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Chapter 737 Universe King and Time King – DM Translations

8-10 minutes


Great Heaven Official’s cold face smiled at Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa and said: “This child is also a space-time controller, and she also has her previous abilities.

I plan to leave her by your side so that she can become Trainee Supreme Kai of Time and help you!”

“Become Trainee Supreme Kai of Time” Chronoa was dazed for a moment.

Eve was also stunned.

It turns out that the green-haired woman did not look for her to settle accounts, but found her a good job.

Trainee Supreme Kai of Time, that is the future Supreme Kai of Time! Maybe she can be dispatched to another space-time to hold an important position in the future!

“What, you don’t want to” Great Heaven Official’s cold voice resounded in space-time, her frown and smile full of charm.

“No, of course I’m willing.”

“I’ll follow the orders of Great Heaven Official-sama.”

“Well then, work hard.”

Great Heaven Official nodded slightly, and after handing Eve to Chronoa, she explained a few things to them, and again gave Eve a warning, and only after seeing Eve nod timidly, under the revered gazes of the two of them, Great Heaven Official turned around and tore open a spatial crack with her bare hands.

Whoosh, a colorful space-time passageway appeared in the square.

Great Heaven Official took a step forward and left the Time Nest.

“Great Heaven Official-sama has left.”

After Great Heaven Official left, the strong aura disappeared, and Chronoa breathed a sigh of relief as if she had been relieved of a heavy weight.

She then turned to look at Eve: “Since it is the order of the Great Heaven Official-sama, then I can forget about the past.

You can stay by my side as my assistant and help me organize documents.

Now, I will arrange a room for you.

“Okay.” A smile appeared on Eve’s immature face.

When she was being taken away by Great Heaven Official, she thought her life was about to end, but now she has become Trainee Supreme Kai of Time and was going to assist Chronoa in managing all parallel universes in Universe 7, which has exceeded her imagination.

The remote and peaceful Time Realm, Time King’s Palace.

This place is independent of the many space-times, and is not restricted by time.

All laws avoid this place, and only the will of the Time King is the supreme law.

Time King’s Palace entrance, a blur appeared in the void and the graceful figure of Great Heaven Official stepped out of the void.

Stepping into the palace, the sound of her light footsteps appeared in the hall.

Soon, she arrived in front of the residence of Time King and stopped as she could see a black figure discussing something with Time King through the soft thin veil.

The man had black hair and blue eyes and was wearing a black long-sleeved dress with gold borders, his entire body giving a domineering aura.

Seeing that person, Great Heaven Official was surprised.

Because she recognized that the black figure was surprisingly the person in charge of Angel Realm, the supreme being, Universe King, the god who stands at the peak of the many worlds just like Time King.

Great Heaven Official bowed and asked in a pleasant voice: “Universe King, have you been well”

The man called Universe King turned around and smiled after seeing Great Heaven Official: “Little girl, you’re still being so polite.

You weren’t like this back then.”

Great Heaven Official’s face turned slightly red, a little embarrassed.

When she was young, she was indeed not as well-behaved as she is now.

A long time ago, Time King and Universe King took her around to universes for training just like parents, so she respects them very much.

“It’s different now.

One of you is the controller of Time Realm, and the other is the substitute ruler of Angel Realm.

I need to act with dignity.” Great Heaven Official smiled faintly.

“Come on, there are only three of us left from the same era, Great Demon God… That guy is still in reincarnation and may never wake up.

We don’t have to abide by so many rules.” Universe King casually sat down next to Time King and lifted her golden hair and played with them.

Someone dared to pull the supreme Time King’s hair.

Slap, she knocked off Universe King’s dishonest hand and glared at him, then she frowned and said, “Did you meddle in the affairs of the mortal world of Multiverse”

“Didn’t you inform me So I went to the mortal world to take a look at that Lazuli.

She is indeed very different from the individuals of other parallel universes.

After merging with her another self from a parallel universe, she has some potential worth training, so I just saved her.” Universe King nodded, speaking very casually.

“If I hadn’t intervened, she would have been destroyed by the hands of those Dark Angels along with the life planets in the mortal world.”

“Hmph, those little ants are getting more and more unruly.”

Time King said coldly.

She didn’t like Dark Angels, but she has always been lazy and didn’t care about those trivial matters.

Resuming her cold expression, she said to Universe King in dissatisfaction: “Those angels are under your jurisdiction, and so many problems have occurred because you didn’t watch over them.”

“Hohoho, it’s indeed my fault.” Universe King admitted his mistake very casually, causing the Great Heaven Official next to him to giggle.

After a while, Time King said: “Put aside Lazuli’s matter for now, and don’t worry about her.

Although she has some relationship with me, it’s not serious.

Let her develop on her own.”

Universe King nodded.

An android, if it weren’t for the fact that she was somewhat related to Time King, he wouldn’t pay attention to the trivial matters of the mortal world.

After a pause, Universe King looked at Time King and Great Heaven Official and said, “We haven’t been to the primordial world for so many years.

Do you want to go take a look, just the three of us”

“Forget about it, it’s been such a long time.

It may still be the same, but the people are no more, so there is no meaning whether we go or not.

For now, I hope to get out of this world and have a look at other worlds.” Time King said faintly, sighing at the vicissitudes of life and the boundless space-time trembled.

Universe King was silent for a while after hearing this.

Although in the eyes of other gods, he and Time King are both very powerful and of high status, but they are also restricted by laws and cannot easily leave their place, otherwise the countless space-time and worlds would be in turmoil.

After a while, the Universe King said: “Then let’s wait, the last opportunity has already appeared.”

The palace of Time King suddenly became quiet.

At this moment, Great Heaven Official’s dark green eyes flashed with a light and she asked, “Will the Great Demon God never come back” Great Demon God is their companion from the same era.

They had adventured together throughout the universe when they were young.

In the blink of an eye, countless years have passed.

“It’s very difficult.”

“But he’s quite happy now, let him continue like this, at least he can reincarnate.”

Saying that, Time King suddenly curled the beautiful green hair of Great Heaven Official on her fingers: “Little girl, you are really not obedient, you are always reluctant to inherit my position, otherwise I can be free ahead of time.”

Great Heaven Official smiled beautifully and dodged her: “I think Great Heaven Official’s position is enough.

I don’t want to bear so much.”

“I’ll not disturb you both, I’ll leave first.”

After she finished speaking, Great Heaven Official took light steps and left Time King’s residence.

Staring at her back with aqua blue eyes, Time King was a little stunned and said in dissatisfaction: “Look, she is getting more and more disobedient.”

“If she doesn’t want to be the Time King, then just let her be.

It’s just a name anyway.

Do you need to care so much It’s not as if she would stop doing Time Realm’s usual work.” Universe King laughed.

In fact, in Time Realm, Time King is more like a hands-off leader, and all the hard work is done by Great Heaven Official.


Rolling her eyes at Universe King, Time King nibbled her lips.

Seeing that she was about to flip out, Universe King hurriedly sneaked away, and when he left, he flicked her forehead lightly, the soft touch feeling nostalgic.

Seeing that she was taken advantage of, Time King immediately roared, but she discovered that he had already disappeared from Time Realm and returned to Angel Realm.

Stamping her feet, Time King’s face turned cold and she gritted her teeth: “Universe King, don’t even think of coming back to Time Realm.”


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