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Planet Vegeta, royal palace, in a training room.

In a dark environment, even though two-three Saibamen were surrounding a youth, they didn’t dare to launch the offensive and were hesitating.

These Saibamens were cultivated using the highest technology, and each of them has Battle Power around one thousand, while the figure surrounded at the center merely looked like a less than 5 years old young Saiyan, but even so, the Saibamens instinctively felt terrified.

“Snort!” That little Saiyan coldly snorted and adjusted its body’s posture in preparation for the attack.

In a flash, the little Saiyan suddenly sped up, the illusory afterimages covered the whole field of vision, and then afterward, the scene lit up and flashed, the sparkling and bright lustrous energy was just like as it as if it was inexhaustible, after the rumbling noise, smoke pervaded the line of sight.

When the smoke slowly dispersed, the room only had that young Saiyan standing arrogantly.


Disdainfully sweeping his eye over the charred Saibamen inside the pits, the young Saiyan said in an indifferent and flat voice before draping a cloak over his shoulder and leaving the training room.

After that figure went away, the Saiyan who was in charge of cleaning up the mess, glanced at the ground full of potholes and sighed with emotion: “King Vegeta’s son is really powerful, he is already able to defeat a Saibamens at such a young age, in the future he would definitely become an outstanding king!”

“Yes, Saiyans will get more and more powerful under the leadership of King Vegeta and His Highness Prince!” Another middle-aged Saiyan glanced at Vegeta’s disappearing direction with a look of admiration.

On Planet Vegeta, there is a clear distinction between strong and weak.

Saiyans like them who have such average latent talent could only do some miscellaneous tasks.

If Saiyan race has to develop, it would need talents like King Vegeta’s son!

In the winding corridor of the royal palace, Vegeta was striding forward with a calm face.

Although his Battle Power had already broken through past 1000 points, he was still not satisfied.

At this time several imperial bodyguards hurriedly ran over from the side of the winding corridor, their hands holding a big plate of food.

Seeing this, Vegeta felt that it was slightly strange, so he held back one of the bodyguards.

“Why are you in so much hurry, and who is this food for” Vegeta asked baffled.

That bodyguard was sweating profusely as he replied: ” Just now, a strange man arrived in the palace so His Majesty had ordered us to bring this food! His Highness Prince, please let me go, that guest has been waiting anxiously!

Letting go of his hand, Vegeta was somewhat puzzled as he looked at the receding back of the bodyguards: “Who is this guest that had caused father to arrange so much food for it”

After pondering, Vegeta headed toward the royal palace hall.

As he neared the palace hall, he heard verbal insults coming from inside the hall, it was a very unfamiliar sound.

“Bastard, did you told people to prepare this garbage to entertain this god King Vegeta, I am telling you, you wouldn’t be able to withstand the price of deceiving God of Destruction!”

Beerus’ voice was imposing and indifferent.

“Lord Beerus, this lowly person doesn’t dare to deceive you, this is indeed the most delicious food on Planet Vegeta!” King Vegeta’s voice was somewhat terrified and his body completely lay prostrated on the ground, face extremely distorted.

King Vegeta was a very prideful and stubborn person, similar to Vegeta in future, but in front of Beerus, he could only bow his proud head and speak humbly.

Because if the other party got angered, planet Vegeta will completely disappear from the universe.


Beerus’ leg was stepping on King Vegeta’s head while he picked his ear with his finger and then brought it to his mouth for blowing on it, before showing an impatient look.

Honestly, these foods prepared by King Vegeta has made him very dissatisfied, they were completely not tasty as the food he had eaten before.

“this is delicious, you say”

Beerus glared with his golden pupils and smashed the plate of food at King Vegeta’s head with one hand as King Vegeta could only humbly endure.

“What’s going on who is that person, and why is father enduring such a big humiliation!”

Vegeta was hiding behind the rock pillars, and could not believe the scene playing out before him, the dignified king of Saiyans … … how can he act so meek and subservient.

Vegeta clenched his fist, feeling somewhat unreconciled.


Noticing that there was a person hiding behind the rock pillars, Beerus glared at the pillar as his boundless might penetrated the rock, hitting Vegeta.

Immediately, Vegeta felt as if he was hit by a lightning bolt, and his body stiffly fell to the ground, becoming immobile.

A suction force came from both of Beerus’ hands and then he held up Vegeta by his head.

