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After a period of training, Xiling and Myers’ bodies begin to contain more and more divine aura.

Xiaya knew that they were very close to the final step.

Thinking that in the future, he and his wives would be experts of Divine Realm, he felt a little pride in his heart.

Until one day, a message paused Xiaya and their training…

“You mean Gohan is getting married in a few days”

After receiving a call from Bulma, Xiaya was stunned.

In a blink of an eye, Gohan was already nineteen years old, and it was time to get married.

And his fiancee is Videl, who trains with him.

Even though this pair were high school classmates in the original work and are now fellow apprentices, but in the end, it still didn’t change their fate of being together.

“Yes, it is five days later.

You, Xiling and the others all have to come.” Bulma’s voice was filled with joy as she invited Xiaya and his family.

“Got it, we’ll surely be there on time.” Xiaya made a promise to Bulma.

Hanging up the call, Xiaya said to Xiling and the others: “In a few days, Gohan is going to marry his junior fellow apprentice Videl.

Bulma called and asked our family to go to the wedding.”

“Gohan’s wedding, we will surely go.”

“Then Bardock’s family and Elise’ family will be there too, right”

“Of course, they are Gohan’s grandpa and aunt.”

“Time flies really fast.

We had also attended Kakarrot’s wedding, but I didn’t expect that even Gohan would be getting married so soon.” Xiling sighed, thinking of how time flies by quickly.

She, who is twelve years older than Goku, is already fifty years old this year.

As she thought of how even Gohan was about to get married, Xiling glanced at Meifei and the others, her face revealing worry.

She was not worried about Xiang’s situation.

There are lots of people on Planet Hongshan who want to marry him and there are even two girls by Xiang’s side.

Xiling was quite satisfied with it, but Meifei and Xili are also already 18 years old.

What will happen to them in the future

She told Xiaya about her thoughts, making him laugh: “How old are the children Don’t worry so much, they can live for a long time in the future.

They will eventually find someone they like.”

Xiaya was really not worried at all.

He is God of Time as well as God of Destruction.

Does he still have to worry that his daughter will not be able to marry

Hearing that, Xiling also felt that she was thinking too much.

So they made some plans and decided to pick a day to go with Bardock and other’s families.

And during this time, they also have to train hard.

It is best if they can quickly break through to Divine Realm within these few days.


Five days later, the sun was shining brightly.

The warm sunlight was shining down and as it passed through the leaves, it create large and small spots of light on the ground.

In Saiyan’s villa area, several families were busy because of Gohan’s wedding.

After handing over work related matters, the families packed up stuff and gathered over.

Bardock and Gine, Raditz and his wife, and Elise and Laret were going to travel to Earth with Xiaya for Gohan’s wedding.

“Sharon, do I look good in this” Raditz asked his wife next to him, pulling the tie around his neck.

At this time, Raditz was wearing a suit and leather shoes, and his long hair was hanging down to his waist.

He was feeling very uncomfortable in the suit, but he heard that the dress style on Earth was more formal, so he had to force himself to wear it.

The female Saiyan named Sharon is Raditz’s wife.

Together with Raditz, she is responsible for teaching young Saiyans in the school, and she is also a colleague of Nappa.

She walked over to re-tie Raditz’s necktie, making Raditz chuckle.

On the other side, Bardock and Gine were also ready.

Since it was their grandson Gohan’s wedding, they also looked very happy.

“Xiaya-sama, we’ll trouble you to bring us over there.” Bardock said with a glowing face.

“It’s okay.” Xiaya nodded and the space-time ability quickly spread out.

Soon, under Xiaya’s control, the group of more than a dozen people teleported, and when they opened their eyes, they had already arrived at Mount Paozu, which is located in the northern hemisphere of Earth.

Sensing the gravity suddenly weakening, his body feeeling as light as a swallow, Raditz was engrossed in his strength: “So this is Earth, the gravity here is much lower than Planet Hongshan.

Oh There are many powerful auras on this planet.”

Because he has never been to Earth, Raditz felt that the environment here was very novel.

Xiaya glanced at Raditz in surprise, knowing that in the original work’s plot, Raditz was disdainful of Earth.

His current behaviour should be because of, in addition to the increased strength of Earth itself, it is also because his personality has changed.

Nowadays, Raditz and Nappa teach in a school and were actually quite popular with children.

“Come on, Kakarrot’s house is on Mount Paozu.

I think Bulma and the others are already working on the preparations of the wedding.”

Following the suggestion, they walked towards the top of Mount Paozu.

A few days ago, when the news of Gohan’s marriage was sent to friends and family, Bulma had erected luxurious Hoi-Poi Capsule-type villas on the wide open space of Mount Paozu for those who were attending the wedding to live.

Because the entire Mount Paozu is the private territory of Goku and his family, no one will care even if they casually build a new house on it.

So almost every guest who arrived were assigned a house.

Among these people, Xiang, Caulifla, and Kale were grouped together.

“Boss, so Earth looks like this.

The scenery outside is similar to Planet Hongshan, but the gravity is a little lower.

My whole body feels light.” Caulifla rushed to the balcony of the house, opened the window.

Birds were chirping outside on the tree branches.

Because Mount Paozu has always maintained the primitive forest scenery, it looks calm and elegant, and quite beautiful.

Xiang rolled his eyes at her.

The scenery of Mount Paozu is indeed beautiful, but it is not as if she hadn’t seen it on Planet Hongshan.

Xiang knows that the reason why Caulifla was so happy is because she attained Super Saiyan 2 level two days ago, and with her very cheerful personality, she felt happy at everything she saw.

So leaving behind Kale and Caulifla in the house, Xiang went out to find Gohan.

He came to Gohan’s wedding room, but saw from the distance three kids hiding by the window peeking in.

Seeing Xiang approach, they swiftly ran away.

Xiang glanced at them and knew that it was Goten, Bulla, and Trunks.

He didn’t call them out, but walked in directly.

In the room, Gohan was walking around nervously in a white suit, and next to him, Satan’s legs were shaking.

In a while, the wedding would begin.

“Gohan, don’t be so nervous.

Haven’t you been dating Videl for many years, the wedding is just a formality.” Xiang said to his friend very cheerfully.

Gohan glanced at Xiang: “Why can’t I be nervous Sigh, you’ll know later anyway.”

Xiang laughed.

He didn’t know anything about the nervousness before the wedding.

He then greeted Satan, who immediately stood up, looking flattered.

Although he has never been to Planet Hongshan, he learned about the tournament that happened on Planet Hongshan a few years ago from Videl.

The short-haired young man in front of him is the prince of Planet Hongshan.


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