saw this, then he turned to ask Kusu and others, “What do you think of them”

Xiling said: “Kakarrot seems to have made some improvements to Super Saiyan 3, and it has become more suitable for him.

While Vegeta has obtained a preliminary comprehension of Realm, and his Super Saiyan 2 looks a little like Mysterious Realm.”

“In terms of Realm alone, Vegeta is better.” Kusu said with certainty.

Hearing Xiaya and the others’ discussion, Gohan looked over in surprise, “You mean Vegeta is more powerful than Dad”


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