“Lord Beerus, please let off this lowly person’s child!” King Vegeta’s face revealed a frightened expression as he pleaded while clenching his teeth: “This lowly person will immediately order people to once again prepare delicious food!”

“No need!”

Beerus’ face was covered with dark clouds as he hurled Vegeta away.

Bang, a hole appeared in the wall, the enormous impact made Vegeta sink into the wall causing the bones in his body to break.

Bored, Beerus flicked his fingers and said: “Really boring, I thought that I could eat delicious food.

There is really nothing good about this Planet Vegeta!”

After speaking, Beerus’ figure suddenly disappeared from the palace.

Seeing that God of Destruction had disappeared, and confirming that he was gone after a long time had passed, King Vegeta wiped the cold sweat of his head.

He really did not think the legendary God of Destruction, Beerus would actually appear in front of him, if it was not for the legend passed down in the Saiyan royal family, the consequences would have been really too horrible to contemplate ah!

The real God of Destruction is even more frightening than the legend!

Thinking of the deep, bottomless power similar to a boundless ocean, King Vegeta was filled with lingering fear and when he came to himself, he realized that his clothes had been soaked in cold sweat.

Taking a few quick steps and arriving beside Vegeta, King Vegeta carefully examined him and found that Vegeta only has some broken bones causing him to slightly feel relaxed, and then he quickly summoned the guards to carry Vegeta to the healing cabin to treat his injuries.

Vegeta is his most valued son and is also the most outstanding warrior among Saiyans, there cannot be even a little accident.

King Vegeta stayed alone in the main hall, his expression changing, and it couldn’t be fathomed what he was thinking.

In the boundless universe, God of Destruction Beerus was drifting around with boredom.

At this time, a colorful streak rushed over from the space before appearing in front of the God of Destruction Beerus as fast as lightning.

“Beerus sama, you had again secretly snuck out!”

A delicate voice could be heard before a silver-haired person of unknown gender wearing a maroon divine robe could be seen walking over step by step while leaning on a divine scepter, while a blue necklace was magically floating around his neck.

“Oh, Whis, you have come!” Beerus was lying on his back in the space, both of his hands were behind his head while drifting in the space.

“Ah, Beerus-sama, this time after coming out you have destroyed another 134 planets, if you do this then it will put the Supreme Kai in dilemma.” Whis was holding his forehead with his hand, but his eyes did not have even a little bit of troubled expression.

“Tut!” Beerus’ clicked his tongue, face indifferent, “I had only destroyed few planets, nothing more.

Just have those Supreme Kais recreate some planets.”

“It takes a long period of time to nurture a planet, and especially planets with living beings.

If the Supreme Kais creation speed could not match up with the destruction speed of Beerus-sama, then it will be a big problem.”

Beerus face was disdainful, he shifted the topic and asked: “Hey, Whis, I had eaten a rarely seen delicious food just now when you were not here, that taste was really unforgettable, its aftertaste was still lingering in my mouth!”

“Really Beerus-sama, did you leave anything for me” When delicious food was mentioned, Whis also looked interested.

“Those delicious food were in such a low quantity, how could there be anything left for you”

“It’s too sad then, did Beerus-sama ate it on this planet” Whis pointed his scepter at the distant dark red Planet Vegeta.

“Yes, but it’s a pity that there is no more delicious food left!” Mentioning Planet Vegeta, Beerus was still somewhat angry, he really wants to smash the energy sphere on Planet Vegeta!

However, Beerus has already promised Xiaya to let go off Planet Vegeta, if he couldn’t keep his promise then it will undermine the reputation of the God of Destruction.

“Oh, that’s right, Whis, who is the ruler of this area” Beerus turned around and asked.

Whis raised his scepter and checked for a second before revealing the image of Frieza on the blue crystal ball floating above the scepter, “Beerus-sama, the ruler of the nearby starfield is a guy named Frieza, who is a member of Frost Demon race!”

Beerus stroked his chin and said: “Well, pass on a message to Frieza and say him that I do not want to see Planet Vegeta and make him destroy it.”

“Yes, Beerus-sama!”

Whis answered.

Its just destroying a planet, for them, it was just like drinking water, and is already something common.

Letting others destroy Planet Vegeta couldn’t be regarded as personally destroying it, this will maintain God of Destruction’s prestige and also fulfill God’s promise.


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