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Xiling said sourly: “Be content with what you have got.

After entering the Divine Realm, not only your physical constitution has changed, but even the inner dimension will change.

Now your lifespan has surpassed a normal lifeform.

If you don’t want to enter the Divine Realm, you might as well exchange your place with me.”

18 smiled softly, and immediately shook her head.

Even though she said she was dissatisfied, she was inwardly very happy.

Now, she is also an expert of Divine Realm.

She descended from the sky, turned towards Xiaya and Kusu and asked, “Can you take a look and tell me what level I am at in Divine Realm”

Xiaya and Kusu carefully observed her and were able to determine it quickly.

Generally speaking, she should be considered as quite good in the first level of Divine Realm.

Xiaya said: “Same as me when I had entered Super Saiyan God, you are in quite a high position of the first level of Divine Realm, but considering that you have unlimited energy and untiring body, I think even compared to a peak first level Divine Realm, you are not much worse.”

This evaluation is already quite high.

It should be known that when Xiaya first transformed into Super Saiyan God, his strength was at 30% to 40% of God of Destruction Beerus’ strength, and then after a period of bitter training, his strength was comparable to 60% of God of Destruction Beerus’ strength.

Now 18 has reached Xiaya’s strength at that time as soon as she broke through, it is already unimaginable, and she may soon be able to reach the peak of the first level of Divine Realm.

Of course, these comparisons are only valid when God of Destruction Beerus does not use Energy of Destruction as his strength willbe then comparable to the second level of Divine Realm.

If God of Destruction Beerus uses his full strength, even if 18 is an Android, she will be killed instantly.

“Well, then I will continue to work hard.

I still have a lot of knowledge in my brain.

For now I’ve only learned a little part of it.

If I learn all of it, maybe even Beerus will not my match.”

18 nodded.

The knowledge given by the Universe King is too much and too complicated.

After 18 learned only a little part of it, she broke through to the first level of Divine Realm.

If she learns all, it is not impossible for her to reach the level of God of Destruction Beerus.

Now Xiling and Myers were even more envious, looking at 18 eagerly with a fervent look on their faces.

Why don’t they have such a good opportunity

Of course, it is all because of 18’s luck.

In addition to envy, Xiling and the others also verbally expressed their dissatisfaction, but she would not take it to heart.

Seeing the envious expressions of Xiling and Myers, 18 suddenly smiled.

The smile was as beautiful and moving as a hundred flowers blooming in spring: “Why don’t you train with me from now on I can pass on the knowledge in my mind to you.”

This knowledge was only useful to those who are at the last step of Divine Realm.

For others, if they are not at this level, they will only feel that it is too profound and sounds puzzling, which is not beneficial to training.

“Okay, then I’ll trouble you.” Xiling said gratefully.

“Hehe, Lazuli is so nice, I didn’t dote on you in vain when I was a kid!” Myers got excited.

18 smiled embarrassedly.

After all, there is a huge difference between her and others’ age.

During the 21st World Martial Arts Tournament more than 20 years ago, she was just a young girl who was taken care of by Myers.

At this time, Meifei shouted.

She was also unwilling to be left behind: “I want to learn too, teach me too.”

“Are you going to train quietly” 18 turned around and asked doubtfully.

Meifei has been like a hyperactive child since she was a child.

She has never been serious and has always been bustling about.

Although she has become a lot calmer in recent years, she is still crazy compared to her sister Xili.

“I’ll work hard this time.” Meifei nodded vigorously while clenching her white fists, as if she had made a great determination.

Standing on the side, Xiaya suddenly said to 18: “Just let her train with you for a while.

Her Legendary Super Saiyan’s physique may be much more beneficial to make a break through.” Then, he turned to Meifei and warned: “Be more serious after following Lazuli, otherwise I’ll throw you to Universe 6 and make you accompany Champa.”

“…” Upon hearing this, Meifei’s neck shrank immediately, the shadow of her childhood still in her heart.

Seeing this, Xiling and Myers couldn’t help but laugh.

Their expectations for Meifei were even higher than for Xiang, because Meifei has Legendary Super Saiyan physique, and when her strength develops to the peak, she will also become comparable to a peak Super Saiyan 3 and there is even hope to break through to Divine Realm after that, but it will depend on her own efforts.

Now, since 18 has the key to breaking through the door, there is no harm in letting Meifei follow her to train.

As for Xiang and Xili, they were much more diligent than Meifei, so they don’t need Xiaya to worry about them.

So in the following days, Xiling, Myers, and Meifei all trained with 18, and occasionally Xiang would bring Caulifla and the others over.

As for Majin Buu, he would use magic to create statues around Meifei, and sometimes learn something secretly.

The consequence of this waa that, around Meifei and the others, aside from the bare ground that was flattened out by energy, statues of Majin Buu with round heads were erected everywhere without them knowing it.

They were densely gathered close, like an array of statues.

It was a little blinding to the eyes.

Time flew by, and a year passed quickly.

During this time, Xiling and Myers were getting closer and closer to Divine Realm.

Once they make a breakthrough, their level will surely be the same as Xiaya at that time, and their realm will be much more profound than Super Saiyan God formed by the fusion of six Saiyan’s powers.

“Counting the time, Xiling and the others have been on the path of training to god for almost thirty years.

They should be able to make a breakthrough soon.” Xiaya looked at Xiling and Myers who were sitting cross-legged, and said to Kusu with a smile.

Kusu nodded in agreement: “Their realm is almost there.”

At this time, he saw Meifei sitting cross-legged on a black rock.

Her black hair was dangling down on her chest, and her head was nodding off.

Xiaya took a deep breath and couldn’t help but scold jokingly: “This brat, she fell asleep while meditating.

Legendary Super Saiyan’s physique is really useless on her.”

His little girl has become more and more beautiful in recent years, and her height has grown taller, but her personality still makes him want to beat her.

Kusu followed Xiaya’s gaze and saw that Meifei was dozing off.

“No, Meifei’s personality is very simple, and it is often easier for people with a simple mind to train just like Caulifla next to Xiang.

They have all the good qualities for training.”

“Xiaya-sama, in fact, Meifei’s personality is very suitable as God of Destruction.

Would you like to consider grooming Meifei into Universe 10’s Trainee God of Destruction” Kusu suggested, in fact, people like Meifei who are simple-minded and do not lack ruthlessness, are more suitable candidates for God of Destruction than Xiaya.

In addition, Kusu and Meifei have had a good relationship since many years ago, so she suggested Meifei to be the Trainee God of Destruction.

Hearing Kusu’s suggestion, Xiaya was stunned.

Regarding making his daughter Trainee God of Destruction, Xiaya never thought about it before, but now that Kusu mentioned it, he really gave it some thought.

But now is not the time! Xiaya shook his head and put this thought aside for the time being.

“Let’s talk about this later.

I’m not planning to step down from the position of God of Destruction yet.” The benefits of the position of God of Destruction has made his training a lot faster, so this plan has to at least wait until he is sufficiently strong and Meifei has grown up.

Besides, he has currently made a lot of enemies in Universe 10, so he can’t put the burden on her for a while.

Kusu nodded.

She only wanted to suggest it to him.

Since Xiaya-sama knows it, it’s enough for now.


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