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Chapter 738 A second Divine Realm – DM Translations

7-9 minutes


In a dimension in the depths of the Multiverse.

Following the death of Lancius and Badees, after the bright palace of Dark Angels lost control, it seemed to start operating according to some pre-programmed settings.

Lightning flickered and after passing through the layers of space, the majestic palace returned to its original place.

This place where the light purple radiance was pervading everywhere was the original headquarters of Dark Angel.

The eighteen diamond-like planets in the surroundings seem to have experienced a huge disaster.

Most of them had lost their luster, and only 3-4 planets were still revolving.

It seems that with the fall of those Dark Angels, this world had entered a dark age.

Suddenly with the sound of rolling waves, energy ripples appeared, and the bright palace broke out of the void and landed on a floating land.

After a while, figures cutting a sorry figure returned in twos and threes.

There were only five people, three in black robes and two in gray robes.

The five Dark Angels looked depressed and said nothing.

After entering the palace, they couldn’t help but sigh as they looked at the empty main seat.

They received crushing defeat in this operation.

What they thought was a sure-shot affair turned into the current situation.

Even their boss Lancius and Badees couldn’t come back.

They had clearly been erased by Great Priest and Zeno.

“Even Lancius and Mr.

Badees couldn’t come back safely…”

A Dark Angel’s lips trembled, his face was pale and there was deep fear in his eyes.

He, who had just escaped from Zeno, nearly has one foot in the grave.

Looking at the shoulder that had lost its arm, his face became even paler.

Even if all the injuries on his body recovers, his strength would be greatly reduced.

“We had twenty-four Dark Angels, but only five of them came back!!” One of the grey-robed Angel’s face turned sinister, his eyes blazing with a cold light, but he immediately became dejected.

Is the Multiverse really so strong that they can’t resist at all

As they remembered the helplessness when facing Zeno, they were all silent.

At this time, the whole palace fell into a strange silence.

After a while, a deep sigh echoed in the palace…

They can only go into hibernation again.

Maybe in the future, there will come a day when they can appear in public.

Not knowing the thoughts in these Dark Angels’ minds.

In the Multiverse outside, everything was progressing in an orderly manner.

Supreme Kais of each universe played a very important role at this time.

The power of creation sprinkled into the void and the fragments of meteorites gathered together, and the planets that were severely damaged in the previous disaster were restored and their life force again glowed.

But because there was no magical thing like dragon balls, it was impossible for the living beings on those planets to be resurrected.

In contrast, Universe 7 was very lucky, because of the random intervention of Universe King, many starfields that were destroyed have been restored to their non-destroyed state under the mighty power of Universe King to reverse fate, and those living beings were reborn, which also saved East Supreme Kai a lot of work.

In Planet Hongshan, everything was same as before.

After this huge catastrophe, everyone trained even harder.

Although most Saiyans cannot break through to Super Saiyan due to innate factors, as long as they do not spare any effort, their hard-working sweat will not be shed for nothing.

Their strength will eventually improve a little.

Xiaya was also happy to see such a situation.

After checking everything on Planet Hongshan, Xiaya turned his attention to 18.

Because of Universe King’s unknowing intervention where he gave her pointerz, 18’s body has undergone tremendous changes.

In addition to the characteristics of an Android, she also awakened the ability to perceive aura, so 18 became even more powerful, and her speed of power improvement accelerated.

She was now unexpectedly one step closer than Xiling and Myers to the boundary of Divine Realm.

Not far from Kaimei Forest, a rumbling sound appeared.

Suddenly lightning flashed and thunder rolled, and the sky became dark.

Below, a group of people was watching with bated breath.

Almost all of them were experts; Xiaya, Xiling, Myers, Xiang, Meifei, Majin Buu, etc were gathered together, looking at the sky with expectant looks on their faces.

At this time, above Planet Hongshan, a second person was in the process of breaking through to Divine Realm.

In the quiet sky, the weather was changing very quickly and irregularly.

Just now, the wind was gentle and calm, but now the wind was blowing fiercely, and a solemn atmosphere had pervaded the sky.

18’s azure blue eyes were staring at the clouds in the sky with a solemn expression.

The lighting in her surroundings flickered, thunder rumbled, and a powerful force spread out, squeezing the sky which produced boom sounds.

At this time, the critical moment had arrived and 18 wholeheartedly made the final breakthrough.

Xiling and Myers raised their heads and stared at the blond flying figure in the sky without blinking their eyes, hoping to find some inspiration for their own future breakthrough.


Glittering lightning struck down, and when it arrived near 18, a green protective barrier rose and received it, and the lightning immediately disappeared.

“She will soon succeed.” Xiaya’s lips curled up.

For different people, each person’s phenomenon when breaking through to Divine Realm is different.

During Xiaya’s time, there were bright auspicious clouds, as if a god was descending, but during 18’s time, there were lightning flashes and rolling thunder, as if it was doomsday.

They were completely two extremes.

“I didn’t expect that the first one among us to break through to Divine Realm would be Lazuli.” Xiling looked at the person who caused the phenomenon in the sky and said sourly.

Originally, she and Myers were the closest to Divine Realm, and it was most difficult for 18 to break through because she was an Android, but because of Universe King’s random intervention and endless information, 18 had to take less detours.

Training is like this, especially when one reaches a higher level, comprehension becomes very important.

Sometimes when you understand it, you understand it, that’s it.

To the current 18, Divine Realm is no longer an impassable barrier.

As the rumbling sound in the sky gradually came to an end, a divine aura spread out before quickly converging and merging with 18’s body.

18’s bright blue eyes opened and the corners of her mouth curled up as she sensed her dimension constantly improving.

Suddenly she frowned: “Is this what Divine Realm feels like It’s not much different from before!”

Divine Realm’ expert has powerful recovery ability and long combat endurance, but 18 seems to have all these originally, so for 18, Divine Realm just strengthened her powers, and did not bring any especially huge changes, so she felt like nothing has changed.

Xiling couldn’t help but laugh and roll her eyes when she heard this, but she was full of envy in her heart.


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